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Oliver D. Bernuetz's Campaign Chronicles

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The New Chronicles - Part 1

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These are the New Chronicles in which my RuneQuest 3 campaign resumes after a short break of 18 years and a conversion to RuneQuest: Roleplaying in GloranthaSadly one of the players has passed away so his character has been retired except for the odd cameo but the rest of the players who had living characters back in April 2000 are all playing again (despite the fact that one of them lives in Singapore and another in Edmonton).  We've also added my son who was three at the time.

The old characters have all ben converted to the new system and the campaign itself has been advanced seven years to 1625 so they've all rolled for events on the background charts in the rules.

Here are the personae dramatis

  • Belintar Fatesson - the Dog Boy (Owen B.)

    Belintar Fatesson is the prophesied saviour of the Balazaring and Votanki peoples who will reunite them and lead them to drive the Lunars from Balazar and the Elder Wilds.  In 1625 he has just turned 21.  He is an initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog.  He is the somewhat unnatural son of the Babeester Gor Axe Maiden, Hallelujah Harnsdottir.

  • Bjarni Windchaser  (Darryl A.)

    Bjarni is a Wind Priest of Orlanth from Old Tarsh.  He hasn't been in the campaign that long.

  • Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears Fief (Gary H.)

    Durnfal, the oldest character in the campaign is a Light Son.  He has been looking after the Dog Boy and living quietly at Rabbit Hat farm.  It remains to be seen who he will throw his not inconsiderable influence behind in the civil strife in Sun County.

  • Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Axe Maiden (Doug St.)

    Hallelujah who originally hails from Caladraland in Esrolia, has been living at The Paps where she leads the Axe Maidens who guard the Eiritha temple there.  She is the reluctant mother of the Dog Boy.

  • Kannr (Henry S.)

    Kannr is seemingly a Humakt Sword from Lunar Tarsh.  In reality he is the soul of a Sartarite Humakti named Svart who was transferred to a Lunar Tarshite body.

  • Lawrence of the Desert, Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.)

    Lawrence is a re-imaging of a very old character from RQ2 days.  He was rescued by the party from Snakepipe Hollow where a fate worst than death awaited him.

  • Peracles (Jeff N.)

    An Aeolian sorcerer from Heortland he has been dropping in and out of the campaign for quite a while.

The Intervening Years


- After Dark Season the sorcerer Peracles returned to Heortland.  After he had discharged his duties as the Count’s Wizard he was almost immediately called to duty and joined the county militia which sailed to Nochet to support Esrolia against the great raid of the western Solanthi barbarian, Graymane. There, he (and the militia) sat in Nochet as squabbling amongst the Esrolian Grandmothers prevented any unified action against Graymane.


After the party returns from the Godsplane with the Dog Boy Blueface the Shaman suggested that perhaps it would be better if he was raised somewhere other than Balazar since he might be a target for Lunar assassination.  The leaders of the various Balazaring and Votanki hearths resisted the idea at first but finally at Blueface's insistence, (and after one failed assassination attempt) it was agreed that Durnfal could take the baby to Sun County as long as he was raised properly.  Burning Willow the Votanki hunter agreed to go along and raise the lad in the traditional ways.  It was also agreed that other hunters and leaders would travel to Sun County once a year to instil proper mores and manners in the lad!  The members of the party, other than Peracles, also swore an oath on the Styx that... "when the time came they would do all in their power to assist the Dog Boy free the Balazarings and Votanki."  Thinking this to be years in the future when they would be too infirm to assist they all swore the oath.

Before they left Balazar the party worked with Blueface to thwart Granny Keeneye's attempts to capture Bunscotta the Kind Giant's  and take over her body.  After an epic battle against an army of broos Granny Keeneye was imprisoned in the Soul Gem in the hilt of the Black Sword.  The sword was encased in lead and dropped to the bottom of the Elf Sea.

Durnfal also helped the Balazaring Yelmalians to take the two ever burning torches of Yelmalio's Blood to the Sun Dome temple in Sartar.  This involved a flight of Yelmalio rune levels on giant hawk back that had to fight off one attack by Zorak Zorani rune levels mounted on flying beetles.  Fortunately the attackers' mounts were much slower than the hawks and after a brief aerial battle the hawks escaped with their precious cargo and reached the temple.  They were greeted by a rapturous crowd, much lauded and richly rewarded

After this the party went their separate ways.  Durnfal, Burning Willow, Hallelujah Harnsdottir and the infant Belintar went to Prax. 

- Kannr goes to live among the Colymar, Svart's old clan.  He reinitiates to Humakt at the Temple at Clearwine – erasing his past, but not his loyalties or passions.  

The Lunars invade Heortland and capture Karse.  Peracles was forced to live under the same Lunars that had killed his father. Durnfal and Kannr fought in the Hendriking Campaign against the Lunar invaders and survived.  Lawrence's mother fought there as well.

The Dog Boy astounds his caretakers by his rapid growth.  By the end of 1619 he has the stature and maturity of a seven year old.

Durnfal marries Holista Eiskolli an aspiring Ernaldan priestess.


Durnfal and Holista are blessed with a daughter

Lunars conquer Malkonwal and Peracles flees to Prax.  Kannr again fights against the Lunars.

At the end of this year the Dog Boy has the stature and maturity of a fourteen year old.  After this year his growth and development slow.


  The Fall of Whitewall - Peracles the Sorcerer is there as a witness.  Hallelujah is one of the defenders but survives.

  The Great Winter, Year OneDurnfal and Hallelujah survived.  Kannr survives as well barely, mostly through the support of his Training Circle School.  The extra activity helped to take people's minds off of the Great Winter. Lawrence's mother starved to death making sure others would be fed.

  The Cradle - Peracles the Sorcerer helps to defend the cradle against the Lunars.


– The Great Winter, Year Two.
  Durnfal nearly died from illness.   Kannr also nearly died during this year but survived thanks to his Temple. Lawrence nearly froze to death but kept alive by murder and burning of his enemies.

Civil War in Esrolia.  Peracles was able to re-join the County Militia, which he lead to Nochet as part of the Heortland contingent that had been sent to intervene in the Esrolian Civil War.  Hallelujah is also involved in the war and survives.

Battle of the Auroch Hills.  After the Count of Heortland is slain Peracles leads the County Militia and served with great distinction. He was himself wounded and still bears a terrible scar from that battle.


Siege of Nochet.  Peracles and the Heortland militia were trapped in Nochet with Queen Samastina and King Broyan.  Kannr fights in the forces of Queen Samastina, he is blessed by her and later that year becomes a Sword of Humakt.  His Training Circle School is quite successful and has attracted another like minded Sword as fellow teacher.  Hallelujah also survives the siege.

During this year a party of dark trolls from the Blue Moon Plateau try and slay Belintar Fatesson.  He survives their attempt but Burning Willow is slain irrevocably.

Durnfal and Holista are blessed with twins, a boy and a girl.


Solanthos Ironpike dies without a clear heir.  Invictus the most senior Light Son in Sun County refuses to take the title of Count.  It is rumoured that his wife Penta Goldbreath, sister of Vega Goldbreath has persuaded him to decline the title but no one knows for certain.  He has proclaimed that he would rather take the mantle of priest and enter a retirement tower.  This starts a civil war between Belvani Dragonfriend and Vega Goldbreath who are the next two most senior Light Sons.  Neither is favoured by the more traditional residents of Sun County but this doesn't stop them from raising factions. Durnfal is badly wounded during the opening skirmishes of this civil strife.  One of his wife's cousins Hallister Eiskolli almost kills him in the fighting.

Harrek the Berserk and Argrath return from circumnavigating the world and ally themselves with Queen Samastina and King Broyan.  They pursue the fleeing Lunars who are routed at the Battle of Pennel Ford.  Peracles and the Heortland militia participate in the battle.  Kannr participates as well.  Hallelujah participates with distinction at the battle.

- Lawrence is at the summoning of Jaldon Goldentooth and acknowledges Argrath as the White Bull.

Durnfal and Holista are blessed with another girl.

- Kannr becomes a Sword of Humakt.  He tries to start a Training Circle School based on his personal interpretation of Humakt.  The local sword Nameless does not support this and he goes to Boldhome to try and start one there.  The Lunar administration does not allow him to open his school there either.  He travels to Pavis where a distracted Lunar administration worried about the Praxians under the White Bull also refuse him permission.  Finally he finds a site for his school in the Rubble beside the Storm Bull temple run by Sax Bolderson, older brother of Hallelujah Harnsdottir.


