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Oliver D. Bernuetz's Campaign Chronicles

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The New Chronicles - Part 2

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Note: Afterwords are notes exchanged by e-mail by the players after the previous session.  I decided to add them to the chronicles.

16) 1625 Darkness Season, Stasis Week, Wildday (Saturday May 11, 2019)

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.),  and

NPCs: Little Vega initiate of Yelmalio.  Lisa initiate of Chalana Arroy, Zeena Duran, White Healer of Chalana Arroy, Willow Barkstrong, elf, Lucky Leana, Esrolian adventurer, Esmelda the Forlorn, Extremely Unlucky Farm Girl. Humakti and Yemalian flunkeys.

The next morning the slightly rested party discovers that Baroshi had remained standing in the same position he had been in the night before.  He seemed perplexed by Time and had a lot of questions on the nature of existence and what exactly he should be doing.  He decided that he wanted to travel to the closest big Earth temple and talk to the priests there.  Someone mentioned that the Shaker Temple was the nearest big Earth temple and he decided he would go there.  Some members of the party decided that this wasn't a good idea and maybe he could travel a bit farther and visit the Paps of the one of the Ernaldan temples in Sartar.  Unfortunately he had made up his mind.  He did agree however to take the party to Alda Chur first so they could reconnect with their followers.  He insisted the party travel as his entourage.

The party collected all their loot and went to the exit.  Along the way Baroshi connected with his followers, the strange humanoids stayed in the temple but the intelligent giant snakes went with him.  Baroshi was amazed by the world outside and the party explained the separation of the Earth and the Sky.  Once they had all gathered he suggested they sit down.  All but Bjorn and Kannr did so.  Baroshi exerted his will and a large mound of earth rose beneath his feet and began to move along the road to Alda Chur.  Baroshi called this his earth cart.  Only the sorcerer Peracles and Durnfal had ever travelled so fast before!  They travelled as far in an hour as they had before in a day!  Both Kannr and Bjorn managed to stay on their feet during the journey.  As they approached the city walls they noticed that troops were arranged along the walls and several ballistas were aimed in their direction.  Just outside of ballista range Baroshi stopped the earth cart and Kannr went forwards to speak with the Alda Churi.  He explained that this was the entourage of Baroshi the Avenger new-risen God who sought entrance into the city.  The legate readily agreed to let them in and offered them the use of his "palace".  He also arranged for a feast to celebrate Baroshi's presence.

It was an awkward meal to say the least.  The legate wasn't sure how to make small talk to a god and he tried to determine Baroshi's intent.  As they ate Kannr and Durnfal arranged to send a messenger to the Chalana Arroy temple to see if their initiates were okay.  (Surreptitiously the legate sent a courier to King Pharandros to alert him to the god's presence).  Baroshi told the legate that he was going to travel to the Shaker Temple to confer with the Shaker Priestess.  This alarmed the legate but he didn't think he could do anything to thwart the god.  The party left the palace and reconnected with their initiates.  Kannr was pleased that all his followers had survived the Hollow.  Baroshi was impatient to get to the Shaker Temple and after Zeena had cast cure disease or restore health on all the party.  She was uninterested in traveling further with Baroshi.  The party gave her all the clacks and some of the lunars they had retrieved from the Hollow.  Esmelda the Forlorn decided to stay with her as an initiate.  The elf departed as well and told the party that one of the necklaces was of elven manufacture and he promised to return it to the elves of the Stinking Woods.  Kannr who had been trying to befriend a white mouse they'd found in a golden cage had been bitten by the mouse after his Shield dropped and discovered he was in mental contact with the mouse which could sense chaos.  He and Bjorn almost came to blows over Bjorn's accusations that Kannr was lying to the about the mouse's value as party loot.  Bjorn backed down rather than duel the Sword.  Leana the Lucky also left to return to her travels.

They decided to leave the magical items alone until they could arrange for their analysis back in Pavis.  Leaving their horses in Alda Chur in the care of one of Kannr's initiates they travelled to the Shaker Temple.  As they neared the temple they saw a procession approaching.  A cart drawn by six white oxen and surrounded by 47 cannibal virgins neared.  Baroshi stopped his earth cart and the Shaker Mother descended from her cart and abased herself before Baroshi. He greeted her and told her to rise.  As she struggled he walked over and helped her up.  He spoke briefly with her and dismissed the party.  The snakes and the Snakepipe they'd found in the Hollow stayed with Baroshi.  The Shaker Mother arranged for a brontosaur to take them back to Alda Chur.  This of course took four days and the party enjoyed a bit of a rest. 

When they got back to Alda Chur they again stopped outside of ballista range and sent the brontosaur and its mahout back to the Shaker Temple.  They retrieved their horses, followers and Belintar's dogs and headed back towards Pavis. Traveling along the trade route they traveled all the way to the Pairing Stones where they made their way to the Leaping Place Falls.  At the top of the Falls they found the meager shrine to the Cleansed One.  Entering they found the guardian of the shrine lying on the floor.  Bjorn poked him and he leapt to his feet and ripped his loincloth off.  Quickly realizing that he was not dreaming this encounter he put his loincloth back on.  The party explained why they were there and in an annoyed manner he explained what the quest required.  The questers would have to provide a substantial gift to the cult and sacrifice a point of POW to join the cult.  As Lawrence had no cash on him and only his family spear as an heirloom the party agreed to lend him the money.  He put his spear up as collateral.  The party traded the golden birdcage to cover the cost of both the quest and the rental of a sacred boat so the party could accompany the questers as helpers.

After some discussion it was agreed that Kannr would take the horses and initiates to Pavis while the rest of the party went along on the quest.  The questing pair had to be cleansed and then they would swim down the River to the Sea avoiding the groups that would try and stop them and potentially helping the River along the way.  The guardian gleefully whipped out an iron straight razor and got to work shaving the questers.  There was no question that he enjoyed shaving the Babeester Gor more than the Baboon but shave them he did.  He also cleansed their belongings so they could take them along on the quest.  The party descended to the bottom of the Falls to board the boat waiting there.  At the top of the Falls the Guardian started the questers on their way and Hallelujah and Lawrence leapt from the top into the River.  (Well Lawrence leapt and Hallelujah belly flopped).

This is where we called it a night.

17) 1625 Darkness Season, Illusion Week, Fireday (Saturday June 29, 2019)

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.),  and

NPCs: Little Vega initiate of Yelmalio.  Humakti and Yemalian flunkeys.

