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Here's where author's votes are tabulated.  After the author's name there are three columns.  One for the number of story specific votes they've received the second one for body of work votes they get and the third as a total of the story votes received (makes for an interesting contrast with the story specific votes total).  If they get two body of work votes from someone for recognizable groups of stories they get two body of work votes.

Author Story Specific Votes Body of Work Votes Story Votes Totaled
James Frusetta


1 34
Oliver D. Bernuetz 4 1 32
Olli Kantola


0 32
Harald Smith 4 0 24
Mark Galeotti 4 0 21
Tim Ellis 2 1 15
David Hall


0 10
John Hughes


0 6
Terra Incognita


2 14
Simon Lipscomb


0 10
Stephen Tempest 1 1 9
Sandy Petersen 1 0 9
Robert Darvall 1 0 6
Mike Dawson 1 0 6
Nick Brooke 1 0 5
Chris Bell 1 0 4
Barry Blatt 1 0 3
Jane Williams 1 0 3
Simon Hibb


0 2
Guy Jobbins  


0 2
Andrew Behan
Gerald Bosch
Simon Bray
Dan Buter(?)
Pam Carlson
Jim Chapin
Russell Cole
Mike  Dickison
Oliver Dickinson
Reinier Dobbelman
Gian Gero
Frank Giles
Thomas Gottschall
Viktor Haag
Dennis Hoover
Stephen M. Hunt
Lewis Jardine
Matti Järvinen
Klaus Ole Kristiansen
Jeff Kyer
Andrew Larsen
Bryan J. Maloney
Sergio Mascarenhas
Pete McAveney
Kevin McDonald
Thomas McVey
Giorgio Merigo
Loren Miller
Ashley Munday
Keith Nellist
Michael O'Brien
Jamie O'Shaughnessy
Dave Pearton
Pradal Pierre
Soren Petersen
Alison Place 
Wesley Quadros
Paul Reilly
Jamie "Trotsky" Revell
Roderick Robertson
Graham Robinson
Andrew Solovay
Xavier Spinat 
Greg Stafford
Stewart Stansfield
Gary R. Switzer
Temple of the Unbreakable Sword website
Ed Wallman 
Chris Wehman
Stephen Yambor

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