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Oliver D. Bernuetz's Gaming Website

This is my new website (May 2010).


What's New?

Added Tales of Uncle Lawrence('s deaths) by Grant M. the baboon version of our last session July 09, 2019

After a break for Prairiecon prep we resumed the campaign July 02, 2019

Fifteenth session and sixteenth session writeups added and house rules updated May 18, 2019

Fourteenth and thirteenth session writeups added April 19, 2019

Twelfth session writeup added March 09, 2019

Eleventh session writeup added February 16, 2019

House rules added February 09, 2019

Tenth session writeup added February 09, 2019

Ninth session writeup added January 27, 2019

Seventh and Eighth session writeups added January 06, 2019

Sixth session December 08, 2018

Fifth session November 23rd, 2018

Fourth session November 9th, 2018

Third session October 19th, 2018

RIP Greg Stafford 1948-2018 tribute page.

Second session of my campaign.  October 5th, 2018

First session of my reborn campaign. September 15, 2018

New RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign will be starting soon

The DragonQuest campaign is over and we are now playing Alas Vegas.

Updated a few more links in the Mything Links title list.  April 2, 2017

Added the Mything Links collection.  This is a PDF collection of all the myths and tales that were formerly housed on the Mything Links blog. February 14, 2017

Mything Links pages fixed.  A shadow of its former glory. February 11, 2017

Happy 20th anniversary to my website.  To the best of my recollection I first created a website back in 1997!  Here's a sample page from back then!  (But there seem to be pages dating back to 1994.  Hmm.)

Updated Demonspawn campaign chronicles.  January 1, 2017

Last updated July 09, 2019

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