Sea Season. Agrath Whitebull and Jaldon Toothmaker raise a huge army, brush past the Lunar army at Moonbroth and lay siege to Pavis.  The garrison refuses to surrender and Argrath uses ancient magics to break the walls.  The garrison is put to the sword and Argrath is proclaimed King of Pavis.  The Templars and Militia of Sun County are there as well.  Durnfal was almost killed after having been temporarily driven insane by Lunar demons.  Belintar, who by this point is now an adult of 21 participates as well.  Lawrence is there as well fighting to liberate the city.

Fire Season.  Argrath appoints his ally Belvani Dragonfriend as Count of Sun County.  Argrath then "cleanses" the Lunar Grantlands.  Argrath then leads his "howling, blood crazed" army against the New Lunar Temple.  They are routed by a demon Tatius the Bright sends against them that has two arms and an extra one and Argrath returns to Pavis.  Vega Goldbreath takes this opportunity to declare herself Count and promises to adhere strictly to temple tradition.  Belvani is forced to flee to Pavis.

The few men and the women and children who survived the cleaning of the Grantlands are enslaved and marched to Pimpers Block.  As they near The Paps the Eiritha priestesses send their Axe Maidens out to intercept and claim the survivors against the wishes of Argrath.  Not wanting to disobey the priestesses the Praxians turn the survivors who number 237 people to the Axe Maidens who take them to The Paps until they can figure out what to do with them.

Earth Season, Harmony Day, Clayday Dragonrise.  Hallelujah, Kannr and Peracles were there to witness the miracle.  Hallelujah is the most affected by the Dragonrise.

Earth Season. Sartar is Liberated.  Kannr is in Boldhome to witness Kallyr Starbrow proclaimed Prince of Sartar.

1) 1625 Earth Season, Movement Week, Freezeday (Friday September 14, 2018)

Warning:  This episode includes material from old published scenarios so read with caution.

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.)

NPCs: Larrius, Curlius and Moeis, initiates of Humakt and three fighting dogs.

It begins earlier in Earth Season with a dream.  The party members all dream of the shaman Blueface.  He tells them, "The time draws nigh."  This dream serves to draw the party together so they can help to drive the Lunars out of Balazar.  Kannr, Bjorn and Peracles all wonder how it can possible be time since the Dog Boy should only be seven years old.  Regardless the three who happen to be in Clearwine at the same time put their affairs in order and begin the long trek to Rabbit Hat Farm along with three of Kannr's initiates who are named Larrius, Curlius and Moeis for reasons arcane.

Later at The Paps the senior Mother summons Hallelujah to her.  "You must seek a solution to our Lunar refugee solution that does not involve either the sword or the block.  I care not what happens to them other than they live elsewhere.  We cannot support such a large group of non cultists here."   Hallelujah obeys and after some thinking decides to go visit her old friend Durnfal who might have some insights or influence he can share.  She settles her affairs and sets across the plains to the Zola Fel.

Durnfal is busy with the harvest back at Rabbit Hat Farm (which some of the locals are taking to call Strongspear much to his embarrassment - also to his embarrassment is the terra cotta statue they're planning on erecting of him!) when he is informed that a visitor has arrived.  It turns out to be the current Count pretender Vega Goldbreath here to ostensibly take a tour of the success that is Rabbit Hat Farm and perhaps gauge his support for her cause.  During the tour she takes the opportunity to speak to him in private.  "I wish to ask a favour of you.  I have had a divination cast to ask what I can do to improve my chances of being accepted as Count.  The answer was cryptic, "The one who wishes to be Count must seek for that which is sacred or secret at the Old Sun Dome and amongst the blinded watchers."  In the past we have worked together and I wonder if I could ask you to investigate the Old Temple and the retirement towers near Goldbreath for me.  I cannot offer you official support as my road to acceptance must be without reproach."  Here she paused and looked bitter for a moment.  "I would do whatever to get the people to support me as I deserve to be supported."  Again a pause and a bitter look.  "Everything except grow a penis that is."  She stopped hear and waited for Durnfal's response.  Durnfal cast his memories back and couldn't think of any time that Vega had mistreated him.  His memories of Belvani were not that pleasant and it rankled him that an outsider like Argrath could decide who was Count.  He nodded and the pair clasped forearms.  Vega handed him a large, ornate gold plated key.  "This will unlock the main doors of the Temple.  It won't get you into the outbuildings but it is unlikely that you will find aught there.  I cannot officially support you or reward you but I will owe you a big favour."  "All I ask is that you look after my family should anything happen to me on this mission or while I am in Balazar."  He briefly outlined his upcoming trip to Balazar to help drive the Lunars out.  She nodded her agreement and swore an oath by Yelm's Brilliance.

Days later Durnfal is again in the fields when his vrok hawk allied spirit Sunwing tells him a wagon of outlanders is approaching as is Hallelujah Harnsdottir.  After getting Sunwing to cast a Farsee to discover who is approaching in the wagon he realizes that it is his old friends and allies. He instructs the servants to prepare a welcoming feast for his friends.  The wagon is also greeted by a large pack of mixed dogs among them a small terrier that looks exactly like Ratbane the dog that their old friend Dorian Tavish's spirit had been bound into.  The three newcomers explain to Durnfal that they are surprised that they have received the summons from Blueface so soon.  This is not a surprise to Hallelujah or Durnfal and the answer is revealed when the terrier transforms into a young man in front of their eyes.  Durnfal explains that Belintar's growth has been much more rapid than expected and he is basically an adult now.  After some marvelling at this they settle in for a feast and swap stories and memories.

Hallelujah explains her mission and none of them can quite think of any way they can transport 237 Lunars back to the Empire.  They all agree, some more reluctantly than others that this would be a good idea.  The idea is proposed that Durnfal can take them into his holdings.  He quickly explains that this is impossible as the people in Sun County do not like Lunars and there is no room at Rabbit Hat Farm for so many people.  They brainstorm some more and perhaps sparked by being around old comrades Hallelujah decides she should seek out her brother, Sax Bolderson the Storm Kahn in the Big Rubble and see if he can help somehow. 

Durnfal explains his mission, though he refuses to say who he will be performing this mission for.  The party has a mixed reaction to this as it doesn't seem to benefit them any.  The temple is on the way to Pavis though so they eventually agree.  Durnfal makes arrangements with his wife Holista and steward (and cousin) Haloric.  The party overnights and sets off the next day after provisioning from the stores in the old Karsht temple under the farm.  Belintar leaves all but three of his dog friends behind at the Farm. 

The group travels along the roads until they reach the north shore of the Quel Stream where they head along the stream.  Along the way Durnfal helps an old man repair his sandal.  As they near the old Sun Dome Durnfal and Bjorn send their hawk allied spirits to scout ahead.  Durnfal and Bjorn see that there is an old guest house that serves as a barracks next to which is a 20 metre tower with a guard.  They decide to approach at night and go under the wall using an earth elemental.  They leave one of the Humakti initiates, Curlius, to guard the wagon along with the three dogs.  Approaching the wall Peracles offers to cast a missile attraction spell on one of the party.  Most scoff at this but Hallelujah agrees to do it.  After the spell is cast and the tunnel is dug they go under the wall.  They come out near some sealed administrative buildings.  As they are deciding where to go next the missile attraction spell works as advertised an a missile ricochets off of Hallelujah's copper plated iron.  She gets her allied spirit to cast a detect enemy spell which locates someone in the nearby building.  She prepares her axe and charges the building.  Another missile hits her and she realizes that someone is firing a crossbow at her.  The rest of the party follows as well.  They scan the building for any entrances or windows and can find none.  They realize that their opponent must be on the roof.  Hallelujah and Durnfal attempt to circle the building looking for an entrance while Kannr seeks inspiration in his Movement rune.  He succeeds and climbs the building like a squirrel or monkey.  Bjorn the Wind Voice attempts the same trick but manages to fumble losing 9 points off his Movement rune and becoming lost in psychic turmoil.  Following Kannr's orders the two initiates attempt to climb the wall the good old fashioned way.  Peracles prepares to send his bound air elemental up to throw the crossbow man off the roof.

Up on the roof Kannr prepares his two broadswords and spotting a small figure he charges towards it.  He realizes as gets close that the figure is a trollkin!  The trollkin fires the crossbow at Kannr that bounces off his armour.  (His allied spirit had cast Protection 4 on him as well).  He decides to pull his blow and use the flat to try and knock the trollkin out.  He does so but rolls a special result that should have crushed the trollkin's abdomen.  The trollkin falls but reaches out and touches Kannr.  Kannr loses consciousness.  The air elemental reaches the roof but only finds Kannr so it tosses him off the roof.  The fall doesn't even damage him.  Having realized that they can't get around the building Hallelujah and Durnfal return and she tries to determine what happened to Kannr.  Peracles had theorized that he had been attacked by a darkness element and it certainly looked that way to her.  The initiates called down that they had found a small entrance, smaller than SIZ 12, into the third story of the building. 