Kannr and the intiates (and most of the treasure and money) head back to Pavis to deliver the message to Argrath.  The rest of the party sets off on The Cleansed One quest

Tales from Grandpa - Chapter Six.  The Cleansed One Quest

And now the Baboon version courtesy of Grant M.(s)

18) 1625 Darkness Season, Illusion Week, Fireday (Saturday July 13, 2019)

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.)

This quote is here because it makes me think of pretty much every roleplaying session I've ever run and it makes me laugh

Glimmer: “We'll handle this the way we always do.”
She-Ra: “Brute strength?”
Swift Wind: “Almost dying?”
Glimmer: “No and no.  By sticking together and never giving up.”

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Signals.  Season two episode 3.

The party having finished their quest found themselves on the mortal plane once more.  Most of them were quite distressed to discover that the Red Goddess had rewarded them with an elemental Moon affiliation for their help of her followers.  After some debate as to their next course of action they decided to head to Corflu and seek passage back to Pavis.  As they were paddling along they discovered the reed boat they were in had been seized by a strong current that was dragging them along.  Since they were unable to resist the current they went along with it.  Soon they found themselves in the grip of a mighty whirlpool!  Instead of capsizing the craft clung to the walls of the vortex as it dragged the craft down.  Everyone managed to hang on to the craft and their stomach contents. 

The party found themselves in an underground river of some sort still being carried along by a strong current, especially since they’d lost their paddles in the whirlpool.  They entered into a series of caverns each seemingly inhabited by one of their gods.  Each in turn took (or tried in the case of the initiates and allied spirits) this opportunity to engage in the proper worship of their gods.  They found that this cheap GM effect gave them the chance to renew their rune points and in the case of Belintar and Kannr’s allied spirit make a POW gain roll.  At the end of the caverns they passed through a large seemingly empty cavern dedicated to the Invisible God and found another whirlpool, this time going up.

When they reached the top of the whirlpool it disappeared and they found themselves in darkness.  They were still in the boat and it was floating in a large echoey chamber.  Durnfal cast a light spell and they discovered they were in a large cavern full of water.  There was a small reed boat floating near a wall and a small island with a large chest and two scruffy looking men on it.  Using their shields as makeshift paddles they went closer to the island.  Lawrence detected Chaos everywhere in the cavern (fumbled his Sense Chaos roll) but was persuaded not to attack as Kannr’s mouse did not detect any Chaos in the chamber.  They hailed the two men in Tradetalk and asked them what they were doing there.  They replied that they were guarding the chest for their mistress.  The pair were dressed in cuirboilli and seemed somewhat the worst for wear.  They proved to be incurious and unresponsive to most lines of enquiry.  (For some reason Bjorn was convinced that the pair were werewolves).

Suddenly their mistress put in an appearance in the form of a beautiful head sticking out of the water.  She tried to hire the party to attack a water wyrm on her behalf using a sword she had in her possession called the Wyrmslayer.  She said she would allow the sword bearer a share in the treasure if they swore to help her.

Hallelujah who had witnessed the Dragonrise and been emotionally scarred was totally opposed to doing anything involved with dragonkind.  Bjorn was quite keen as was Belintar.  Durnfal was on the fence as he expected they would have to deal with the monster at some point.  They decided not to take her up on this deal as they didn’t trust her.  She willingly told them that they could exit the chamber to the “south” or the “northeast”* and they would eventually find their way out of the cavern complex.

They decided to take the northeast exit and found themselves in a narrow passageway that led a couple of ways, both “northeast” and “south”.  They hadn’t gone very far “south” when they spotted something in the water.  It was a long snakelike figure that passed under the boat.  It turned around and attacked the boat!  They started heading back to the cavern where they’d encountered the watery personage and had managed to make it back to the island before their boat was destroyed.  There they defeated the monster which turned out to be an enormous sea snake.  Belintar managed to skin the snake and remover its poison fangs.  At this point they decided to take the woman up on her offer.  When they discovered that the sword was a sea metal short sword it was decided that Bjorn would wield it since he was so keen.  The mistress being apparently new to the evil game forgot to get anyone in the party to swear an oath to slay the monster and return the sword.  Without so much as a handshake she turned the sword over and said she would share the treasure with the slayer.  Peracles determined that the sword was water aligned and self-powered but that was all that he could tell about it.  They asked for and received the boat which turned to be a fishing boat.

Taking the boat they rowed out to the narrow passageway again.  The passageway opened up and a large crab disturbed by their presence quickly attacked and was equally quickly dispatched.  Belintar dove down to the bottom of the pool to make sure it was sent back to the sea, i.e. Peaceful Cut and found an underwater tunnel, a iron spearhead and five iron arrowheads, plus some wheels.

A little farther down they found a side passage which could be explored on foot since it was dry.  Disembarking and wedging the boat in the tunnel’s entrance.  They had only gone a short way with Bjorn in the lead when they spotted three sea trolls. The trolls were making threatening gestures but were not approaching.  Lawrence realizing they were Chaotic shot his sling at them and the injured troll started healing.  Despite this provocation they still didn’t attack directly.  Kannr tried to warn them off in Dark Tongue but managed to fumble and insult their mothers and the trolls attacked.  Of course they were no match on land for death metal wielding rune levels and even though Bjorn just parried their attacks his iron broadsword wounded them so badly that they were quickly disabled.  Durnfal as a good Sun worshipper then waded in and mercy killed the three of them. 

They explored a bit further but found that the chamber ended in a tunnel that led underwater.  Returning to their boat they were going to continue their search for the water wyrm when a disembodied voice addressed them.  “Are you planning on killing everything you encounter in here?”  Suddenly a large water wyrm appeared just outside of sword reach.  Peracles noticed that it had enchantment runes for the sorcerous spell Disappear carved into its scales.  The wrym told them that it was present to get the Wyrmbane sword so his people could destroy it.  He claimed that the mistress  was actually a lamia who was only interested in treasure she had no rights to.  This started quite the debate as no one was that keen on fighting a wyrm that could go invisible but some of the party still felt they had to abide by their “agreement”.  Bjorn, who had never trusted the mistress decided that the wyrm had a better claim on the sword so he was going to drop it overboard.  Kannr with his preternaturally quick reflexes grabbed his arm before he could do this and instead the sword dropped into the boat.  Lawrence who agreed with the Wind Voice and was frankly tired of the caves and lack of decent Chaos grabbed the Wyrmslayer sword and dropped it into the water.  Bjorn felt that this was proper Orlanthi behaviour but the other Sartarite in the party Kannr assured him it was not.  The wyrm thanked them and told them how to exit the cavern.

