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Here's where author's votes are tabulated.  After the author's name there are three columns.  One for the number of story specific votes they've received the second one for body of work votes they get and the third as a total of the story votes received (makes for an interesting contrast with the story specific votes total).  If they get two body of work votes from someone for recognizable groups of stories they get two body of work votes.

Author Story Specific Votes Body of Work Votes Story Votes Totaled
Oliver D. Bernuetz


1 35
John Hughes


1 32
Jane Williams


- 28
Bryan Thexton 27 - 27
Andrew Solovay


1 19
Richard Crawley


- 16
Stuart Mousir-Harrison


1 12
Alan LaVergne


- 10
Wayne's World Wide Web Page 9 - 9
Stephen Tempest


- 7
Thomas Gotttschall


- 5
Raymond McCann


- 2
David Dunham
David Dunham and Rob Helm
Rob Helm
Matti Järvinen
Donald Oddy
Matias Rasi
Philippe Sigaud
Stewart Stansfield
Terra Incognita

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