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These are entries from the Diary of Lucky Louie, one of the Agents of BONC* played by Grant M.

Dear diary:

The things available to us here from the multi-verse are amazing. Today is Taco Tuesday and I don't know what world Tacos came from but they are fantastic.  Right now I am writing in this book on my knee at Taco Tuesday. Not at a desk, no ink well, no blotting paper, on my knee!! This technology is amazing.  I went to the library to find more about turkeys and they had a great book.

"The Wild Turkey: Biology & Management Hardcover – Illustrated, September 1, 1992."  

He is astounded to find that not only can turkeys fly they do it every night since they roost in trees, and with their short little legs they can run as fast as people. The world is a much stranger place than he ever imagined, especially south of the border.

The book is from 70 years in the future. I asked about this at Taco Tuesday which is also a philosophy discussion. I got lots of answers: I have been dead longer than I realize; the date is a misprint; it is from a different world, not the future; who cares; and more. No two answers agreed. 

No one wanted to talk about my curse though. I thought maybe it was gone, but the mission was to a world where the people knew what death was but to them, it was not something that happened to people. I meet about 20 people there including other members of BONC and 1/5 of them died.  The curse may not be affecting me here but it killed 1/5 of the people I meet on a mission to a world with almost no death. They did seem to be very bad people but I am not sure if they deserved to die.

Dear Diary,

At first, I was unsure about Taco Tuesdays but they are starting to grow on me. I had always thought that was just a figure of speech. Another mission and another peaceful place where death or at least violent death is almost unknown, although I have my suspicions about Rudolph. Then I entered and it was like being back in the Great War, people popping up and shooting at you, explosions shredding bodies, and those at the top getting off scot-free maybe even getting some reward for causing all these senseless deaths. Santa said I was not responsible for my parents' deaths, does this mean my curse is just to be drawn to places of mass death or was he just being nice. I mean Biff and Bruce got presents from Santa so I am not so sure about Santa's judgement. Reindeer schnapps is pretty good. I missed an easy shot and was too slow reacting when one guy popped his head up out of the trench and I got shot. I need to wander around the sphere until I end on a range where I can practice alone for a few hours a day.

Dear Diary,


These tacos are so much better than the ones on the mission. I need to find out the details of making taco ingredients.
It was a very relaxing mission. I got to play with the most amazing weapon I have ever seen, let alone held. I got to spend a lot of time with wild animals, it was like some of the best times of my life. I feel much closer to animals now than I did before. I am worried though, no one died on the mission. I fear the curse must be building and some innocent will pay the price for peaceful times.

I also found a wonderful book by a pair of siblings with a description of the natural history of Taco Tuesdays. "The Compendium of Abstract Lifeforms from Allegories to Visions." by Elizabeth Hawthorne & Grg Hwthrn. There doesn't seem to a description of the BONC Taco Tuesdays' natural history so I am taking notes.

*The Bureau of Necessary Corrections

Last updated February 24, 2021