Deciding it was time to go they took the wyrm’s directions and rowed the boat out of the cavern and found themselves back in the delta of the Zola Fel.

This is where we called it a night.



When there is an open seat beside Dog Boy Lawrence sits down and monologues in Beastspeech.

"When I was youngling I would sit and listen to old uncles talk while gambling. They always talked about the luck and tradition of places, things, and people. There were some great lucks that caused life-changing events for good or bad to those near the luck. They may make people great or destroy them. When I got a little older I decide luck was just an excuse for losing that day, like tradition is an excuse to get the young to do what the old want."

"When I first saw you, you threw a javelin into my guard and I broke free, that was good. I fought and was killed by the Rune Broo, not so good. I was resurrected and you were at the ceremony. Good, unless you are a death cultist like Humakti or crazy lunar The Seven Mothers who are both death and life cult. That would be a balance between great opposing forces maybe not so... " Lawrence shakes his head to clear his mind "No, that lunar rune is trying to control my mind must fight it.  You were there when I was tainted, not good at all. Also, you were close when I was killed by the demon, not good. You resurrected me, good. You were there when I was cleansed, very good.  You are a Great Luck you will bring greatness to many people and despair and destruction to others. I do not yet know which I am."

"I wish to guard until you have recovered what you lost resurrecting me. While you travel in unsafe lands I wish to be beside you as the last defense. Once you are in safe lands I have a need to go to my Storm Khan and hear his words on my travels since I last spoke with him outside of a HeroQuest. Then worship Grandfather Baboon in Sacred Time." Lawrence looks at Dog Boy to see if he understood.

If Dog Boy does not understand Beastspeech, Lawrence sighs and says in Tradespeech. "You weak from resurrect me. In dangerous place I guard you. When you strong or safe place I not bother you. Ook!"


Peracles sighed.

Here he was stuck in a rickety reedy boat in the middle of the Zola Fel, floating to Corflu of all places, while a bunch of barbarians squabbled about their myopic world views. Peracles wondered which saint he had offended to be offered this foretaste of hell.

Didn't they understand how their simplistic belief structures forced them to view the great oneness of the Invisible God as if looking through a keyhole? And that they then claimed that what they saw was the one and only view possible?

Peracles prayed for patience. Hopefully, one day, inspired by his superior example, they would transcend their current state.

Besides, it could be worse ... at least the monkey wasn't throwing his poo around ... yet ...but who knows with the ways things were going.

Peracles thought briefly about surreptitiously casting an attract missile on the person sitting next to him.  But then judging the mood among the party to be pissy enough he decided better of it and settled to keeping someone large and targety between him and the ape.

*Relative to the top of the map rather than an actual cardinal direction.

19) 1625 Darkness Season, Truth Week, Wildday (Friday August 2nd, 2019)

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

After some more discussion about whether they'd done the right thing or not the party tried to determine where they were.  Using their allied spirits the Light Son and Storm Voice determined that they were at the eastern edge of the Zola Fel delta.  They decided they would row their boat to Corflu and try and arrange passage back to Pavis.  They had no idea if the Lunars were still in control of the port as they hadn't heard any news.  They decided to approach cautiously. With their yummy cargo of 50 odd kilos of giant crabmeat, an unpreserved giant sea snake skin and its poison sacs they headed westwards. Thankfully, due to the lateness of the season the giant mosquitoes weren't too bad.  After travelling most of a day and into the night they reached Corflu soon after dawn.  Sunwing the Lightson's vrok hawk spotted the Watchdog which seemed to be bogged down in a swampy spot.  This allowed them to plan their approach.  There didn’t seem to be any flags flying over the settlement identifying it one way or another but there was a deep water warship with a wolf figurehead tied up to one of the deep sea docks.

They made their way cautiously to the fisherfolk settlement at the north end of the island.  As they approached they tried to hail some of the locals who were out in their own reed boat but ignoring their hail the locals raced to shore, landed their boat and headed inland.

The party landed on one of the docks and gratefully stood on dry land once more.  As they stood there they heard the sound of marching boots and shouted orders.  A small squad of fisherfolk teenagers armed with surplus Lunar weaponry approached and demanded they surrender.  When they were asked for what the leader of the teens told them that they were in possession of a boat that had been reported stolen. The party denied stealing the boat.  The patrol again demanded their surrender and and it looked like it might get ugly until a familiar voice spoke up.  "By Storm Bull's hairy balls and Eiritha's nitty bush what are you ugly bastards doing here?"  It was Tamerlan the high llama rider looking somewhat the worse for wear.  (He was obviously regrowing his left arm).  He persuaded the party to go along with the arrest and even managed to convince the Sword to peacestrap his weapons.  (Mostly through a not at all veiled threat to summon a shipload of Wolf Pirates if he didn't comply).

Once they reached their destination, the Corflu Trade Alliance House he told them they could remove the peacestraps.  He explained that he was in charge and he had to follow his own rules.  He told the party how he had come to be in charge of Corflu (see The Fall of Corflu).  The captain of the Wolf Pirates, a woman with dark skin, tattoos and filed teeth had snuck in at some point and listened to the story and the party explanation as to how they'd gotten the boat.  She commented that her crew could of course handle the situation but they couldn't be bothered.  She then left.

He told the party that the boat they were in had been reported stolen by some fisherfolk near where they'd come out of the cave.  After some discussion they agreed to travel back and find out the truth about the "mermaid".  The riverfolk would provide some sailboats and the Reverend Sa'ar would travel along to provide waterbreathing and extensions. Peracles tried to get the Reverend Sa’ar to summon a water elemental he could bind.  The priest refused to allow one of Zola Fel’s children to be enslaved by an evil sorcerer though.  After a rest, some sleep and some cleanup they headed east again.  They reached the area where the cave mouth had been on the second day of Storm Season. With the able assistance of the allied spirits they found the mouth of the cave.  Spells were cast and the party went back in where Durnfal said he would never go.  The water level was lower so they could walk in a few places. 

The sorcerer finally got a chance to use his earth elemental to excavate the chamber where they suspected the water wyrm had buried its loot but only found a few pieces of armor 5 clacks, a near valueless gem, a semi-precious stone worth next to nothing anf a bent clack.  The smaller party members explored a long twisty tuneel infested with rubble runners but didn't find anything.  Belintar was angered by the Peracles' killing of a lot of the rubble runners since they weren't keeping the meat for anything.  They then decided to split up and block the two exits they were aware of to the lake chamber the "mermaid" had been in.