This is where we called it a night.

2) 1625 Earth Season, Movement Week, Clayday (Friday October 05, 2018)

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.)

NPCs: Larrius, Curlius and Moeis, initiates of Humakt and three fighting dogs.

The group waits for Bjorn to come out of his psychic turmoil and Kannr to regain consciousness.  When both have come to pass Kannr calls Larrius and Moeis back down as they've decided that the best place to search for treasure is the temple or the retirement towers.  Kannr is unhappy about the whole situation as he's not sure what he's getting out of this. He's here to help Dog Boy unite the Balazarings and drive out the Lunars.  This all seems secondary to him especially since Durnfal won't say who they're doing this for.  He also asks what the penalty for trespass is. He's not really interested in killing a bunch of militia to get away.  Durnfal tells him not to worry about it and says he is irritated that a trollkin or darkness spirit is squatting here in the old temple but he prefers to put the mission first.  They decide to circle around and check out the retirement towers on their way to the front stairs of the temple.  Using one of his dog forms Belintar sniffs around and realizes that there are old and new tracks of dark stench all over the place.

They come to the site of the towers and discover that only two are still standing.  Peracles offers to fly people to the top of the tower with his air elemental.  Durnfal and Belintar volunteer.  The pair and Peracles are ferried up.  They spot what looks like a open doorway hanging in mid air roughly 5 metres off the flour and totally unattached to anything.  They decide to check the other intact tower and find it to be full of skull bats and an awesome accumulation of their guano.  They return to the first tower and have a closer look at the doorway.  The elemental is strong enough to carry both Durnfal and Belintar in his smallest dog form.  The elemental flies them down and they look through the opening.  On the other side of the doorway is a golden staircase leading up and down hanging suspended in a void.  They decide to shelve this discovery for the time being and go on to the temple.  Peracles quickly checks the floor of the tower and finds it to be dirt on stone,  He discovers nothing of interest.

The party continues on to the temple.  They climb the staircase to the entry.  There they find the main doors bricked shut except for a small man door that is locked with an elaborate lock.  Durnfal unlocks the door and they all enter.  Inside the walls are scorched and blackened from the deconsecration of the temple.  The main room is a large chamber with columns supporting the dome. A mighty crack only an inch wide crosses the entire temple diagonally. A series of statues covered by sheets standing on plinths.  Except for one that lies on the ground.  They check this statue first and discover that it is a statue of Nysalor.  They examine why the statue has been toppled and decide that someone pushed it off of its plinth for some reason.  They investigate the other statues and find them to all be statues of more traditional Solar deities.  As the Curlius tugs off the last sheet he says, "Hey, there's a ..." before he goes silent.  A filthy, naked man with glowing eyes appears and grabs a sword and shield hanging from the statute.  He vanishes but not before Jaws, Peracles' familiar shrieks a warning.  "Power, master, lots of power."

Larrius grabs Currlius and starts pulling him away from the statue as he seems oddly unresponsive.  The rest of the party starts arming themselves and preparing spells.  Durnfal casts a Sunbright that fills the dome with light removing all shadows.  The thick dust coating the floor reveals nothing.  Then starts a hide of seek of death as the vampire appears, attacks disengages and then disappears again.  His blade seems to ignore armour and weapons seem to slide off his skin.  Allied spirits cast protective and offensive skills and the party's abilities increase dramatically.  Hallelujah uses her battle skill to formulate a good defensive formation.  They retreat to a wall so they only have to defend three sides.  After a few more attacks that do little other than to damage his own weapon with defensive parrying the vampire deiceds on a different tactic.  He appears next to the entralled Curlius and slays him with two blows.  Durnfal and Kannr try to reach him but he's gone before they get there and poor Curlius is dead with no chance of return.  Peracles manages to cast a slow spell on the vampire who disappears again.  (At one point Belintar manages to hit himself in the head with a javelin).

The party regroups and then gets Bjorn to cast a Detect Enemy spell. The spell gives them an idea of where the vampire is and Durnfal and Kannr start stalking the fiend.  He circles around and attacks Hallelujah almost destroying her iron dagger-axe with one blow.  She switches to a battle-axe and her blow is parried.  Then with a might strike Durnfal blows through the vampire's protective magic and destroys his arm.  He turns to mist and starts to drift towards the crack in the floor.  Peracles summons his air elemental which pushes the mist away from the crack.  Kannr, Hallelujah and Belintar uses death symbols to damage the vampire.  Unable to escape the vampire calls upon Vivamort and the mist vanishes.

This is when we called it a night.

3) 1625 Earth Season, Movement Week, Clayday (Friday October 19, 2018) - still in published scenario territory

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.)

NPCs: Larrius and Moeis, initiates of Humakt and three fighting dogs.

After checking out the crack to the extent of their abilities the party realizes that there's no way they can get down to the vampire's lair.  They decide that they will try and enter the rest of the complex and see if they can find what Durnfal's boss says is hidden here.  Since the bulk of their magic has been used already they cautiously exit the temple and head across the roof to where the Humakt initiates had found an entrance.  As they make their way across the roof the trollkin they'd found earlier returned and shot at them with its crossbow.  It missed and Durnfal, Bjorn and Belintar raced forward to attack it.  The trollkin managed to reload and fired just as Durnfal hit it with a mighty blow.  Bjorn arrived and struck a stout blow as well.  It dropped its crossbow and vanished.  Bjorn had his ally cast a detect enemy spell which indicated that there were two enemies nearby, one of which was right behind the other party members!  Before he could shout a warning the vampire appeared and struck at Kannr almost severing his arm and causing him to fall unconscious.  This left Hallelujah and the Humakti initiate Moeis to face the monster.  (Peracles was hovering off the ground in his sylph's grip). 

Bjorn and Durnfal started racing back to fight the vampire.  After a few blows were exchanged the vampire's bronze sword was destroyed and he managed to disengage and flee to seek another weapon.  After Kannr was revived the party proceeded to the opening.  They enlarge the opening and Hallelujah drops down to discover that the room contains six mad ghosts.  She's engaged in spirit combat and is eventaully possessed.  Others in the party cast spirit protective magic and engage in spirit combat as well.  Durnfal and Kannr. who know the skull crushing ritual drop down and start crushing skulls. The ghost possessing Hallelujah has its skull crushed which frees it before it can harm anyone.  Moeis is also possessed but its possessor is dismiised in the same fashion. 

After all the ghosts are either defeated in spirit combat or freed by having their skull's crushed we decided to call it a night.

4) 1625 Earth Season, Movement Week, Clayday (Friday November 9, 2018) - still in published scenario territory

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.)

NPCs: Larrius and Moeis, initiates of Humakt and three fighting dogs.

More exploring and vampire/freaky trollkin battling.  The vampire seems ever more desparate and the trollkin thing (Timmy) seems pathetic and ineffectual.  Will the vampire give up?  Will Timmy leave them alone?  Will they ever find anything that would be useful for Durnfal's mysterious patron?  The party keeps making more noise yet there are rooms they cannot get into due to their lack of tools.    Will the militia file ever decide to investigate?  What are they going to do with all the junk they've found? 

5) 1625 Earth Season, Movement Week, Clayday (Friday November 23 2018) - still in published scenario territory

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.)

NPCs: Larrius and Moeis, initiates of Humakt and three fighting dogs.

The party decided that they wanted to try and enter the library.  Since the main entrance was sealed they decided they would try could enter by the windows. Since the neighbouring building had collapsed at some point they decided that they would go up on the roof and try and descend to the windows.  Having cast a detect enemy spell and with no alarms going off from the Humakti's Sense assassin skill they climbed up through the hole to check out the windows.  Once they were all up top they were hit by a flight of arrows!  Belintar and the Humakti Larrius were both hit got by impales with Larrius being knocked unconscious by an impale through the head.  Kannr started practising First Aid to stablize his wound and prepare to pull the arrow out.  (Belintar pulled his own arrow out).  Everyone dropped behind the parapet and Peracles started to cast Disappear spells on the party.  The first thought was that the militia patrol had shot at them but Hallelujah snuck a peek over the edge and saw that there was a group of skeletons over at the temple, conveniently out of both Detect Enemy and Sense Assassin range. (She had been the recepient of a Catseye spell from Durnfal). The skeletons let loose a flight of arrows as soon as Hellelujah peeked over but missed. 

