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Oliver D. Bernuetz's - Miscellaneous Gaming Info

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This is where I've collected the information I've done that is roleplaying related but which is more rules oriented or is for other systems.
  1. Adapting Masterbook to Glorantha

  2. Pregnancy in Roleplaying

  3. Rules Light Gaming

    1. The Cabinet (Politics is Fun!)
    2. The Drelbs
    3. Sword of Life

  4. Pictures from Glorantha Con V in Victoria, BC July 25-27, 1997  (I've removed this page since I don't have the permission of anyone in the pictures to post them).
  5. Gloranthan Calendar New (June 28, 2001) - PDF calendar based on Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribes)
  6. Hero Wars Materials
    1. E-mail Rules
    2. Extended Individual Encounter Rules
    3. PBEM Rules
    4. Hero Wars Bookkeeping Table for Extended Contests
    5. Hero Wars HTML Character Sheet
    6. House Rules
  7. The Orlanthi Epithetizer
  8. The Orlanthi Naminator
  9. School Days - a Scenario for Pokéthulhu
  10. Torg in Glorantha

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Last updated December 05, 2017

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