Kannr, Lawrence and Belintar went to one entrance while Durnfal, Bjorn and Peracles went to the other.  Using his Flight spell Bjorn spoke to the two scruffy men on the island and tried to get them to explain what had happened to the people who had owned the boat they had been accused of stealing.  Bjorn and Durnfal landed on the island (Peracles had used his sylph to carry him over to the island). The pair of scruffy men had adopted wolf form and were attacked by Durnfal and Bjorn.  They managed to dodge their first attacks but quickly fell without wounding either.   

Bjorn cast a Detect Enemy spell to try and locate the “mermaid”.  He found her lurking underwater and flew over.  The mermaid turned out to be a succubus and she controlled Bjorn who went looking for someone to shoot.  He took a potshot at Durnfal who had retreated underwater and missed.  Belintar decided to run back towards the other tunnel while Lawrence started swimming toward the succubus.

The succubus stabbed him in the chest with her dagger and he fell unconscious.  Kannr started heading over to help him.  The succubus swam straight towards Peracles who cast a hinder spell on her making her close to immobile.  She charmed him too though and picked him up and started heading towards the exit to the sea.  After a bit of effort she cast a Mindspeech on him and asked him to cast a Mobility spell on her (Peracles had sorcerous versions of both of these spells.  He cast the Mobility spell which returned her speed to normal.  Bjorn, Durnfal and Kannr and Lawrence who had been healed by Kannr were all closing in.  (Bjorn was no longer being influenced by her since he’d left her immediate presence). Belintar threw a javelin at her despite the fact that she was still carrying the sorcerer (and his familiar) and hit her in the arm.  Finally Peracles dispelled the Hinder spell and she raced off fleeing the cave complex.

(As Pericles watched the demon flee he wondered if it really would have been so bad to become the plaything of a succubus, living a life of sinful slavery. He shook himself and told himself to pay no attention to what were no doubt stray thoughts created by the shredding hold of the spell over him.)

The party returned to the boats and discovered that no one there had seen the succubus fleeing.  They decided to return to Corflu and Durnfal offered to put them up at Rabbit Hat Farm.

This is where we called it a night.

Afterwords On the Way Back to Corflu

Lawerence is sitting in the boat returning to Corfu waiting for an opportunity to talk to Kannr Sword of Humakt when the Orlanthi is out of earshot. He passing the time playing hide & seek with Hsss. Hsss started playing hide & seek on the first boat ride to Corfu, hiding behind the larger party members. This worked quite well because Hsss is very small. Obviously the runt of a litter and not able to get the attention of his mother to be fed. I guess the Great Winter reached where ever he is from. Those were hard years to survive, even those who came out stunted had to have a tough soul to survive. Hsss has a new strategy on this trip, being invisible is a good strategy in hide & seek. Sometimes Hsss becomes visible when he does things, then Lawrence listens very intently trying to follow Hsss' movements. Since Hsss is invisible it is not Lawrence's fault if he accidentally bumps into Hsss when moving around.

After checking both Bjorn and his familiar are out of earshot Lawrence sits down beside Kannr and asks "Kannr Sword of Humakt, I would like to ask your opinion as a master swordsman. Could you tell how is the Ortlanthi's sword work? I had to face him in combat and even after letting him strike first in the hope I had misunderstood his intent, he did not seem a challenging opponent. I am a Storm Bull and a Baboon but only an initiate, I expected an Orlanthi Rune Lord to be more ...  I have seen you and the Babeester Gor fight and I do not think even if either of you lacked iron armour I could strike a disabling blow on my first attempt, but without iron armour the Orlanthi's sword arm would have been useless."

Kannr looks sideways at Lawrence, and is reminded that Baboons are known for more than throwing feces, they also like stirring it up.

"You realize, of course, that Lou and I are dedicated to Death cults, and that makes a big difference...", a gem in his Sword pulses briefly, "but truthfully it comes down to time and practice. The Orlanthi is a seasoned, dangerous warrior, if he truly wanted to kill you--or me--he'd be wise to fly up out of sword-range and shoot arrow after arrow until he got lucky. He's well known for that." A dangerous glint appears in Kannr's eye for a moment, "I'm ready for that, though."

"Are you?"

20) 1625 Storm Season, Disorder Week, Windsday (Saturday August 18th, 2019)

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

The party had just exited the Sea Cave and discovered that no one outside had seen the succubus.  They decided to return to Corflu.  Belintar asked to be allowed to go in and remove some teeth from the giant sea snake as he wanted to make himself a necklace.  After he had collected 10 teeth they started on their way back to Corflu.  The fisher folk and Bjorn said that a big storm was on the way.  They just managed to get to Corflu and hunker down in the Corflu Trade Alliance house as Tamerlan’s guests when the storm hit.  It lasted a day and a half and party members kept themselves busy.

Once the storm was passed they found the boat and crew that the Reverend Sa’ar had promised them and started on their way upriver back to Pavis.  As they headed through the much mangled delta they came across a stranded wooden galley which had been uncovered by the storm.  A variety of detects were cast, Enemy, Undead, and Gold, and senses were utilised, Detect Chaos and Ambush.  Of these only the Detect Gold got any positive results revealing a slender gold source about 30 CM long within the craft.  Aerial reconnaissance by allied spirits noted that the hull was full of silt.  Kannr was all for leaving the ship as found and continuing on their way but the Durnfal and Belintar and Bjorn were interested in the gold. 

The party was particularly worried about spirits due to all the bad experiences they’d had with them in the past.  They decided to proceed and Peracles released his earth elemental to excavate the ship.  The four river folk who were the crew of their chartered boat were content to stop for a snack and a rest while they dealt with the craft.

The elemental built a ramp so it could enter the ship and started throwing silt and muck over the side.  It had been instructed to start on one end and excavate down to the hull.  As it neared the bottom it started tossing bones over the side which were readily identified as human.  Then there was a sharp discordant note and the connection between the elemental and the sorcerer was severed.  This gave the party a scare and they started hemming and hawing about not continuing.  A few of them ventured as near as the top of the earth ramp and looked in but they couldn’t see anything.  There was talk of using a long spear to stir up the bones but they decided to hold off on that.

First they thought about summoning another earth elemental and continuing the work but then they remembered the air elemental Peracles had.  After some debate about the wisdom of continuing they decided to keep trying to clear the ship. 

