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Oliver D. Bernuetz's Regions - The Border Marches - Important Amberi

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This is a list of the more important Amber clan members.  They are presented in alphabetical order.  Their age if known is given, whether they are a PC or an NPC and whether they are sitting on the Inner Ring or not.  Everyone listed here is on the Outer Ring.  All character write-us can be found in this PDF.

Angorri Farnanson, trader of the Talking God, age 45 (NPC)

Angorri is a true follower of the Talking God.  He is chamring, voluble and a sharp dealer.  He always dresses well with ostentatious display of his personal wealth.  He is dedicated to the clan though.  He is medium height, stocky and rather plain.  He is married to a weaver named Enothea the Spider who has the most amazing weaving ability anyone has ever seen.

Ash Ashson Farmer, Spakeman of the Vandarl Bloodline age 53 (NPC)

Ash is the head of the bloodline that protects the secrets of Vandarl the Binder, Hero of the Urlanging Clan. 

Ashart Bolison Humakti Warrior (PC)

See Ashart's write up for his description.

Aski Askisson, Minstrel and Bard, age 23 (NPC)

Aski is rather young, weedy and naive.  He enjoys music and hearing his own voice more than anything else.  He plays well and sings well though his own compositions are rather poorly done.  He is very enamoured of Dorasa the Shepherdess who does not return his affections.

Blunt Ash-Bjorn, Orlanthi Warrior age 28 (NPC) (Chieftain)

See Blunt's write up for his description.

Bjarni Bare-Skin Kolating Shaman (PC)

See Bjarni's write up for his description

Branbrig Slayer, Uroxi, age 31 (NPC) (Clan Champion)

Branbrig Unasson is the eldest of Una's brood.  He is probably the easiest going, best behaved Uroxi you could ever hope to find.  He is unambitious and easy-going in all matters except the following : 1) Chaos (where he shows just how good a warrior he is); 2) Insults against his family (where the only one more feared than him is his litttle sister Ferena.  She doesn't go berserk so easily though (usually)).

Cat Boy Yinkin Hunter (PC)

See Cat Boy's write up for his description

Cat Lady Yinkin Hunter, age ?? (NPC)

Cat Lady is Cat Boy's grandmother.  She is an ancient old lady who has a way with Alynxes such as no one has seen in a long time.  She took in Cat Boy after his parents were slain and raised him as one of her alynx.  Among the Urlanging she lived by herself in a turf hut deep in the woods with a ever changing retinue of alynx.  (Everyone was sure that anything short of a full Zorak Zoran war party would be looking for trouble by attacking her so she was left alone to her own devices).  Everyone was surprised when she showed up pushing a handcart and surrounded by alynx when the time came for the Amber clan to leave.  No one remembers her human name and everyone just calls her Cat Lady and thinks her strange.

Cedric the Fox Orlanthi Warrior (PC)

See Cedric's write up for his description

Dagbjartr Haukson Issaries Trader (PC)

See Dagbjartr's write up for his description

Dorasa the Shepherdess, follower of Neralda, age 17 (NPC)

Dorasa is quiet and beautiful (easily the most beautiful woman in the clan).  She is actually quite strong willed and opionated when it comes to farming and especially livestock issues.  She just chooses to keep her opinions to herself until she needs to express them.  She most definitely does not return Aski's affections being more drawn to the youngest of Una's sons Darrold Unasson, called the Ox who at 16 is the biggest of Una's sons.  (All of Una's sons are called Unassons much to their various fathers dismay).

Enerin the Kind, White Healer, age 50 (NPC)

Enerin was not born into the Urlanging clan coming from the Colymar originally.  She left the Colymar when she was 17 for an unknown reason and has never expressed her reasons for leaving.  Many suspect heartbreak as she has never gotten involved in a relationship with anyone in the clan.  She is a medium sized unassuming woman who draws a hard line on conflict within her adopted clan and against chaos in all its myriad manifestations.

Enfrew Scapegoat, Trickster, age ?? (NPC)

Enfrew is another individual who was not born into the Urlanging.   He arrived one day several years ago in the middle of a vicious snowstorm and begged to be placed under Skorri's protection.  In the interests of Orlanthi hospitality he agreed to this.  The next day a group of angry Uroxi and Humakti(!?!) arrived from several neighbouring clans looking for Enfrew.  Seems he had managed to insult a great many important people in these clans with his antics including a Storm Kahn and a Sword of Humakt.  Skorri was unimpressed (and angry at himself for not checking Enfrew's story better seems trickster magic played a role in this).  Skorri turned the Uroxi and Humatki away much to their displeasure and since then Enfrew has been a very well behaved trickster.  He is a small ratbag of a man who gives Bjarni Bare-skin a run for his money in the smelly and dirty department.

Ferena Unasdaughter, Axe Maiden of Babeester Gor, age 24 (NPC)

Ferena is a tall, strapping woman with red hair that she keeps cropped very short like her mother.  Unlike her mother she is a cold woman who takes devotion to her goddess very seriously.  She is swift to defend the stead and avenge women and children but dislikes raiding which she considers a waste of time.  Like all of Una's brood she is strongly devoted to her mother (though she finds her mother's wild lifestyle somewhat embarrassing) and her siblings.  Few people would seriously consider going up against all of the Unasbrood as they are called.  Ferena takes her obligations as guard to the Earth priestesses very seriously usually following Randella's lead.