Once everyone had been at least partially healed up and were all invisible they started off over the roof towards the temple trying to be quiet.  (Belintar had transformed into a fighting dog for the trip).  Unfortunately a few of them were incapable of sneaking, Durnfal and Hallelujah and the air elemental the sorceror was controlling, and they were shot at by the skeletons at a very low chance of success.  The elemental was wounded a bit but everyon else was fine.  By the time they got to the temple the skeletons had disappeared.  Halleujah tracked them and realized they had retreated into the temple.  She also spotted a tripwire strung across the opening.  The party was divided about what to do with some wanting to leave there adnd then.  Belintar wanted to return to get his possessions which he had dropped by the hole. After some discussion the party decided to retreat back to the hole so Belintar could get his gear.  They did so and while they headed back the skeletons reappearred and started shooting at the noiser party members.  They didn't manage to hit anyone thankfully.  Once back at the high priest's house (the building with the hole in the roof) the party crouched down to make preparations to go over the side.  Belintar put his armour back on and they retrieved the loot they had found as well (other than a bulky headboard).  Halleujah looked back at the temple and Durnfal snuck a look over the parapet towards the wall to see if any enemies were there.  Unfortunately this time the skeletons were extremely lucky and Durnfal was shot in the head with a critical.  As his soul left his body he contacted his god and asked for life and rescue.  The god responded, healing him back up at the cost of 1 POW and 8 Rune Points but only transported him and Belintar back to the wagon.  Yelmalio decided to leave the non-worshippers behind.  The rest of the party was somewhat upset at this but decided to keep going with the plan.  They went over the wall and descended to the ground.  The skeletons opened fire again but the only casualty was the Air Elemental which was slain and sent back to the elemental plane.

Meanwhile back at the wagon Durnfal took charge and decided he would order the militia to abandon their post and return to the New Sun Dome temple with them.  As Yelm had started to peek over the horizon he sent his allied spirit Sunwing to scout for the skeletons and his friends.  The party reached the guardpost and after a few knocks managed to get a response.  The file was very responsive to abandoning their post and quickly formed up to march off.  Figuring that the party would be faster than an ox cart they started off towards the New Sun Dome.  After gaining enough altitude to avoid arrows from the skeletons Sunwing spotted the rest of party and let Durnfal know they were safe and on their way.

The rest of the party waited until Peracles had summoned his earth elemental to throw up a defensive wall from arrows and tunnel under the wall around the temple grounds so they could escape.  Since their Disappear spells had expired by this point they did have to suffer some arrow fire from the skeletons which had lined up around the parapet of the high priest's house.  Once the party was under the walll they headed far away from the wall, hopefully out of arrow range.  Once they had adjusted this distance (a few arrows had fallen among them) they managed to circle around the temple grounds and eventually meet up with Durnfal and the others.  They all agreed to travel to the Sun Dome.  Once they neared the Temple they met a templar patrol who once they heard what Durnfal had to say escorted them the rest of the way to some private quarters at the temple.  He requested a private audience with Vega Goldbreath and was told she wasn't at the temple.  They cleaned up and settled in to wait for her to show up.  The Light Guide Laertes Coatilion asked that they not wander as he wanted any rumours contained until Vega had decided what to do. Kannr said he wasn't going to wait longer than a day or two.

Vega showed up the next morning and invited Durnfal to meet her for a hearty barley-based breakfast.  He brought the items retrieved and the vampire's shield and sword as proof.  He told her about everything except the blinded ghost and the mysterious stairway they had found in one of the retirement towers.  She thanked him for his service and offered to pay a weirgild for the dead Humakti and reward all the survivors.  At noon a gathering was ordered so Vega could tell people what had happened,  She explained that Durnfal and his party working for her had discovered the vampire nesting at the temple and uncovered other evidence of chaotic incursions into Sun County.  She showed the sword and shield for evidence and declared that she would send two files of templars to watch the temple while she arranged for a party to assault the grounds and cleanse it of chaos.  There was much cheering, especially at Durnfal's involvement due to his fame.

At this point we called it a night.

6) 1625 Earth Season, Movement Week, Fireday (Saturday December 08, 2018) - sort of still in published scenario territory

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

NPCs: Larrius and Moeis, initiates of Humakt and three fighting dogs.

While the rest of the party waits for Vega Goldbreath to arrange for a response to the old Sun Dome temple situation Kannr decides that he will return to Pavis to see if Balden the Wolf the Sword at the Humakt Hall would be willing to intercede with the god to request a refreshment of Kannr's rune points and some new anti-vampire gifts and geases.  Bjorn decides to tag along as he wants to visit the nearest Issaries shrine so he can attend the worship ceremony.  Borrowing Durnfal's zebra he and the Humakti head north from the Sun Dome.  Durnfal engages in some training at the local school.  Peracles keeps his head low due to the locals dislike of sorcerers.  Belintar Fatesson takes his pack and goes off into Vulture Country to hunt game. 

Kannr and Bjorn reach Garhound and are warmly greeted by the locals, it's not every day that a Storm Voice and a Sword visit them after all.  They see Carylllon Squally and Melisande who seem to own the lcoal inn.  Bjorn regales the crowd at the tavern with his exploits versus the vampire and undead at the old Sun Sun Dome while Kannr warns the headman about the danger of the vampire.  Bjorn realizes that he doesn't have to go all the way to Pavis to worship as there's a shrine to Issaries in Garhound.  He decides to stay and worship here before returning to the Sun Dome.

The next day Kannr and the initiates travel on to Pavis where they camp outside the Big Rubble.  A sentry group of White Bull warriors approachs them and challenges them.  The warriors all seem quite young but someone recognizes Kannr and vouches for him and his party.  The next morning they traval around the Rubble to the walls of New Pavis where they see a Mostali overseeing some repair work on the huge bite marks in the walls.  Kannr checks on his school before visiting the market to collect soem gifts for the White Ladies.  He goes to visit the Hospital and after some discussion with the initiate in charge she fetches the White Lady in charge.  The White Lady suggests that Kannr buy her lunch as she doesn't want him in her hospital.  Kannr explains to her over lunch about the abandoned Chalana Arroy shrine at the old Sun Dome and how it still seems to be active.  While the White Lady is grateful for the information she does not want to risk any of her people in an expedition to the old Sun Dome.  She says she will visit it once the Yemalians have cleaned it up more.

Similarily Kannr has no luck with Balden the Wolf.  When Kannr explains his plan Balden instead of offering to try and intercede with the god decides that he himself will go to the temple instead to deal with the vampire and asks Kannr to watch over the Hall in his absence.  He takes Kannr number two with him and travels to the Sun Dome to join the expedition.  Kannr arranges to warn all the surrounding communities about the possible vampire danger.

Meanwhile back at the Sun Dome Vega summons Durnfal to speak to him.  She explains that she has decided that it is no longer safe to ignore the old Sun Dome and instead they will throughly explore it and then use it as a quarry for cut stone.  he has sent a messenger to the Block to summon a party of Storm Bulls to augment the Yelamalian forces as well as summoning the senior Light Son in Prax her ex-husband Invictus from Pavis.  As they speak an aide interrupts to say that he has important news.  A Praxian co-religionist has arrived with some odd news.  While hunting in Vultures' Counrty with his family they spotted a large group of skeletons carrying a large box heading off deeper into Vulture's Country!

After a few days the Storm Bulls and the Pavis Yelmalians arrive and they march over towards the old Sun Dome.  Sure enough they find little or no danger in the old temple.  The Storm Bulls and the two Humakti from Pavis decide to head off into Vulture's Country to see if they could find the vampire.  Every sealed room was opened and a few more artefacts uncovered.  Durnfal suggests that the librarian they've brought might go over the documents they found to see if they have any hints as to the divination Vega had received "The one who wishes to be Count must seek for that which is sacred or secret at the Old Sun Dome and amongst the blinded watchers."  As they clear out the retirement towers they discover the odd doorway in the air.  Vega aks why Durnfal had not told her about this and he was unable to provide an answer.  She gets one of the priests to create a sanctified spot so he could cast a divination and learn more about the doorway.  After a false start the priest gets the following divination, "The portal serves as a test for the worthy."  Vega is startled by this and after Belintar suggests she has to try it and Durnfal suggests she shouldn't risk it she decides to undertake the test.  A scaffold is built so she can climb to the doorway and she passes through after some purification rites.

Invictus, Penta (Vega's sister), Durnfal and Belintar wait to see what happens.  After an hour or so Vega is ejected from the doorway and plummets to the ground with an audible crack.  She breaks her leg and is unconscious but is otherwise unmarked.  When she regains consciousness she explains she ascended the staircase and an loud voice whispered asking if she wished to be tested for admittance into the supernal plane.  She explained that she was looking to be tested for worthiness on Earth not the afterlife.  She was sent back and fell to earth.  Durnfal immediately suggested that she say she had returned to Sun County because she was needed here.  She agreed to this. 

