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The Four-Fold World

The Four-Fold World takes its inspiration from RuneQuest.  Using their idea of five different types of magic I decided it would be neat to create a world where the four main types of magic had become separated from each other after a great war.  The flavour of the world itself is based on the writings of all of the following writers:

Lord Dunsany
H.P. Lovecraft
Clark Ashton Smith
Robert E. Howard
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Michael Shea
David Gemmell
Thomas Burnett Swann
James Branch Cabell
Fritz Leiber
Barry Hughart

Let's see where I can go with this.


It is said by those who know, or care, or care to know that the world was once a very different place.  Once you could wander the hills and mountains, plains and valleys and even the rivers and oceans and meet men and women who practiced many different kinds of magic.  Followers of now banished gods wielded fragments of their power as unsubtle clubs.  Others clutched other-worldly, insubstantial beings to their own souls and found power there.  Yet others found strange understandings of the universe and used them as power.  Sorcerers knew and followed the rules of the universe itself and bent those rules to their own purpose.  

And for an eternity they shared the world, these wielders of magical might.  But one day the sharing ended and war became the norm.  A mighty war, such that we, living in these days cannot imagine.  And the sorcerers in their might destroyed the other users of magic and banished the gods themselves.  But with this victory and banishment came a great destruction and the world was rendered unrecognizable from what it had once been.  

But the sorcerers built themselves a great city, a lonely fortress - Maripose.  And there they sit and rule the world.

  1. The Shard of Sorcery

  2. The Priests' Tithe

  3. The Mystic's Fragment

  4. The Spirit's Portion

Created July 16, 2012.  Last updated August 30, 2022