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Whitewall - The Goat's Path

The Goat's Path dates back to the war between the goats and sheep when the leader of the goats Old Twisty Horn managed to scale the cliff behind the Tor and get into the fodder the sheep had stored there.

Black Beauty was angered that not only did the goats eat the same grass and plants they did but they also climbed steep hillsides his people couldn't! So he got his flock to collect all the sweetest fodder and carry it laboriously to the top of the Tor. Once up there he positioned ewes at all the slopes he thought the goats could climb and he himself stood guard right before the huge pile of fodder that was stacked right in front of the near vertical drop to the plateau. Unfortunately Black Beauty underestimated his foes and while the other goats provided a distraction Old Twisty climbed up the back slope and hollowed out the pile of foddder right under Black Beauty's nose. Ever since the Goat's Path has been the place for a sneaky solitary approach to the Tor especially if theft is planned.

September 14, 2004

Last updated February 20, 2017

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