The elemental was instructed to remover a layer of 15 cm or so at a time along the entire length and it kept at this for quite some time until it hit a layer containing bones when it stopped.  It was then instructed to start throwing the bones out of the ship and it hadn’t gotten very far when there was another discordant note and the air elemental disappeared.  More aerial reconnaissance revealed that there was a harp tangled in with the bones, itself made of bone and bearing one golden string among the others.  Kannr and Dog Boy actually entered the ship and tried to pick the harp up so they could wrap it up in blankets.  The GM asked for luck rolls (5 x POW) fully expecting Dog Boy with his POW of 5 to fail but not expecting the Sword with his POW of 21 to fail.  A careless touch and a discordant note and they both dropped.  Bjorn entered the ship and discovered with careful examination that they were asleep rather than dead.  He picked up and carefully wrapped the harp up in a blanket making multiple Luck rolls.

Although they had discussed performing some sort of burial rites over the bones in the end they never bothered to do so and just left the bones scattered around the ship.

A few days on Windsday, Harmony week the harp started playing itself and everyone could hear it through the blankets.  The river folk, Durnfal, Bjorn, Belintar vocalized along all day, even engaging in rounds to the unfamiliar melody in wordless vocalizations.  Even Jaws, the Rubble Runner familiar, crooned along. 

When the party reached Chomorro they traveled overland to Rabbit Hat Farm so Durnfal could get some proper food being unable to eat the dried fish and disliking the bulrush flour cakes that was all the provisions they carried.  He had a joyous reunion with his wife and four children who were again disappointed that they weren’t going to be staying longer than a day.  Everywhere they stopped Bjorn regaled the avid audiences with their exploits, especially his own. 

When they got to the road to the Sun Dome Temple they stopped again and travelled to the temple.  Durnfal was hoping that the priests and scholars at the Sun Dome would be able to assist in magical analysis of the harp but they were of no help.  After a night’s rest they headed north again with Little Vega, Durnfal's initiate having joined the party.

When they reached Pavis on Godday Harmony Week they had to camp outside the gates because it was too late to enter the city and no one wanted to risk the Big Rubble in the dark.  The next day they entered the Rubble and travelled to Kannr’s temple where he took stock of the situation and immediately began preparations for the High Holy Day of Humakt that would take place in three days.  Durnfal and the rest of the party took all the loot they’d won in Snakepipe Hollow and went to the Sun Dome.  At first they wanted to visit an Issaries but someone at the Sun Dome suggested using the Lokarnos priest Lokandros Clubfoot instead.  He said he would take a 20% cut and the party decided to settle on that as they didn’t like their chances at bargaining for a discount with him or an Issaries. 

Then they took the harp and all the other loot they’d found in Snake Pipe Hollow to the local Lhankhor Mhy.  They found a female sage named Harkala Glad-help on duty and a suspiciously Lunar looking man with a fake leg hanging out.  They didn’t want anyone spying on their booty so the Lunar left after kissing the woman through her fake beard which made her giggle.  Once they were in a private chamber Durnfal explained what they were trying to do and asked for specific number of Analyze Magic rune spells to be cast on each item.  She successfully cast all the spells and told them what she’d determined.

After that they decided to ask her to cast some more spells on the harp.  As Durnfal was unwrapping it  he managed to fail his luck roll of 95% and accidentally brushed the strings striking a note.  Harkala Glad-help grabbed him from across the table and kissed him passionately.  Then she stopped shocked and smacked him across the face.  When she’d recovered she looked at the harp, went pale and said, “I know that harp. It’s…”

That’s where we ended the session. 

21) 1625 Storm Season, Death Week, Waterday (Friday September 06, 2019)

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)  Unfortunately, real world demands have required that Hallelujah's player turn their focus back to real life so Hallelujah is leaving the campaign for a while. Back to The Paps for now.

NPCs: Placidus Treibonus, ex-Lunar soldier from Raibanth, former informer, follower of Lyos the Harrier, Chief Constable of New Pavis, Harkala Glad-help, Sword-sage of Lhankhor Mhy. See A Good End in Badside for more on the pair.

The Harp: The harp resembles the classic Irish harp.  The upright and cross-piece are forearms while the curved part is a spine.  The base is a hand and a coccyx. One hand clasps the coccyx at the base of the spine and the other claspc the top of the spine.  The fourteen regular strings are various hair colours, shades of brown and red mostly.  The seven special strings are black, blue, red, pink, green, silver and gold.  Something like this but more refined looking and more strings.

Harkala told the party (everyone except Kannr and Hallelujah) that she believed the harp to be the Maiden's Harp.  She told them of the harp (see The Harpist).   She told them that she would not cast any magic on the harp. She said the legends she knew of the harp were at least 300 years old.  Peracles wondered if the shipwreck they'd found was that old.  THe party didn't think so but they weren't sure. She went to pass the harp back to Durnfal but dropped it.  It landed on the table and the harp started humming unceasingly with a low hum that seemed to go right through you.  Lawrence the Baboon and Harkala both passed out but the rest of the party was unaffected.  They could hear cries of alarm and distress though from outside the room even through the wooden door.  The party tried covering the harp with a blanket but it had no effect on the sound.  An initiate rushed in an alarm stating that people had been knocked unconscious all over the temple and out into the street.  He was quite alarmed at Harkala's state and wondered if the party was responsible.  They quickly blamed the episode on Harkala.  Both she and Lawrence both quickly recovered consciousness before any unpleasantness occurred.  The party decided to leave and having paid for the spells cast left the temple.  Harkala promised to research the harp as much as possible (for free).

As they were leaving they ran into the suspiciously Lunar looking man who they'd seen kissing Harkala.  He looked angry and was accompanied by a pair of Praxian warriors.  He accosted the party and demanded that they come with him.  Durnfal told him rather rudely where to go and he introduced himself as Placidus Treibonus, chief constable of Pavis.  He showed the party a badge he wore that depicted the White Bull.  He explained that he had some questions about the source of the magical note plaguing the city.  He told them that people had lost consciousness, however briefly all over New Pavis and perhaps even beyond the walls themselves.  They named dropped Argrath but Placidus told them that Argrath and his entire circle had left that morning without explanation. They agreed to accompany him to the city administration building where he had his office.  Once he'd heard their explanation as to what had happened, he ignored the comment about his clumsy girlfriend other than to correct her status as his wife.  He wanted at first to confiscate the harp but when they offered to take the harp into the Rubble to their friend Kannr's temple he readily allowed this.  He promised to try and locate a follower of Donander and see where they could commission a harp case to be made.