Hend the Burnt, follower of Gustbran, age 30 (NPC)

Hend has many burn scars up and down his arms like most smiths and his nickname frankly just displays a sad lack of imagination.  He is a quiet, short man and has no enemies among the clan.  Nor friends for that matter.  He is married to a quiet, short woman Dorasa Ferenasdaughter, an Ernaldi.

Iskalli Endalson, Elmal devotee, age 36 (NPC) (Clan War Leader) Spakeman of the Elmali Bloodline (Inner Ring Member)

Iskalli is the former Lonisi who leads that group of the Amberi.   He is a staunch devotee of Elmal and loves his people and horses.  He is a doughty warrior and serves as the Amberi's war leader.

Jord Syndaugther, devotee of Pella the Potter, age 39 (NPC)

Jord is a tall, stern women of imposing demeanour.  She is not be trifled with and is very devoted to her father Skagi Thjalfison.  She was the dishthane for the Urlanging and is a whiz at organization.

Leikan Varmandson, follower of Minlister, age 54 (NPC)

Leikan is a small mousy man who can brew beer out of almost anything.  He can drink anyone in the clan under the table and despairs that the clan will never develop a taste for his more outlandish brews which are his true love.  He and Una are boon drinking companions but they have never been lovers.  He is married to Arkilla Benevasdaughter, a follower of Ernalda.

Orlaront Mosdorlson, follower of Barntar, age 46 (NPC) (Inner Ring Member)

Orlaront is a dour man who puts farming before everything else.   He is in his mid-forties has a large family of dour sons and duaghters and dislikes risk above all else.  Everyone was shocked when he decided to leave the clan.

Orlev Ice-Eyes, follower of Humakt and Lhankor-Mhy (NPC)

See Orlev's write up for his description.

Per Rasmusson Odaylan Hunter (PC)

See Per's write up for his description.

Randella Ernaldestadaughter, priestess of Ernalda, age 38 (NPC) (Inner Ring Member)

The priestess of Ernalda is a forceful, opinionated woman of stern demeanor. Her primary concern is the health of the clan and she works closely with Enerin the Kind in these matters.  She has little patience for the stupidity of men and was once married to a long absent Issaries trader named Dangmar. She is thin and wears her hair pulled back in a tight bun.  She seems joyless but her not so-secret weakness is her love for children.  She only has the one daughter Inganna who is the spoiled apple of her eye.

Rasmus Borngoldson, Odaylan Devotee, (NPC) (Inner Ring Member) Spakeman of the Gunnar Bloodline

Patriarch and leader of the Gunnar family.  Father of Per Rasmusson.

Salinar Mannison, age ?? (PC)

See Salinar's write-up for his description.

Skagi Thjalfison, clan godi (Devotee of Ohorlanth the Fighting Storm, and Initiate of Vanganth the Flyer), age 63 (NPC)

Skagi fell ill right before the Amberi left Heortland and spent the entire trip on a litter.  Blunt implored him to stay behind until he was better but Skagi insisted on coming.  Skagi is so near his god that his hair constantly emits tiny bolts of lightning. 

Skeli Redbeard Lhankor Mhy Lawspeaker, age 25 (NPC) (Inner Ring Member)

See Skeli's write-up for his description.

Skerri Brightspear, age 23 Vingan Warrior (PC)

See Skerri's write-up for her description.

Snorri Horse-Thief age 19 Warrior Follower of Finovan the Raider (PC)

See Snorri's write-up for her description.

Thorgunna Bryghildsdaughter, priestess of Belveran the Chaos Cleanser, age 23 (NPC)

Thorgunna is the ambitious ex-Torkani who the women's circle choose as Blunt Ash-bjorn's new wife.  A delegation from the Amber Clan was sent to the Torkani to bid for her hand in marriage.   On their return to the vale Thorgunna discovered that she was very receptive to the dreams of rivers.

Una Oxen Lover, priestess of Uralda, age 47 (NPC) (Inner Ring Member)

Una, wags joke is almost as big as her charges.  They don't say this to her face as she once knocked a yearling bull unconsious with a punch.  Una is known for her capabilities as a follower of Uralda, her massive frame (she is as larger or larger than most men in the clan with close cropped hair), and her huge appetites (in no particular order) for drink, food, song and men.  She has had many lovers but no husbands and has a brood of seven sons and four daughters (all twins to four of her sons) each of whom is as big as she is and all of whom are strongly attached to their mother.   She is generally of a sunny disposition but can be a terrifying berserk in battle.   Her children (known to one and all as the Unasbrood) are called :

Sons Daughters
Branbrig Slayer, age 31, Uroxi warrior Garneneva Unasdaughter, age 31 (Ernaldi)
Elusu Unasson, age 29, Farmer (most hot-tempered of the Unasbrood)  
Jarang Hauberk, age 27, Orlanthi warrior Kallyr Unasdaughter, age 27 (Lhankor Mhy lawspeaker (the black sheep of the family))
Yorsar Unasson, age 24 Farmer Ferena Unasdaughter, age 24 Babeester Gor Axe Maiden
Vastyr Unasson, age 21 Farmer  
Offir Unasson, age 19 Smith  
Darrold Unasson, called the Ox, age 16 Leika (called the Beauty) Unasdaughter, age 16

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