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Campaign History

NB: Very few of the links on this page work!  This is one of the one's that does work: Back to my new site). January 1st, 2017

Warning: Much of my campaign has used commercial scenarios so if you like surprises please don't read any of this. If you read it anyway and spoil your fun, tough.

Originally I kept track of what was going on in my campaign in a chronicle format. It was pretty bare bones and more or less objective (there's that word again!) It's quite long and probably pretty boring for anyone not involved in the campaign. It also relies heavily on commercially published scenarios so if you like surprise don't read it. Any spelling mistakes are my fault (as are any lame attempts at humour). The campaign itself dates back to 1993 in the real world. (At least I think it was 1993. I'm pretty sure it was before my eldest was born but I can't remember if it was the year before, the same year or two years before!) Recently (January 16, 1998) I broke the original chronicle into six smaller parts because the combined document was much too large for people with slow modem connections. On November 19, 1998 I added links to write-ups for the individual sessions. (Some of the earlier Tales from Grandpa span more than one session and the gaggle of sessions linked to that appear without year dates are all from the same session).

After a while I started writing Tales from Grandpa which are more subjective accounts of sessions. (They're listed in chronological order below). Here's both:


After my last session I switched back to a chronicle style account. Here it is:

I've written another Tale from Grandpa that recounts the events of a specific session. (This is the same as #10 above). The new tale is called:

This page last updated March 05, 1999 {re-edited Jnaury 1, 2017}

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