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New: The campaign has ended after a mighty battle between the serpent men, Lady Elizabeth and the Wonders of Assiniboia.  Here are some post game items:

This was the page for my new Superworld campaign.  It's set in an alternate 1930s Earth where Halley's Comet has had a Wondrous influence on the world starting with its last two approaches in 1835 and 1910.  Due to the influences of a strangely persuasive Queen Victoria this alternate world is a somewhat better place to live, less sexist and racist.  That is unless you're one of the people who have been affected by the Comet.

The game is set in the City of Assiniboia set at the junction of the Red and Assiniboia Rivers in the Province of Manitoba in the Dominion of Canada.  A sanctuary has been built for the Wonders in the former neighbourhood of Point Douglas now known as Wondertown  (See the picture to the right).

Canada is part of the British Commonwealth guided by the benign influence of Queen Louise, sole survivor of the House of Hanover.

Background Information

·         A Timeline - World events

·         Wonder Men and Women - Modified January 29, 2022

·         Mayor Ralph Webb welcomes you to Assiniboia - promotional brochure for Assiniboia.

·         An excerpt from the unpublished memoirs of Dr. Mads Mikkelsen - the most renowned expert in the world on Wondrous things.

·         Welcome to Wondertown - January 23, 2022

·         The Story of Neutralium - an account of the wondrous material that keeps us safe from Wonders February 5, 2022

·         The RCMP’s M Division Wonder Squads all about the brave men and women who help keep us safe from the Wonders February 5, 2022

·         The Morning Telegram May 15, 1912 (story about the creation of Wondertown).

·         Canadian Parliamentary Guide 1930 - an excerpt of House of Common members. January 29, 2022

·         An Excerpt from the Diary of Sir Hamish Alexander McKenzie MacDougal June 26, 2022

·         The Commercial Girls' Club of Assiniboia July 29, 2022

Campaign Writeups

·         Chronology of Misdoings and Adventures - new June 21, 2022 - outline of what's happened in the game so far.  Updated September 4, 2022

·         The next two documents are memoirs of the late Sir Clarence Herbert Cartwright (see The Case of the Half-Eaten Man)

o    My Story by Sir Clarence Herbert Cartwright.

o    My Story Too by Sir Clarence Herbert Cartwright

·         Cold Springs, MB - August 7, 2022 set-up for August 6th's scenario.

·         Dear Diary (from the secret diary of Gwendolyn Montgomery BoWHI minder of The Watcher Men (and Woman) and Ape)). November 23, 1932 PM.  This takes the place of the latest The Watcher File.  

One of the players has been doing campaign notes which he's agreed to share online.

The Watcher Files

·         The Case of the Half-Eaten Man - November 20, 1932

·         The Watcher Files - November 21, 1932

·         The Case of the Escaped Bank Robber - November 21, 1932 PM

·         The Case of Stolen Time - December 30, 1932

·         Jeeves’ Notes – December 31, 1932

Here are some local newspapers containing background and some goings on in the campaign.  Any resemblance to actual newspapers in the real world is totally intentional.  They are listed chronologically and dmention game goings-on. These newspaper use images from other sources.  I claim no copyright on any of them, derive no profit and will speedily remove them if asked.

The Lux Veritas is a local tabloid dedicated to uncovering Wondrous goings on.

Our "Heroes" The Watcher Men (and Woman) and Ape))

All of our heroes were once ordinary men and women until the passage of Halley's Comet through the solar system in 1910.  They were all altered by the comet's effects to some extent.  They all operate out of Gingerbread Hall in Assiniboia.

·         John Harrington - aka Mighty Mite and the Bullet of Belgium.  Dr, Harrington had a promising career ahead of him as a surgeon when the comet struck.  He became the size of a pea and is the fastest thing on Earth being capable of Mach 2.5 flight.  He lost his career and fiancee in one fell swoop.  He is scarred by what he did during the Great War.  The most powerful team member but he has a hard time interacting with a world that cannot see him and which is not scaled for his size.

·         The Foetus - the Foetus is the most monstrous of the Wonders.  It is the product of the fusion of an unborn child and its mother into a single entity. The size of a large cat and resembling a giant foetus it floats and glows and can manipulate force fields.

·         Jeeves - Jeeves is either a man who became an ape or an ape who gained intelligence. An expert cook and driver he serves as the butler/chef and driver for Gingerbread Hall.  He is immensely strong and tall.  He is the only Wonder on the team who cannot fly.

·         The Watcher - the leader of the team.  His specialties are observation and detection.  He can identify those with Wondrous powers, travel in astral form, locate those familiar to him and more.  He fought on the side of the Central Powers during the Great War on behalf of the Danish Navy.  The Watcher easily passes for human.

·         The White Ghost - the female member of the team who was a follower of the Tsar during the Great War.  She has emotion control powers, goes invisible and drinks to excess.  Like the Watcher she easily passes for human

·         The Shadow - a member of the team who shares many of the powers of Lamont Cranston.  Another who easily passes for human.

·         Dusty - the Dust Devil.  The newest member of the team he can manifest the powers of a small tornado. Another who easily passes for human.  He can only fly at ground level.


·         Rules - Moved all the gaming rules to this document. Updated June 19, 2022

·         Melee Round Actions and Movement Rates February 13, 2022

Silver medal with comet illustration, Hamburg, 1681

A silver medal struck in Germany in the 17th century in Germany during some local comet based terror.  The inscription reads: "The star threatens evil, but trust in God, and he will make it well."

This page last updated December 03, 2022.  Most images included on this site are modified originals in the public domain and no copyright is claimed.  All writing is copyright me and yes it does resemble Wild Cards doesn't it?  Superworld is a Chaosium game.

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