Durnfal made another suggestion.  Since Vega had decided to use the old Sun Dome as a quarry why not use the Lunar Grantlanders as a work force?  Since Argrath was in the market for some dimension stone maybe he would trade the needed foodstuffs to support the workers?  Vega agreed that this might work and deputized Durnfal to be her emissary to Argrath.  Meanwhile Hallelujah Harsndottir would be sent to The Paps to make this offer to the Herd Mothers and the Grantlanders.  Vega does state that she still wishes Durnfal to make a tour of the retirement towers to see if they could discover what she needs to win the people over.

Durnfal and the rest of the party (other than Kannr who was still in Pavis) set sail with Invictus and Penta in their reed catamaran.  After three days they arrived at Pavis and Durnfal visited the Sun Dome to clean up.  He sent a flunky to request an audience with Argrath.  He was surprised by an immediate response.  He visited the former Lunar governor's residence where he was ushered in to speak with King Argrath.  He was not surprised to see Belvani Drangonfriend present but Argrath did hear Vega's offer.  He said that he would give his response within the week.

This is where we called it a night.

7) 1625 Darkness Season, Disorder Week, Fireday (Saturday December 22, 2018) - sort of still in published scenario territory

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

NPCs: Larrius and Moeis, initiates of Humakt, 4 templars and three fighting dogs.

After returning to the Sun Dome temple in Pavis Durnfal is told by a templar that a fisherman wishes to speak with him.  He goes to see what this fisherman wants and is told that the high priestess of the Zola Fel Meeporlaskalabubleskinamarinc (aka Bubbles) wishes to speak with him.  Taking his honour guard along he goes to the river where the temple barge is anchored.  He goes aboard without his guard and is taken below decks to where a large well in the boat is.  One of the human priests pounds on the boat and an enormous catfish rises out of the water.  This is Bubbles.  Wasting no time in small talk she asks the priest to bring in the supplicants.  Three newtling bachelors who have had their tails cruelly chopped off hobble in.  Bubbles explains that despite or perhaps because of Argrath's proclamation against the consumption of newtling tails gangs of toughs have started capturing newtlings and hacking their tails off for the illicit newtling tail market.  She asks Durnfal in his role as a River Voice to intercede with Argrath.  She has tried to arrange an audience but Argrath has been putting her off.  Durnfal readily agrees to this.  There's some talk among the party about setting traps for these thugs but nothing comes of it.

Two days later Durnfal is summoned to King Argrath's residence for an audience.  (The party has either been taking care of business, Kannr, performing cult obligations by training followers, pretty much everyone, or exploring the city as a dog, Belintar).  Durnfal arrives at the palace and is ushered in for a solo audience with Argrath.  Argrath dispenses with formalities and tells Durnfal that he knows about the Grantland survivors.  He is prepared to work with Vega though he could easily destroy Sun County if he so desired.  He does not wish to do this however as it would ruin his relations with Sun Dome temples in Sartar and Tarsh.  He offers to send a team of masons from the Flintnail temple to oversee the deconstruction work.  He has two conditions for Vega however.  First she must agree to send some templars along with his army once he's ready to move against the Lunars.  And secondly, he wishes her to entertain an offer of marriage from a follower of his, Trigg Davinsson a priest of Barntar.  This technically qualifies him as an Earth priest so he is an acceptable marriage partner.  Durnfal agrees to pass this offer on and before he leaves he passes on Bubbles request.  Argrath is visibly angered by this news and he says he will act on this.  Durnfal leaves and starts making arrangements to head back to the Sun Dome.  On his way back to the temple he passes a cryer who announces stricter penalities for anyone dealing in newtling tails up to and including death.

The party gathers the next morning to depart.  As they sail along small craft with newtling crews keep offering them fish in thanks for Durnfal's assistance in helping the newtlings.  The passage back to the Sun Dome is otheriwse uneventful.  Back at the temple Durnfal hurries off to tell Vega Argrath's offer.  She listens and tells him that she will have to think about it.  She asks if he is still willing to make a tour of the retirement towers looking for the items she thinks will help cement her support.  He agrees.  After some discussion the party decides to travel to the towers near Goldbreath village.  They learn that there are 9 towers there, only two of which are occupied.  Vega provides official documents shwoing that Durnfal is an authorized agent.

The next day the party departs. Durnfal is accompanies by a four templar honour guard. They arrive at Goldbreath where the villagers tell them about the haunted tower everyone avoids. When asked how they know the tower is haunted the villagers just shrug and say, "Everyone knows it's haunted."  Even the weekly maintenance crew shared the same information, "Everyone knows it's haunted."  The maintenance crew affirms that they never visit the tower to resupply it.  The party visits the tewo inhabited towers and speak with the helper who looks after the inhabitant and a elderly priest who spends his day praying to Yelm and watching his path through the heavens (as much as possible that is).  They do a quick pass-by of sme of the other towers finding only drifted sand and animal droppings.  They then decided to investigate the tower "everyone knows is haunted" during the day.  They arrived at the tower to find the door bricked up.  Using his allied spirit's eyes and a Farsight Durnfal spied a crosslegged figure holding a sceptre and orb seated in the middle of the floor.  Nearby is a large leather bag.  They decided that this was the tower they'd been looking for.  Since the top was the only way into the tower Peracles instructs his air elemental to carry Durnfal up to the top to see if he could speak with the inhabitant.  (The unseen sorceror and his equally unseen  familiar both see that the entity and the items he holds are magically powerful).  He lands on the top and leans over the edge to speak to the denizen and discovers that the top is warded.  Thankfully he doesn't take too much damage.  He still tries to speak to the denizen using Tradetalk, Sun Speech and Fire Speech but the entity ignores all attempts at communication.

He descends to the ground and the party starts discussing how they will get inside the tower.  Durnfal has had personal experience being hit with Sunspears so he is inclimed to coming back at night.  They speculate about the possibility of dismissing the warding but realize that won't work against a warding.  They also realize that the air elemental is not a stable enough platform to shoot arrows or throw javelins from.   Bored with the discussion and eager for action the Storm Voice casts his Fly spell and takes to the air.  Casting Multimissile on his arrow he fires at the entity.  Despite the difficulty of the shot he manages to hit three times.  This has caught the entity's attention and it casts soul sight so it can "see" what's going on.  The Storm Voice casts and shoots again.  This time the arrows bounce off some protective magic except for an impale to the head.  The next round the Storm Voice is hit by a Sunspear.  He stays in place and fires again!  More damage bu a few missies.  The next round he is hit by another Sunspear which kills him.  Fortunately his allied spirit manages to DI for him at the cost of 1 rune point and 7 POW!  The party starts backing away from the tower, especially when the large fire elemental started pouring out of the top.  They run off in various directions.  The elemental pursues the Storm Voice.  Due to its slowness it's easily dispatched by the archers in the party.

This is where we called it a night.

8) 1625 Darkness Season, Disorder Week, Fireday (Saturday December 29, 2018) - sort of still in published scenario territory

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

NPCs: Larrius and Moeis, initiates of Humakt, 4 initiates of Yelmalio and three fighting dogs.

The party discusses how best to take out the entity.  They don't understand how it has Sunspears and fire elementals if it used to be a priest of Yemalio.  Durnfal still wants to wait until night before continuing the battle to avoid the possibility of even more Sunspears.  The rest agree and it's decided that the party will use the hammers and bars they brought from the village to destroy the bricks in the doorway and engage in a frontal assualt.  They don't know if the bottom part of the tower was warded as well but they prepared for that possibility.  After some smashing and light spell and Catseye casting the doorway is cleared.  Through the doorway they get their first good look at their opponent.  The withered figure, wearing the recognizable robes of a sun priest, has dropped both the orb and the sceptre from its limp arms.  Its head also lolls backwards and it has an arrow embedded in it.  A small brazier with a fire burns before it.  Kannr offers to go in first because he feels strongly that he needs to destroy this undead monstrousity.  He casts protection on himself and jumps through the doorway.  The warding of course ignored the magic and did enough damage that his leg crumpled beneath him.  His allied spirit was ready though and cast a Heal to bring him back to fighting shape.  Peracles had sent his air elemental in at the same time as Kannr to grab the orb and sceptre and carry them out of the tower.  He knows it won't survive being hit twice by wardings but he hopes its forward momentum will carry the orb and sceptre out of the doorway..  As it enters the tower it's attacked by another much smaller fire elemental.  It survives the attack and heads out the door.  As expected the elemental doesn't survive the warding but the orb and sceptre do pass out of the tower.

With the departure of the air elemental the fire elemental turns its attentions to Kannr and engulfs his lower torso.  He easily destroys it.  Menawhile Durnfal enters the tower.  He and Kannr proceed to destroy the entity which seems helpless to fight back in any way.  (It still has its Shield 7 on from before however so it takes a while to destroy it).  Kannr requests the honour of the final blow and Durnfal agrees.  As Kannr deals the coup de grace he, and no one else sees a doorway appear in the air. 

