Sarstin the Skinnyand Sarstan the Wideís Family History




Gramps went to the battle of Grizzly Peak where he fought evil Lunar Spirits.

He survived where many didnít and Ďstrategically relocatedí with the remaining Sartar forces and help defend Alda-chur when it declared it was joining Sartar.

Present at Battles of Grizzly Peak and Alda-chur and survived both.

Gain Loyalty (Sartar) 60%




Gramps and Grandma heard there was troubles going on in furrin parts down south. Them Lunars at it again, causing trouble for Sartar. We heards they killed the Princeís family.

(A normal year)




Gramps went to Boldhome when the evil Lunars brought their evil spirits into Sartar. Luckily he was on the east wall when the Bat hit the west wall. Gramps says a lot of heroes and good friends died there to send the Bat packin. Right quiet he gets when he talks about that.

(Survived Boldhome Campaign)




Gramps hung around with Grandma for a number of years. She calls them her years of tribulations.

(A normal year/s)

We was born.




Gramps and Grandma heard there was more troubles going on in furrin parts down south. Them Lunars at it agin, but this time they got their butts kicked good.

(A normal year)




Gramps and Grandma heard there was more troubles going on in furrin parts, but this time to the east. Them Lunars got their butts kicked agin. Good on them easterners.

(A normal year)



Gramps and Grandma heard them Lunars went back to the east agin but this time they made it stick. Tough on them easterners I guess.

(A normal year)




This wuz the bad year. Ma and Pa went off with the fyrd to help Princess Kallyr. They wuz at the Battle of Hofstaring's Flood and dun kicked the Lunars good but they wuz also at Larnstes Table when that new Lunar General showed up and killed them both with evil demons. Gramps said he wished he had been there and then maybe he could have dun something. Grandma allowed this might have been so but no point frettin about the past. Whuts wrong with ducks anyway?

(Parents killed by Lunar magic in Starbrowís Rebellion.)

Gain Hate (Lunar Empire) 60%




Most of the clan was keeping a low profile after all the bleeding dun the previous years. Them Lunars went west after them ducks and other beast folk. Canít seem to leave anybody alone them Lunars.

(A normal year)



Gramps and Grandma says there was strange goings on, going on all over. Off in the south them furriners were killing each other and in the east they wuz rebelling against them Lunars or something. Good on them.

(A normal year)




Gramps and Grandma says there was a lot more killings going on down south. They says them Lunars is behind it all, since they hadnít forgotten the kicking they got last time they went down there. Them Lunars never forgit. Wish we could forgit them.

(A normal year)




Them Lunars went south agin for another round. Gramps was all upset because they wuz going after some friends of his in Hendriking. He werenít going to allow it no more so he went to help. Grandma called him an old fool but we could see that she was worried. She went on how even a blister on your foot can seem normal after long enuff and when it be gone things juss don feel right.

(Gramps survived the Heortland campaign Ö so far).




Word dun come that Gramps was et by the Crimson Bat! One of his friends cum by and say Gramps was on the wall where the bat hit and there was no way he could have survived thet. All of us shook up by that but tarnation if a couple seasons later who comes walking up the road but Gramps!

He donít look so good but that a mite better than being bat poo. He told us that when the bat hit the wall he was with King Broyan but he fell off thet dang wall right down into the Batís gang of followers who tried to grab him and feed him to that Bat. Luckily he was able to make them kill him and then he hid his spirit the best he ever dun hid his spirit. That BAT is a hungry mother! Gramps got pure white when he told about the others thet werenít so lucky. Gol durn it! One day someone goin to do sumthing about dat Bat!

Once the Bat got driven off Gramps was able to get better. Being a little dead never should stop a good shaman he says. Way to go Gramps!

Still he donít look so good and when Grandma tells him his adventurin days are behind him he don argue too hard.