They passed through the People's Gate, somewhat alarmed by the evidence of the harp's power they passed .  They reached the Storm Bull temple complex where Kannr's Humakt temple was located.  He was busy with preparations for the high holy day of Humakt that was coming up in two days time.  He wouldn't allow Lawrence as a follower of Daka Fal into his temple so he went into the Storm Bull temple instead where he found that most of the Storm Bulls except a few convalescing initiates had left that morning without explanation.  At the Humakt temple they brought Kannr up to speed on what they'd learned about the magic items from the Hollow as well as the harp.  Kannr explained that the harp's effect had reached as far as his temple with a few initiates passing out.

At this point hours passed as they divvied up the loot trying to assign relative values.  Kannr kept the mouse and received the necklace that raised STR, Durnfal kept the helm, Bjorn the silver sword, Peracles the Chaos detecting rod, the old coins which he purchased and the spell range extending crystal.  Lawrence was given an iron spear head and Belintar received a MP storage ring and kept the iron arrow heads he retrieved from the Sea Cave.  Everyone except for Lawrence received almost 4,000 lunars in coin.  Lawrence received a smaller share as did Kannr's initiates and Little Vega.  We also spent quite a bit ot time discussing the cult compatibility table.  They also debated what to do with the harp which was still making the penetrating note.  Belintar offered to try strumming the harp but no one seemed that keen. 

They asked if Kannr had a secure place to store the harp.  He suggested an onsite granary.  This was a stone lined granary that had a heavy stone lid.  They moved the lid and placed the harp inside.  This of course did nothing to dampen the note the harp was playing.  Fearing the worst they decided to head back to New Pavis so they wouldn't be drawn into the Humakti rituals.  As they left the temple's precincts they saw that the area was surrounded by spirits.  They all looked like Heortlings.  Lawrence successfully hailed them in Spiritspeech, asking what they wanted but they did not respond in any way.  Kannr was persuaded to cast a divination to see whether Humakt could cast any light on what the spirits wanted. He reluctantly agreed to take even more time away from his preparations to do so. After quite a bit of debate as to what the question they wanted answered was they decided they wanted to know what the spirits wanted.   Kannr did the ritual and said all the right words and performed the right actions but was befuddled when the god responded by saying the spirits wanted puppies.  He decided that he'd either failed somehow or didn't understand the god's answer.  Maybe Belintar's status as the Dog Boy had influenced the god's anwer?  Anyway he tried another divination and the god answered, "To be left alone".  At this point Belintar had had enough and he decide he'd try and pass through the spirits.  He discovered that other than making him feel cold they didn't seem to have any effect on him.  The rest of the party not wanting to be opponents in any Humakti rituals went along with him to New Pavis.  The spirits surrounded both temples and the circle was at least two metres across.

Once they were back inside the walls Belintar made his way to Dwarf Town where he wanted to hire the alchemist to create some poison out of the sea snake glands he'd recovered from the Sea Cave.  They got to Dwarf Street only to discover the office was closed for the day.

This is where we called it a night.

22) 1625 Storm Season, Death Week, Clayday (Saturday September 28, 2019) - Four days in Pavis, aka It's Clayday again.

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

NPCs: Placidus Treibonus, ex-Lunar soldier from Raibanth, former informer, follower of Lyos the Harrier, Chief Constable of New Pavis, Harkala Glad-help, Sword-sage of Lhankhor Mhy, Stone Covers Sand, Daka Fal shaman.  See A Good End in Badside for more info.

The Maiden Harp: a harp made from the bones and more of sacrificed maidens.  Resonating madly and attracting spirits.

(Before the session started the GM announced that everyone had to subtract 90% of their cash on hand to bring their riches more in line with the newest edition of Runequest).

Day One, Clayday

Having left the Maiden Harp safely hidden in a subterranean grainery in Kannr's Humakt Temple in the Rubble the party decided to get some other business done. 

Kannr was busy getting his temple ready for the following day's high holy ceremonies.  He had been a little annoyed when the day started off with snowing and it didn't stop all day long.  Nevermind the fact that it only seemed to be snowing in the circle created by the spirits surrounding his complex.  He got his initiates to use some shields they converted to shovels by breaking the handles off into make-shift shovels. 

Durnfal decided to spend the day helping train the initiates at the Sun Dome Temple in Pavis.

Bjorn offered to keep Peracles company.  He was interested in hiring a quiet space he could use for some enchanting.  After asking about he ended up renting the Rent-a-shrine for the next three days.  He was planning on creating an item he could use to house an undine if he could manage to persuade some cult to summon one for him.  He'd had no luck so far as the Zola Fel cult does not one of their elementals enslaved by some godless sorceror.  Since Bjorn's company was not needed he decided to spend some time drinking and spreading the tales of his and his friend's glorious deeds, giant slaying and fiend of Cacodaemon offing with a little giant eel and sea snake killing in the mix.  He took himself off to Gimpy where he found a more receptive audience in the evening than the day drinkers or lunchtime crowd provided.

Belintar decided to visit Dwarf Town again and see if he could get his sea snake venom turned into some blade venom.  He went to Dwarf Town and when he announced what he was looking for he quickly got an audience with a dwarf alchemist who was intrigued to be working with sea snake venom.  After testing its potency on a rat he offered to turn the sacs into 10 doses of blade venom half of which he would keep as his payment. 

He also wanted to have the sea snake skin turned into some armour for his two favourite fighting dogs.  Visiting Saddler by the Wall he made a deal whereby the leatherworker would get most of the leather he would make two suits of cuirboilli for Belintar's dogs as well as a leather string he could use to thread the teeth he'd salvaged from the snake.  Leaving the leatherworker's he ran into an old Praxian shaman who asked about the spirit problem they were having in the Rubble or rather the not-spirit problem they were having in the Rubble.  Intrigued by this Belintar took the shaman to the Stomp and Brew.  There the shaman who introduced himself as Sand Covers Stone ordered the most expensive drink they had which turned out to be some kind of fermented liquid made from Earthshaker milk1. After drinking this down he pronounced it truly disgusting and explained that the spirits summoned by the Maiden Harp were not true spirits but something more akin to the memory of people long dead made manifest somehow.  He was unable to explain it better than this to a non-shaman.  He was very interested in having a look at the harp itself.  Belintar offered to arrange this but it would have to wait for two days as the next day was the Humakt High Holy Day so they would not be welcome and the following day was a holy day of Yelm so he wouldn't be available.  He asked Sand covers stone where he could find him and he said he would be sleeping in some alley.  Belintar offered to put him up in an inn so he could find him more easily.  Sand covers stone agreed and they settled on the Stumble Inn (F-33 on the New Pavis map.  Used to be called Transients welcome but that name sucked).

