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How Dog and Wolf Became Enemies, a Balazaring Tale

Long ago before the time of Foundchild Mother Mammal had a litter of pups. There were only two pups in the litter but they were as like as like could be. Only their mother could tell them apart, to all others they were identical. These pups were called Dog and Wolf and from the moment they were born they were inseparable. They went and did everywhere together. So they grew up together and reached early adulthood. They had a joyous, easy existence until Cold Wind killed the Sun and sent everyone into mourning. All the grasses and plants that Mother Mammal had been feeding her children with went into hiding so no one could find anything to eat. No one knew what to eat and everyone was forced to wander desperately trying to find food. During their wanderings Dog and Wolf became separated. Dog had a hard time finding food and was almost dead when he found Wolf again. The pair had a joyous reunion but Dog couldn’t believe his eyes! Wolf was fat and sleek. “How did you come to be so fat, Wolf when I am so lean you can see all my bones?” he asked. “Come with me and I’ll show you a place full of food, brother,” said Wolf. Wolf led Dog to a place where dead animals were scattered all over. Dog looked but he couldn’t see any food. “Where is the food you promised Wolf?”, said Dog. “All around you”, said Wolf and he tore into a haunch. Dog was horrified and said, “Our mother taught us to eat grass and plants brother, not our sisters and brothers!” “Do you see our mother here, brother?”, taunted Wolf, “Where is she in our time of need? I say eat, these ones do not need their flesh anymore.” Dog was fearful of defying his mother but he was so hungry that he tried the flesh of his brothers and sisters and it was good, better than anything he’d eaten before. After he was full, (full again!) he asked, “Who taught you to eat such food, brother?” Wolf smiled with a wicked twinkle in his eye, “A friend who you will meet soon, brother.” As the two rested Dog noticed that the air grew cold and foul. He jumped to his feet and looked around. To the north he saw a sleek creature approaching. “Friend!”, cried Wolf leaping to his feet, “Here is the friend who taught me to eat flesh brother.” Dog did not like the looks of Wolf’s friend, he had pale white skin, long, sharp teeth, scabrous skin and dead eyes. “Greetings friend of my brother”, said Dog, “what shall I call you?” “Why, you may call me Friend” , said the stranger, “simply Friend.” Dog, Wolf and Friend wandered through the dark landscape eating the bodies of Dog and Wolf’s starved siblings. One day as the trio dined on the corpse of a dead elk Mother Mammal approached. She roared in disgust when she saw what Dog and Wolf were eating. “What are you doing eating your brother like that?” Dog cowered and said, “Friend and Wolf made me do it.” Wolf held his head high and said, “I eat what pleases me no thanks to you and all thanks to Friend.” Mother Mammal said, “I know you now so-called Friend and I name you Cannibal which is what you are. Begone out of my sight and take all of my children who have eaten of their siblings with you.” Dog left with Wolf and Cannibal but once they were out of Mother Mammal’s sight Dog turned on Wolf and struck him down. “You have caused me to lose the love of my mother and to eat my siblings. Never again shall I be your friend and from now on there is war between us.” Dog left them to the sound of their laughter behind him. Dog vowed never to eat meat again but he was weak and could no longer stomach the taste of grass or plants so he was forced to keep eating meat. After that Dog's guilt and Wolf's hunger made them not look so much alike. Mother Mammal eventually forgave her meat eating children but Dog has never forgiven Wolf and never will.

Last updated September 26, 2016

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