(Gramps survived Heortland campaign Ö sort of)

Hate Chaos (60%)




Great Winter Year 1

A bad bad year. Once the Lunars smashed Whitewall everythin went to hell. Crops practically froze in the fields, animals as well, and everyone freezin their heinies off. I took up with Starvas the hunter and went out with him every day trying to scrounge up whatever we could. Don know how many we saved from starvin. I was powerfully impressed by Starvas and what he know so I swore my oath to de Bear God. He stood by us when things were really bad.

Still too many died. Gramps and Grandma survived but only because Kendrella gave them most of her food. She passed that year. Sarstin too, he just disappeared into a blizzard and thet the last we saw of him. Now we is all alone, the three of us.

Relative starved to death making sure others were fed.

Love Family (+20%)

Sarstin Love (Alynx) 60%


Sarstin - was saved by female alynx whose cubs had died during winter. She fed him till his injured leg healed and then disappeared shortly afterwards. He went searching for her and found her frozen body after a year. Two died so Sarstin could live.




Great Winter Year 2

This year started off just as bad as the last but Grandma and Grandma Knuckles got us working together, scraping snow off the fields so the last animals had something to eat, getting gangs to break ice so we could do sum fishin, and organising the hunts with beaters and what not. Thatís where I wuz. Starva was with me when I kilt my bear to honor Odalya. It was a bit skinny as the winter war no better for bears then people but I kilt it fair and square. Thetís where I got this big scar on my arm. He caught me a good one he did but now I got his skin to keep me warm. And thet bear wus the first good eatin we had in a long long time.

And who shows up jus when the feast is ready? The first feast we had in two years? Sarstin! He had some cockamamie story about how he fell down a hole and broke his leg but was saved by a family of alynxes. Have you ever heard the like? Maybe if he had stuck around Kendralla would have too.

Going into the service of your chief.

Gain Loyalty (clan) +10%.




At last! A year when nothing too terrible happened.We hear stories about big goings on down south but itís good to have a year of not dyin.

A normal year.





What a year! Right off the bat you knew it was going to be a biggun when a new planet shows up in the sky. Word spread like wildfire that now was the time to strike against the Lunars. Not sure who decided this but they said the best place to strike first was far away from so a whole pile of us Colymar head south to help our cousins in Heortland And then somehow we make a wrong turn or something and end up in Esrolia! The whole place is full of furriners thet spik funny. But thatís where the Lunars were and nobody asked us what we thought so thets where we went.

We ended up at some place called Pennel Furriners or something like thet. When we showed up we could see there was a big fight going on already and we showed up on one side on the Lunars. We wuz either smart or lucky but both are good in my books. Anyway, them Lunars was not pleased to see us at al. First thing they do is unleash a bunch of spirits at us to keep us busy while they figured out whut to do. Man! Sarstin and I wus absolutely amazin! Kolat hisself mustin bin standin behind us. We just ripped into those spirits so bad and had them running in no time. Course we had some help but everyone allowed we dun good.

Fought with great glory. Gain Honor or Devotion (deity) and add +10% to Battle. Gain +1D6% Reputation.
Honor 60%

+10% Battle

+1d6 Rep

We gots all kinds of people cheerin us and the next thing you know a bunch of these furrin types grab a bunch of us and say ĎYou come wi us and we show youse a good time.í Bloody sailors packed us in a boat where I started throwing up everything I et since leavin home. And them laughin the whole time. Bloody sailors. But one of them had a nifty bear skin like me and he came and said my skin wus right nice and if I wanted I could cum with him when we landed. I says why not, maybe he kin use some help fighting spirits or something.

Next thing you know we pull up to the most amazing rock ever. They said it wus a city but it looked like Ö i don know whut it looked like and I guess it don matter cus it don look like thet no more. Thet guy I wus with just took one look and went totally nuts and charged off by himself. I went to follow but some of them sailors pulled me back and said why don you wait a bit. Best advice I ever had. It was over pretty quick and I walked about and picked up some neat stuff to show grandma and gramps and made friends with this most amazin little critter. Found him in a building full o tiny cages, most of them smashed, and the rest of them full o little animals that want out. The one says heíll stick with me. He sure talk funny for a squirrel but then heís a funny lookin squirrel so I guess it makes sense.