Lawrence was hit the hardest by the currency adjustment and wanted to find a weaponsmith who would attach his new won iron spearhead to his family heirloom.  He'd already spent sometime wandering around town looking for work and being turned away.  Seems like people in Pavis are hesitant to hire Stormbulls as casual labourers or bodyguards AND are prejudiced against baboons.  He ended up at Derek's Polearms who agreed to attach the iron spear head to his spear for the low, low price of seven lunars, enough to buy a new spear.  Having no other choice (well Kannr is a weaponsmith but the topic never came up in polite conversation) he agreed to the price and headed back to the Stormbull temple in the Rubble where he roused the initiates to stop using shields as sleds and clear some snow like their neighbour's the Humakti.

Day Two, Windsday - High Holy Day of Humakt

Kannr got his initiates up extra early so they could clear some more snow so the ceremonies wouldn't be disrupted and the worshippers could attend.  Unfortunately only one person showed up and they refused to cross the line of spirits.  The ceremonies seemed to be disrupted by the presence of the Harp and Kannr and five of the initiates managed to connect with the god only with difficulty.  One failed altogether and lost consciousness.  The expected clear communion with the god did not happen.

Peracles continued his enchantment preparations.

Bjorn continued his tale telling/drinking.

Durnfal continued his training.

Belintar continued his shopping and went for a hunt with his dogs.

Lawrence met with the shaman Sand covers stone and the pair went drinking

Day Three, Fireday - Holy day of Yelm

Kannr was getting increasingl worried about the snow which seemed to be piling up.  He and his initiates spent the day clearing snow.  (The neighbouring Stormbulls were more careless and at least one building's roof collapsed under the weight.

Peracles continued his enchantment preparations, finishing the enchantment that evening.

Bjorn continued his tale telling/drinking.

Durnfal and Belintar participated in the worship at the Sun Dome temple.

Lawrence and Sand covers stone continued their drinking.

Day Four, Wildday

Kannr getting alarmed by all the snow and the spirits sent initiates to carry messages to the Orlanth and Sun Dome temples and the city constable strongly suggesting they do something about the Harp before disaster struck. 

Bjorn, Durnfal, and Belinater were at the Orlanth and Sun Domes temples when these messengers arrived.  They headed to the Rubble.  On the way they encountered Lawrence and Stone covers sand, Placidus Treibonus the City Constable and his wife Harkala Glad-help.  She told them that she had researched the Harp and discovered the last maiden had been added in an area called the Border Marches that had once been settled by Orlanthi but the settlement there had failed centuries earlier.  Peracles joined them as well and they headed to the Humakt temple.  As they neared they saw all the snow and the circle of not-spirits.  Suddenly from the direction of the Zola Fel horns were heard and a spectral procession of barbaric Orlanthi appeared.  The spirits all kneeled in honour. The procession stopped at the circle which parted to allow them through.  The group was a band of warriors all richly attired.  The spirit of an enormous burly man introduced the leader.  An older man, much marked by his troubles he strode forward and began an impassioned speech. Unfortunately they were all speaking in Spirit speech which Lawrence caught the odd word of but only Sand covers stone could interpret. He translated as follows. Their leader was one Bjorn Skerrison who claimed to be the father of the last maiden incorporated into the Harp.  He claimed the Harp and demanded its return.  The other Bjorn offered to get it as he did not fear handling it.  He ran to get it and actually hauled it out.  He ran over to the procession and tried to hand it over.  He had done this without without consulting anyone else. Kannr especially was not impressed by this.  Fortunately the spirits seemed unable to actually hold the Harp.  As they stood there somewhat bemused the snow was disturbed by a swirling vortex that moved in the shape of the mpvement rune.  Suddenly with a displacement of air King Argrath and his retinue appearred.

He demanded to know what was going on.

This is where we called it an evening.

23) 1625 Storm Season, Death Week, Clayday (Friday October 18, 2019)

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

NPCs: Placidus Treibonus, ex-Lunar soldier from Raibanth, former informer, follower of Lyos the Harrier, Chief Constable of New Pavis, Harkala Glad-help, Sword-sage of Lhankhor Mhy, Stone Covers Sand, Daka Fal shaman.  See A Good End in Badside for more info.

The Maiden Harp: a harp made from the bones and more of sacrificed maidens.  Resonating madly and attracting spirits.

Well that was an interesting session. My railroad was well and truly derailed:-)

The party had been hoping to get rid of the Maiden Harp which they rightfully treat as an unexploded bomb (other than the Storm Voice who has yet to fail a luck roll while handling it). When the ghost of Bjorn Skerrison showed up demanding its return they were hopeful. Sadly the ghost was unable to handle it. King Argrath showed up and after interviewing everyone involved agreed that the harp should be returned to Bjorn's barrow.  This was after he had summoned a harpist from Pavis to try and still the Harp offering him half his weight in silver.  The harpist who wasn't terribly experienced almost pulled it off.  He managed to summon a Thunderbolt which almost killed him and crippled his hands.  Once he regained consciousness he was led back into the city with the promise of his weight in silver and regeneration for his crippled hands.

Who gets volunteered to return it? The party, Argrath's favourite errand boys. Fortunately he was willing to lend the service of Orlmarth his charioteer to transport them to the barrow on the slopes of the Rockwood. Needing someone to show him where he was going the spirit of Bjorn possessed Belintar Fatesson (the Dog Boy) who was unhappy to enter a barrow with a POW of six. Bjorn promised to relinquish the body once the harp was safely back in his barrow. The shaman Sand Covers Stone assured Belintar he would make sure this happened.

Orlmarl transported the party to the site of Bjorn's old stead where they found two barrows on either shore of the Sounder's River. Bjorn warned the party to stay away from the River as it was extremely dangerous (this is the river redirected by Waha to wash the Devil away and it's somewhat crazed by it's contact with Chaos.

They checked the barrow on the side they were on and discovered it was full of female burials. Bjorn kneeled at his mother Skerri's urn and said some prayers. Before he left he took her spear from its cradle.

They went to cross the River and Orlmarl impulsively used his magic to try and leap the River. A tendril of water emerged from the water wrapped itself around his waist and threw him off into the distance. Bjorn told the rest of the party how to respectfully ask permission and they crossed safely. The other barrow was the men's barrow and in the chamber where Bjorn and his grandfather's urns were he indicated that the other Bjorn should put the harp down. A tiny water snake slithered up on the dais and addressed the spirit of Bjorn even though he was in another body. The snake, which Bjorn identified as the River personified, said the Harp could not be left there unless the party could do something to end its torment.