A staircase seemingly made of light appears to lead upwards and Kannr decides to ascend it.  As he climbs the light gets brighter and brighter and evenutally he closes his eyes to see better.  After a seeming eternity he reaches a pair of gargantuan doors guarded by blindingly bright figures in golden armour.  He is asked to strip to wear just a short, pure white tunic and surrender all his weapons which he does.  The doorway opens and a noble family exits, the husband is horribly disfigured as though he had been dismembered and crudely sewn together.  His wife leads three small children.  All of their necks bear the marks of ligatures and their clothes and bodies bear the marks of burns.  In her arms she holds a brightly shining baby that is otherwise unmarked.  They turn to Kannr as they pass and bow their heads as if to honour him.  Even the baby, a boy gurgles happily and waves his arms at him.  They pass off into the light growing more whole and unblemished as they go.  He passes though the doorway and enters the presence of Yelm.  He had thought it bright before but here is nothing but blurry images even with his eyes shut tight.  Yelm sits atop his ziggurat throne draped in rich robes seemingly of light itself and wearing a golden sun mask.  There are other figures but who has eyes for them in the presence of Yelm?

A whispered voice that somehow burns and deafens praises the hand that freed Solinthor the Priest to re-enter the cycle.  He asks whether Kannr wishes to enter his court.  Kannr declines the honour and starts to tell Yelm of his training school and wish to meet Kargan Tor.

The whole court gasps at the audacity.  A guard steps forward spear raised to run him through and he realizes he may have overstepped somehow.  High atop his golden ziggurat throne Yelm raises his pinky the tiniest amount and the vizier orders "Stop!" The guard lowers his spear and the vizier raises his hand palm out and intones, "For your service you are rewarded" a brief horribly painful burning sensation on your forehead, "and returned."  

Kannr suddenly reappears on the mortal plane.  He has a griffin tattoo on his forehead and a horrible sunburn all over his body.  It's not as bad where he the simple tunic had covered on but even there it hurts.  The party removes the warding from the bottom of the tower so it's a bit safer and decide to return before dawn to burn the remains of Solinthor.

The party collects the leather bag and the orb and sceptre and returns to the village.  They awaken the headman and warn him against letting anyone enter the tower as it's still warded, but no longer haunted.  The next morning they return to the tower bearing oil to burn the body.  As they prepare the fire Yelm arises and the cloud cover over the tower starts quickly clearing in a disquieting manner.  They decide to hightail it out of there!  As they're running for it an enormous Sunspear decends and obliterates the two two thirds of the tower and the remains!  Ward problem solved they head back to the Sun Dome.  On the way they pass the group sent out to invesigate the Sunspear.  (As they head back to the Sun Dome Bjorn attempts to persuade Durnfal to make a play for Count since he thinks he's more worthy on account of his actions than Vega.  Durnfal rejects this outright).

At the Sun Dome Durnfal gets in to see Vega right away.  She is thrilled to receive the orb and sceptre but disappointed later to learn these aren't the missing originals but later replicas.  The party learns that the scroll is a collection of poetry written by the priest imprisoned in the tower.  Vega rewards them each with a golden armband worth 500 Lunars.  Durnfal and Belintar return theirs to the temple.  That evening a big party celebrates the return of the old orb and sceptre to the cult.  Everyone behaves themselves at the party.

Vega tells Durnfal she has a written response for Argrath which she wishes him to bring it to Pavis and hand to him personally, waiting for a response.

This is where we called it a night.

9) 1625 Darkness Season, Harmony Week, Clayday (Saturday January 19, 2019)

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.) Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

NPCs: Larrius and Moeis + 2 other initiates of Humakt, 4 initiates of Yelmalio and three fighting dogs.

This session was made up mostly of the party accompanying Durnfal as he travelled back and forth between Pavis and the Sun Dome Temple carrying messages between King Argrath and Count Vega.

First Durnfal travelled back to Pavis to pass on Vega's offer to Argrath.  Argrath agreed to Vega's terms.  He was sending a team from the Flintnail Temple to oversee the desonstruction/repairs to the Old Sun Dome.  For each barge load of dimension stone he received he would send a load of foodstuffs and other supplies to help keep the Grantland Survivors alive.  Ironically much of this would be made up of the stores the Lunars had stockpiled in Pavis for their own use.  After the terms had been agreed upon Argrath expressed an interest in meeting Belintar.  Durnfal agreed to bring him for breakfast the next day.  Meanwhile Bjorn and the rest spent some time performing cult duties or in Kannr's case checking on how his school, referred to deriseively by at least some of the locals as the Gopher Holes, was doing under the care of one of his initiates.  As he reached his school he met Sax Bolderson, brother of Halleuljah Harnsdottir and somewhat odd Storm Kahn who had agreed to let Kannr build his school at his temple complex.  He was on his way off on one of his myserious missions on his mount Horse.

The next morning Durnfal and Belintar joined Argrath for breakfast.  Argrath was very interested in Belintar's plans for Balazar but suggested that he might want to hold off on any overt military actiaon until he himself was ready to move against the Lunars in Tarsh so they would have fewer forces to bring against him.  He surprised them both when he told then that as part of his agreement with Vega that Count Belvani and some of his followers would be travelling to Balazar with them as a military add-on.  Roughly 50 templars and their families in all!  They also discussed travel options between Prax and Balazar and Argrath suggested that any travel would have to wait until after Sacred Time when the High Llama Pass would reopen.  The Tarsh route might not be a good option for such a large force.  Belintar thanked Argrath for his advice and support and they left to head back to the Sun Dome with the rest of the party.  At the waterfront they spotted the Mostali from the Flintnail Temple preparing a barge to carry all the equipment they were taking to the Old Sun Dome.  A Mostali named Peristalsis Anthracite was in charge of the group.  He exchanged some words with Durnfal and then the Sun Dome boat was ready to go.  For the next two days the party travelled south.  As they reached the landing for the Sun Dome they saw a large group of walkers on The west side of the Zola Fel in the process of crossing the river.  This was the group of Grantland Survivors under the guardianship of Hallelujah Harnsdottir and a troop of Unicorn riders under the leadership of Morgeneth Rune Star. 

A flashback to the recent past...

A Visit to The Paps

Egajia Chewer of Flesh, Morokanth priestess of Eiritha sighed inside as she looked at the three women who stood before her.  Closest to her heart stands her champion Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Axe Maiden of Babeester Gor leader of The Paps guards.  A tall muscular woman clad in copper chased iron armour her beloved dagger-axe rests on her shoulder.  She has the appearance of her native Caladraland stamped on her features and is a hard, proud woman with an odd past and an uncertain future. 

On her right stands the chosen leader of the Grantland Survivors, Jezra, daughter of the late Duke Raus.  Jezra looks like a maltreated child beside the towering Axe Maiden and still shows the physical scars of the Cleansing of the Grantlands.  She had shorn off her hair in mourning and had the look of her native Lunar Heartlands.  Despite her look of despair and pain and all she had gone through there was still iron in her and Egalia honoured her for that.

“This is what Count Vega offers my people?  Slavery?  Working to take apart the Old Sun Dome block by block so…King Argrath”, here she shuddered as she spat out the name like it was poison in her mouth, “Can repair the walls of New Pavis that he and Jaldon Goldentooth destroyed? Before he slaughtered the Lunars there?  Before he and his Praxians swept south and raped and killed their way as far as Corflu?  Are we now to be his allies? So we can be fed?  Is that our value now?”

On Hallelujah’s left stood Morgeneth Rune Star leader of the Unicorn riders and Rune Lord of Yelorna who shrugged, “At least this gives you some value and you could see it as a form of revenge on him…” she faltered as she realized how weak this all sounded.  Morgeneth looked every bit the daughter of an Old Pavic family but her years as a Unicorn rider had weathered her as tough as old leather.  She was a formidable warrior but perhaps not the most diplomatic of people.  Jezra turned a glare at her but it petered out into exhaustion.  She raised her hands in surrender and her shoulders slumped.

“Never mind of course we will do this.  The Paps cannot support us and we need something to help us heal and keep us busy.”   Her head bowed.  “Not that we have much in the way of physical strength among us.  I suppose numbers, levers and block and tackle will have to make do.”  She turned and left.  Egajia sighed and looked at Morgeneth.  “And you will serve as guides and protectors to ensure the Survivors get to the Old Sun Dome?  Not even the wildest buck will risk crossing The Paps AND the Unicorn Riders.”  Morgeneth nodded.  “We will do as you ask.”  She bowed and left the chamber.