Later, we get ready to leave and the bear skin guy says do I want to come with him in his boat but I says Thanks but I gotta go look after my Gramps and Grandma and he just say well a man gotta do whut a man gotta do and he waves and goes off. Nice guy.

Befriended Harrek the Berserk. Gain Loyalty (Harrek the Berserk) and roll 3D6+2 on the Family Heirlooms table (page 83). Gain +1D6% Reputation.

Loyalty (Harreck the Berserk) 60%

Sarstan - Family Heirloom (An awakened small animal)

Sarstin - Your clan assigns you a hide of land for your services. Gain +10% Loyalty (clan)

+1D6% Rep


Sarstinís superior history.
When I walked towards the animals they sniffed the air then ran in panic. I think I smelt like alynxes to them. Even the small cat ran away. I wouldn't've hurt him, it would've been real nice to have a cat to talk to.


I went to look for stuff in another building but there was already a guy in fancy armour,†† with clan snakes on the grieves & vambraces, about my age already in there opening all the boxes. I was gonna leave because even if I found anything the nobleman would take it, when a spirit came out and attacked the noble. I cast second sight and saw it was big, then distraction on it, then a glamour on me because it was big. It hit me hard and I hit it once and it seemed more surprised than hurt. So I danced away. Luckily it decided not to attack again and left.

The noble was real grateful and when he saw my wrist tattoos told we would I would come join his retinue in Clearwine and have an honoured place in his household. I was not sure about living in a big city but you don't say no to noblemen if you're from Knucklesdeep. So I turned and went to pick his bag that he had dropped.

Then I heard say "Oh youíre from Knucklesdeep... you know maybe uh... your a shaman right", "Still an assistant shaman", "Well as a shaman you probably don't want to be in the city, probably best you stay away from Clearwine, in fact how about instead a nice hide of land, and I'll see to the tenets, and one of the more discrete members of my household will drop off the rent once year. There will be no need for you to ever come near Clearwine, ever. No need for you to talk about this to anyone, just give me your name and then go back into the backwoods of Knucklesdeep."


When we finally get back, we hear that thet Prince Temertain, you know, the one that likes collectin stones, managed to get himself kilt. What a year.




Whut kin I say? OK! What can I say? (Stupid Squirrel) Another year of great events. Sarstan and I had barely returned from the south when the whole tribe was put on notice by the Lunars that Boldhome was off limits for the year. Our own city and they wonít let us come. Stinking Lunars. Were we going to stand for that? No we werenít! All of the Colymar began to muster and word was going back and forth with the other tribes that we werenít going to stand for this and allow the Lunars to get away with whatever they wuz (were!) planning.

We all start marching on Boldhome, when the ground starts shaking and a freakin (Itís my story and its freakin! Dumb Squirrel) huge dragon lifts up into the sky. Right aways we stop our marching and do a whole lot of hiding but that Dragon turned towards Boldhome and we later here it ate a whole pile of Lunars. We see the Dragon fly off to the north, then it came back and flew around a bit before it settled back down where it started from.

After we all put on new pants we headed off to Boldhome and decided that the Lunars did us a favour by keeping us out if the area, since that hill to the south of the city where the Lunars was building their big temple was mostly gone and parts of the city with it.

Witnessed the Dragonrise, survived. Participated in the Liberation of Sartar.

Gain Fear (Dragons) 60%

What Lunars were left didnít put up much of a fight. Just skedaddled (it is too a word) off north back to Tarsh I guess. All we really had to do was cheer loudly for Prince Kallyr when she relit the flame of Sartar. Good times are coming again!

Witnessed Kallyr Starbrow acclaimed as Prince of Sartar in Boldhome.

Gain Loyalty (Sartar) +10%

+5% to Battle.