When Waha had dug the Good Canal he hadn't left her an outlet to the Sea where She could regain her strength and help fight off the worst effects of Chaos. She was steadily going mad and wanted some surcease.

This was the point when the session which I had carefully plotted went off the rails. My son, who at 22 is more than half the age of any of the other players said, "Why don't we get Baroshi to dig a canal? He owes us a favour." This was not what I had planned but was so much better. I had planned on a Heroquest so the party could persuade Waha and/or Eiritha to add an outlet for the River so she wouldn't suffer.

But bringing up Baroshi was much better. They decided to head back to Pavis and ask Argrath and Baroshi for their help (Baroshi has joined Argrath's retinue at this point). Orlmarl had returned none the worse for wear and he readily agreed to return the party to Pavis. They cleaned up the chaotic mold and mildew they'd picked up in the barrows and got an audience with Argrath. Argrath agreed that a canal was a definite possibility BUT here's where the planning and permissions come in. He would have to consult with the heads of the four major tribes, as many of the minor tribe heads he could round up, the priestesses of the Paps, the Storm Bulls and the Zola Fel priesthood to make sure no one had any serious objections

Not what I'd planned but tons of fun.

24) 1625 Storm Season, Death Week, Clayday (Friday November 22, 2019)

Party: Belintar Fatesson, the Dog Boy, Initiate of Foundchild, Yelmalio and Brother Dog, prophesied uniter of the Balazarings (Owen B.), Bjorn Windchaser, Storm Voice of Orlanth, Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of the Golden Ears fief and Light Son of Yelmalio (Gary H.), Kannr Sword of Humakt (Henry S.), Lawrence of the Desert, Baboon Storm Bull and Grandfather Baboon initiate (Grant M.), and Peracles, Aeolian Sorcerer (Jeff N.)

Absent: Hallelujah Harnsdottir, Babeester Gor Axe Maiden (Doug S.)

After consulting with King Argrath it was decided that they would try and get their canal dug (A harp! A spirit! A River! Canal!)  Argrath agreed to start negotiations to arrange a meeting between all affected parties, the Praxians, the Storm Bull cult, the Paps, and the Zola Fel to see if this canal would be allowed.  The party then decided they needed to pay some attention to their cult duties.  Belintar needed to head back to Rabbit Hat Farm to attend the Great Hunt the Balazarings were going to arrange.  Durnfal had a ceremony to attend for Yelm and Ernalda before heading back to Rabbit Hat Farm for Sacred Time, Bjorn was asked to take over leadership of the new Orlanth temple in Pavis, Kannr had a high holy day of Humakt to oversee, Peracles had been invited to Rabbit Hat Farm for Sacred Time and Lawrence was going to participate in Sacred Time with Stone Covers Sand.

Shrike the Humakt initiate that Kannr had tasked with overseeing the hiring hall in new Pavis came and told him that a new Sword had arrived to take over the temple.  He was a skinny man dressed in black and wearing a white face mask called Alabaster Pike.  He wielded a rapier and main gauche as his preferred weapons.  Kannr told Shrike that he should stay at the hirinh=g hall and obey the new Sword.

As the Harp had switched to light rain Storm Season in the Rubble in the vicinity of the Humakt/Storm Bull temple was damper than normal.  The ceremony seemed strained and more difficult than normal seemingly due to interference by the Harp.  But Kannr performed it correctly despite the resitance.  Some of the initiates failed to commune with the God as well as normal unfortunately.

The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt was abstracted so that all the players could participate.  Beside Belintar there were the following NPCs:

  • Morari Hawkeye, Balazring (Gary H.)
  • Vooril Goldtongue, Balazaring (Henry S.)
  • Bobandi Sabletoe, Balazring (Darryl A.)
  • Wahagrim Grayeyes, Praxian (Grant M.)
  • Wahagrim Skyspeaker, Praxian (Jeff N.)

The hunt was held in the Wastes to the east of RHF.  No armour and no dogs.  A group of initiates followed to help with large kills.  The hunt was run as follows:

  • Each week the player made a Luck roll to see how the god would favour him. 
    • Fumble -30 to all rolls that week
    • Fail -10
    • Success 0
    • Special +10
    • Critical +30
  • Then they made a track roll to see what they came across that week.  (I rolled on an encounter table I'd made up).
  • An Animal Lore roll was next so that they would know what they'd found.  At this point they could decide to follow or not.
  • Then a Move Quietly roll was required to ger close enough to the prey.
  • Attack!  (In pretty much every case a javelin with multimissile 3 on it, or an arrow in the case of the two Praxians.

Here's what happened.  Number in brackets beside animal name is the SIX.

Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Morari Hawkeye, Balazring (Gary H.) King Condor (28) Wolves (Avoided) Hyenas (Avoided)
Vooril Goldtongue, Balazaring (Henry S.) Ostrich (domestic, diplomatic incident narrowly avoided Bolo Lizard (domestic - not killed) Bison (domestic - not killed)
Bobandi Sabletoe, Balazring (Darryl A.) Wild Boar (19) Nothing Pig Dog (23)
Wahagrim Grayeyes, Praxian (Grant M.) Scorpionmen (avoided) Deer (16) Nothing
Wahagrim Skyspeaker, Praxian (Jeff N.) High Llama (wild) (40) Wild Boar (19) Deer (16)
Belintar Fatesson *Owen B.) Bison (not tracked) Nothing Rock Lizard (14) Killed in dog form.

The winner was judged to be Wahagrim Skyspeaker due to his three good kills.  There was much rejoicing.

Next was Sacred Time which saw the following Omens for the following year:

Durnfal +10%
Kannr -10%
Bjorn -10%
Belintar -10%
Lawrence +10%
Peracles no modifier.

Various roles were made but not much happened other than Durnfal and his wife had another set of twins, their second pair.  And more reputation for Durnfal!

The very first day of 1626 in the Big Rubble saw a disturbance at the Humakti temple in the Rubble.  Kannr the Sword was awakened by the news that a body had been crucified on an upside down Death rune just outside the temple grounds.  Kannr investigated and discovered that it was the body of one of the two Swords who had pursued the Old Sun Dome vampire into the Wastes.  The body had been horrible mutilated and his index fingers and member had all been wired to give the finger in the direction of the temple.  As Kannr took the body down respectfully he was attacked by three disease spirits.  He easily defeated the spirits and gained immunities to their diseases.

This is where we called it a night.


1. Earthshakers do not produce milk so it must be some other earthshaker excretion.  Best not to think about it.

On to The New Chronicles - Part 3

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