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Alas Vegas

These days we are playing Alas Vegas which uses the Fugue system.  It's been fun so far.  I have a heck of a lot more players than the system is designed for which is probably affecting the rate at which characters have flashbacks but what the hey.  I am going to run all four sessions myself and we're not calling the PCs personas because I like the term player character.
Had the second session of Alas Vegas last Friday. We are not managing to fit an entire chapter into one session but we almost finished the second part. The best thing that happened was when they were trying to catch a coyote using a Lincoln Continental, a big sack, and a chunk of raw meat. Placing the meat in the open trunk the four of them who were present arranged themselves around the car. The coyote raced up and jumped into the trunk. Grabbing the meat it jumped out to run away. The players rushed it and three of the four went bust (went over 21 - the Fugue system uses a tarot deck to play blackjack to determine success) so they crashed into each other a la the Three Stooges. The fourth player grabbed the coyote but the coyote managed to escape his clutches.
Getting a second piece of meat they tried again. This time Danny Greyeyes lay on top of the car, Mr. Montenegro hid under the car, Igor crouched down beside the car and John actually hid in the trunk hanging on to the meat. They didn't have long to wait as the coyote jumped up onto the hood, then clambered over the top stepping on Danny Greyeyes and knocking the wind out of him briefly before dropping into the trunk. It tried and failed to yank the meat out of John's hands and Danny slammed the trunk shut trapping the angry coyote in the trunk with John. The other three stationed themselves around the trunk and then opened the trunk. After a brief unsuccessful struggle the coyote tried its best to escape but its luck had all run out.

Here's the PCs so far:

Created November 15, 2017.  Last updated November 26, 2017