Egajia rested her hand on Hallelujah’s shoulder.  “And you my daughter.  You must travel again to the north and help this son of yours drive the Lunars from Balazar.”  She shook her head.  She embraced Hallelujah hard, “Blessings of the Earth on you daughter.  May our paths cross again.”

The Unicorn Riders had been hired to guard the Grantland Survivors from attack as they travelled to their new home at the Old Sun Dome.  They were going to camp on the east bank of the Zola Fel before they travelled on to the Old Sun Dome.  Considering the Survivors to be safe under the watchful eyes of the Unicorn Riders and a file of templars Hallelujah decided to travel to the Sun Dome with the rest of the party the next morning.  In the night one of the Survivors died.  The body was loaded into one of the wagaons that was being used to transport supplies and the sad caravan left to make their way to their new home.  The party left and travelling on much quicker soon reached teh Sun Dome.  Durnfal arranged to meet with Vega to pass on Argarth's news.  He found her having lunch with Trigg Davinsson, priest of Barntar.  He told her that Argrath had agreed to all terms and that the Survivors were on their way to the Old Sun Dome as was the barge of Mostali who would supervise the deconstruction.  Vega told Durnfal that she was going to marry Trigg on the next holy day!  She asked Durnfal to attend and invited the rest of the party as well.  After a good night's rest the party once again travelled back to Pavis to carry the news to Argrath. 

Once they had reached Pavis Durnfal went off to speak with Argrath.  He found Argrath in conference with some of his immediate entourage, Orlmarl the Charioteer, Sir Narib, Rurik Runespear, Elusu, Tarkala the Lover, and Tosti Runefriend.  Argrath thanked Durnfal for the news and invited him to return that evening for dinner.  Thinking of the rest of the party Durnfal asked if they could attend as well to meet Argrath and his inner circle.  He readily agreed.  Meanwhile in Pavis and he Big Rubble Kannr was trying to determine if the Humakti rune lords who had left the Old Sun Dome in pursuit of the Old Sun Dome vampire had returned.  He heard that nothing had been heard.  The temple in Boldhome had also not responded to his message wither.  Hallelujah reconnected with her brother who was very interested in her adventures but refused to share any of his with her.  Neither had had any contact with Caladraland in years so had no idea how their family and old friends were doing.

The party attended King Argrath's dinner that evening where Elusu tried to hook up with Bjorn.  He recognized her though and wisely decided to not take the chance of being the victim of one of her potentially fatal practical jokes.  Other than this the party was fairly uneventful though the party was fairly starstruck.  (Ooh, Rurik Runspear!  He's a rules example!)  The next day Argrath asked Durnfal to carry another message for him.  This time to one of his contacts in Alda-Chur!  Argrath explained that he had Vega's permission for this.  Durnfal agreed to do this even though it would mean he would miss the wedding since it was at least 3 weeks journey in both directions.  Kannr left a different initiate in charge of his school and accompanied by four initiates (as was Durnfal) the party made arrangements to travel to Alda-Chur.  Argrath gave Durnfal some papers to ease his travel and a message to pass on.

On Clayday of Stasis Week after an uneventful trip the party arrived at Alda-Chur and made their way to the merchants' district where their contact should be.  On their way into the city they saw two young initiates of Chalana Arroy running from person to person in desperation looking for someone to save their mistress from a party of broos which had captured her!  They spoke to the young women and discovered that the abducted priestess was none other than Zeena Duran who had been married to Svart Ulfsson!  Pretty much the entire party immediately agreed to help rescue Zeena.  The initiates told the party that they had overheard the broos say they were going to sacrifice her on the next holy day of Malia which would be Storm Season, Fertility Week, Wildday.  Durnfal insisted on delivering his message before leaving Alda-Chur.  Coincidentally the object of their trip was standing nearby and accepted the message from Durnfal.  On to Snakepipe Hollow!

This is where we called it a night.

10) 1625 Darkness Season, Statis Week, Clayday (Saturday February 02, 2019) - it's always Clayday - Spoiler alert!

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.) Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

NPCs: Larrius and Moeis + 2 other initiates of Humakt, 4 initiates of Yelmalio and three fighting dogs.  Lisa initiate of Chalana Arroy.

Having decided to venture into the Hollow to rescue ex-party member Zeena Duran the party first decided to make sure these two young women, Lisa and Victoria, were not leading them into a trap and see what resources they could call upon to aid them in their quest.  They quickly discovered the following:

  • The two initiates were definitely followers of Chalana Arroy and Zeena Duran was well known.

  • One of the initiates was going to stay behind to look after the sick.

  • The only resources available to them were that of one teenaged intiate of Chalana Arroy.  No one else in town would dare the dangers of the Hollow.

  • The "temple" was too small to house a bunch of horses so the party had to board them at a stable.

They spent the night at the tenmple disturbed only by some medical emergencies.  The next morning they made preparations to depart.  Durnfal left all but one of his initiates (Little Vega) behind and Belintar left all his dog's behind.  Kannr decided to bring his initiates along.  The party backtracked to where Zeena had been captured which was near a small farm she had been trying to visit located perilously close to the Hollow.  They found the place where the attack was supposed to have occurred but it had snowed in the meantime and there was no evidence to be seen.  They found where the farm had been but it was abandoned and burnt to the ground.  They decided to camp for the night and then enter the Hollow the next day.  An uneventful night passed and the next morning they headed towards the Hollow.  Along the way the two trackers Hallelujah and Belintar (in dog form.  He'd made sure he'd gotten a good sniff of Zeena's scent to help with the tracking) spotted some fresh but odd three toed tracks.  They realized that these were demibird tracks.  Bjorn and Durnfal sent their allied spirits up to scout ahead and sure enough saw a party of mounted dragonewts quite a ways off in the Hollow itself.  They made their way down a winding trail to the bottom of the Hollow and found a cave entrance nearby.  They entered the cave and made their way through one room and into another room split by a wide stream.  On the bank was a large turtle.  Durnfal addressed the turtle and it greeted them and said that it would reward anyone who brought it the head of its enemy Temertain Osboropo.  It described identifying features and slid under the water. 

The party decided to cross a slippery looking stone bridge across the water.  Durnfal led the way and immediately fell in.  Fortunately he used his River Voice magic which allowed him to breathe water.  He also cast River Eyes so he could see under water.  The other party members managed to cross safely except the Humakti initiates all but three of which managed to fall in.  Two immediately began to drown and Kannr decided to call upon his god to return the four of them to the Chalana Arroy temple in Alda-Chur.  The turtle had swam up to Durnfal and asked if he could eat one but Durnfal wouldn't let him.  Eventually they all managed to get out of the water and decided to continue along.

They eventually found themsleves at the top of a 18 metre slope with a pair of large snakes.  The snakes were friendly and told the party that the slope was used by a giant to get in and out of the caves.  Rather than risking the slope they turned back and went another way.  In another room Durnfal was attacked by a Gorp and the party finally managed to kill it with Disrupts before it had done too much damage to Durnfal's armour.

This is where we called it a night.

11) 1625 Darkness Season, Statis Week, Fireday (Friday February 15, 2019) - still in the caves at Snakepipe Hollow - Spoiler alert!

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.) Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

NPCs: Little Vega initiate of Yelmalio.  Lisa initiate of Chalana Arroy.

Missing: Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.)

The party wandered around the caves some more looking for broos, meeting a giant, backing away from the giant, talking to turtles, wandering some more, finding lots of statues including giant statue of Babeester Gor in copper with iron armour, hearing knocking sounds, getting into spirit combat, binding spirits, killing dragon snails, getting befuddled, not killing snakes, flying by air elemental, wading through digusting goo and diseased water to find meager treasure, meeting the giant again, backing away again, before finally deciding to give the giant money so they could go down a different passage.

This is where we called it a night.

12) 1625 Darkness Season, Statis Week, Fireday (Saturday March 09, 2019) - still in the caves at Snakepipe Hollow - Spoiler alert!

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.) Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Kannr, Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), ???? (Grant M.)

NPCs: Little Vega initiate of Yelmalio.  Lisa initiate of Chalana Arroy.

More wandering and a killin'.  Kannr was felled by a critical sling stone to the head but he got better.  Bjorn was knocked down by a crush to the chest but he got better.  Lots of scorpion men did not get better.  The highlight had to be the scorpion man who managed to hold off two runelords and an initiate for two rounds. They were so impressed with him that they wanted him to join the party. Sadly he was too dead to hear out their offer.  And who could forget the scorpion man who rolled a 100 to fumble his sling attack and then rolled another 100 on the fumble table for three results: lose 1D3 attacks, break his weapon, and obscure his sight for 1D6 rounds so he couldn't attack or parry. We decided he'd someone managed to wrap his sling around his face.  He stood there helplessly trying to untangle it until the godless sorcerer sucked all the magic points out of him and he fell down unconscious only to be unceremoniously put out of his misery once the battle was over.

