Brenna Vingasdottir also known as The Red’s Family History





Vigrid, a warrior in the service of King Tarkalor, fights at the Battle of Grizzly Peak and survives. Vigrid later participates in the Battle of Alda-Chur and witnesses the Alda-Churi acclaim Tarkalor’s son Terasarin as Prince of Alda-Chur.






Vigrid fights in the Holy Country. During that time, he witnesses the murder of Prince Saraskos by hired assassins and swears vengeance on the Lunars.






Vigrid dies gloriously fighting in the defense of Boldhome. His exploits earn him the epithet Vigrid “The Mighty”.






To escape Lunar retribution following the death of her eldest son Vanir during “the troubles”, Vigrid’s wife, Fulla Vingasdotter, younger son Thorfinn and daughter Ingrit move to New Pavis in 1603. There Thorfinn marries Astra, known to some as “the Red” (after her fiery red hair) and others as “the Bitch” (after her fiery temper). Astra gives birth to twin daughters, Brenna and Ingemar, on Godsday/Movement week/Storm Season of 1604. Brenna has her mother’s red hair and is also nicknamed “the Red”.






Hearing of the Lunar invasion of Holy Country, Fulla, accompanied by Thorfinn, join a band of mercenaries hired by the Esrolians. Newly married to Magnus, Ingrit remains in New Pavis, along with Astra and her daughters. Fulla dies gloriously avenging her husband during the siege of Karse. Thorfinn survives and returns to Pavis a seasoned warrior.






Thorfinn joins the local resistance to the first Lunar invasion of Prax and witnesses the Lunar submission to the Pap Priestesses. He is now known as Thorfinn the Spear.






Thorfinn and Astra, Ingrit and Magnus, and their families return to Sartar and settle in Knucklesdeep in 1609. 1610 is normal year otherwise.






As a result of Thorfinn’s participation in Starbrow’s rebellion he is outlawed by the Lunars. Thorfinn and his family spend the next six years in evading them.






A “normal” year evading Lunars.






To help support his family Thorfinn joins a mercenary band and fights Harrek the Berserk and his Wolf Pirates in Holy Country. Thorfinn survives the fighting, but is crippled and barely manages to return home.






Due to Thorfinn’s incapacitation Astra assumes most his responsibilities to support their family. Now a grown woman, and determined to carry on the family’s proud warrior tradition, Brenna vows to become an initiate of Vinga. She adopts the epithet “Vingasdotter” as a sign of her commitment and in honour of her paternal grandmother Fulla. Otherwise a “normal” year evading Lunars.






A normal year. The Lunars seem to have lost interest in the family, and they come out of hiding.






Brenna becomes an initiate of Vinga Adventurous and travels to Apple Lane as part of adult initiation. Survives a skirmish with numerous Baboons and an incompetent gang of Dragonewts. Upon her return Brenna becomes a lay member of Ernalda as is normal for Ernaldori women. Otherwise a normal year.






Survived the Great Winter.






Brenna fights in the Esrolian civil war in a heavy cavalry company of War Women followers known as the ‘Furies’. She achieves great glory protecting Queen Samastina from Red Earth assassins.






A normal year.






Brenna rejoins the Furies and they fight with great valour in the Battle of Pennel Ford. After the battle they accompany Argrath to the border of Prax and witness the summoning of Jaldon Goldentooth. Brenna and her companions acknowledge Argrath as the White Bull and return to home. Inspired by the year’s events and to deepen her connection with Orlanth, Brenna becomes an initiate of Orlanth Thunderous.






Brenna witnesses and survives the Dragonrise. She subsequently participates in the liberation of Sartar and witnesses Kallyr Starbrow acclaimed Prince of Sartar in Boldhome.