13) 1625 Darkness Season, Statis Week, Fireday (Saturday March 23, 2019) - still in the caves at Snakepipe Hollow - Spoiler alert!

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.) Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.)

NPCs: Little Vega initiate of Yelmalio.  Lisa initiate of Chalana Arroy.

Missing: Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

More wandering.  The party decided to return to the main temple but left Little Vega and Lisa outside the temple under the guard of Hallelujah Harnsdotter.  In the main temple tthey found broos gathered to make some sacrifices. The temple was also full of spirits!  Disease spirits as it turned out. They saw the Chalana Arroy healer they'd come to rescue, a male elf, two more human females and a muzzled baboon!  All were being guarded by broos. They leapt to attack. Arrows and javelins flew at the broos damaging some and knocking one down. The broo rune priest sent the spirits to attack.  As they flew up the party prepared their weapons and the sorceror prepared to cast a protective circle with some spirit warding on it.  He did this after the first round.  This did not work as intended since once the spirits were inside the circle they benefited from it as well!  Some party members slashed spirits with their iron blades while others engaged in spirit combat.  For the most part the spirits fell hard and many immunities to disease were gained and POW points were torn from the spirits as they returned to the spirit world!  However by the end of the fight both Bjorn and Belintar had been rendered unconscious and more than one party member had one or more mild cases of various diseases.

Kannr used the seametal sword the party had found earlier with a Fireblade spell on it to kill a gorp but not before the gorp cast terminal Brain Fever on the sorceror and terminal Creeping Chills on Kannr.  This killed the gorp and destroyed the sword.  While this had all been happening the baboon had cast some spells, burst his muzzle and attacked the iron clad rune broo.  It was a short fight unfortunately as the broo headbutted the brave baboon to death despite his Berserker spell.  Before Kannr could engage the broos in battle though they fled with most of their prisoners. 

The party descended to the main level and slew the unconscious broo. 

This is where we called it a night.

The player of the baboon shared these thoughts which I quite liked:

Musings of a dead Baboon while heading to the courts of silence. 

 I died a good and noble death. I am thankful for the almost competent heroes who came to rescue the Chalana Arroy Rune Priestess from the Chaos Rune Lord. Without the attempted rescue by the would-be heroes, my death would have been ignoble and shameful, serving to increase the power of Chaos. To die fighting a Chaos Rune lord brings honour to Grandfather Baboon. I died fighting for Storm Bull, using the gifts he gave me, serving Sar Bolderson Storm Khan. I hope tales of my fight against the Chaos Rune Lord reach Prax bringing honour to the Sharp Fang troop and to my parents Mayi and RedRump. 
 My only regret is not casting protection and coordination before charging the Rune Lord, I was too impatient, I am sorry Sar Bolderson Storm Kahn I did not heed your counsel and fully prepare for battle before using Storm Bull's blessing of Berserker.
 Last, before I am silenced I say, may all Lunars perish in agony at the hands of White Bulls.
Of course, the Heroes may yet prove competent and the Chalana Arroy Priestess may feel Lawernce of the Desert's delaying action makes him worthy of resurrection. 

14) 1625 Darkness Season, Statis Week, Fireday (Saturday April 13, 2019) - still in the caves at Snakepipe Hollow - Spoiler alert!

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.) Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.).  Lawrence of the Desert, Initiate of Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon (deceased)(Grant M.)

NPCs: Little Vega initiate of Yelmalio.  Lisa initiate of Chalana Arroy, Lucky Leana Esrolian Adventurer.

The party decided that they needed to free the healer as soon as possible to help Kannr and Peracles with their terminal diseases but that didn't prove to be the case.  Lisa cast a Heal all Disease on Kannr healing him and Peracles easily made his CON roll reducing his disease in severity.  They set off in pursuit anyway with Lisa and Little Vega carrying Belintar on a stretcher they cobbled together from bits and bobs, to the accompaniment of much complaining, and a sylph carried Bjorn.  They headed off in the direction the broos had fled but quickly lost them.  They found where the prisoners had been held and the broos main rooms but the broos themselves proved elusive.  They eventually circled all the way around and found themselves back in the temple.  By this point Bjorn and Belintar had regained a MP and were conscious again.  This pleased Little Vega and Lisa but their joy was short lived as the party decided to carry the dead baboon along with them.  More complaining ensued. 

They tracked the broos back to the giant's room where he refused to tell them where the broos had gone.  He expressed interest in eating the dead monkey but the party realized that the broos had exited by one of the routes they could use for free.  As they were preparing to follow a woman's voice was heard yelling for help from behind a rock and making al sorts of lusty promises.  Some party memebrs offered about trading the dead baboon for the live woman but the giant decided he'd rather eat something alive.  They decided to attack the giant and he grabbed his club as they ran up to attack and the archers prepared their weapons.  (More importantly the sorceror and his familiar prepared to cast their spells).  The missiles all bounced off his armour/skin and Hallelujah struck a mighty blow against one of his legs which sadly did little more than scratch him.  Then he struck back and rolled a critical club attack!  Hallelujah managed to dodge normally which meant she only took a special!  70 plus points to the abdomen and she was flung lifeless across the chamber.  Then Kannr swung an aimed attack at the giant's abdomen with his great sword which did some real damage.  But then the sorceror and his familiar both got their Drain Soul spells off which rendered the giant unconscious!  And immediately thereafter quite dead!  Hallelujah called upon her goddess to restore her to life and they freed the woman.  They gave her a cloak to cover her nakedness with and set off tracking the broos again.  They decided to take another route that would get them to the same place that the broos were headed for.

When they got to the top of the cliff they found a pair of snakes and the corpses of the elf and woman at the foot.  One of the snakes told them that they had turned back the broos who had killed two of their prisoners and fled with their remaining human prisoner.  Cursing they once again head off after the broos.  They returned to the broo's chambers and thought about laying a trap for the broos which would have violated the Humakti's no ambush geas.  They decided to explore a bit more after the sorceror had memorized some locations so he could cast a far seeing spell.  They had just found a treasure chamber when the sorceror cast his spell and saw the broos fleeing back towards the cliff!  They hastened in pursuit.  They finally found the broos trapped at the base of the cliff.  The rune level was holding his sword against the unconscious Chalanna Arroy healer's neck and told them to keep their distance but allowed the Humakti to approach so he could speak with him.  He offered to release the healer in return for the lives of him and his broos.  Kannr immediately agreed to this and an arrangement was made to string a rope up the cliff so that the broos could climb it.  All but one of the broos made the climb but one fell and broke his leg.  Abandoning their fellow broo the rest of the broos gladly fled the caverns.

The party left the wounded broo to his own devices and returned to loot the treasure and wait for the healer to regain consciousness.

This is where we called it a night

15) 1625 Darkness Season, Statis Week, Fireday (Saturday April 27, 2019) - still in the caves at Snakepipe Hollow - Spoiler alert!

Party: Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, and Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.) Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.).  Lawrence of the Desert, Initiate of Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon (Grant M.)

NPCs: Little Vega initiate of Yelmalio.  Lisa initiate of Chalana Arroy, Zeena Duran, White Healer of Chalana Arroy, Willow Barkstrong, elf, Lucky Leana, Esrolian adventurer, Esmelda the Forlorn, Extremely Unlucky Farm Girl.

The healer regained consciousness and got the party to remove her slave collar.  She recognized Peracles, Hallelujah and Durnfal and did not seem all that pleased to see them.  She did thank them and then wasted no time and using a magic crystal dagger from her belongings resurrect the baboon.  She told the party that she had unfinished business in the caverns and couldn't leave until she had finished it.  Unfortunately she didn't know what that business was.  The party decided to stay and help her.  After a night's rest which helped the Storm Voice and Dog Boy recover some more MPs they started exploring the destroyed Earth temple.  They met a lonely spirit who told them some of the history of the temple and asked them to find her ward Baroshi.  They explored some more and found the corpse of a dead goddess, a badly wounded young goddess who was the entity Zeena needed to heal.  Eventually they found Baroshi and brought him back to life.  During their explorations both Hallelujah Harnsdottir and Lawrence of the Desert managed to pick up a Chaos taint and feature!  Hallelujah called upon her god to remove her feature but the goddess couldn't remove the taint on her soul.  Baroshi removed Lawence's Chaos feature but again could not remove the taint.  Zeena tells Hallelujah and Lawrence of the Cleansed One quest that allows the questor to remove a taint of some sort, including those caused by Chaos. This gave the pair hope.

This is where we called it a night

On to The New Chronicles - Part 2 

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