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Among the Mothers

Ooh, how do I get myself in these situations?  Why did I agree to come here?   "Oh, just a simple visit to the Paps, meet the local priestesses and shamanesses, show them that we Lunars include women like them, maybe learn some of their secrets, nothing too dangerous..."  Then where am I?  Just a little trip into the goddess' embrace to show you her majesty, that's all.  What bloody majesty?   I can't see a thing and I haven't since we left the surface.  How can they see in this darkness?  How do I know if there's anyone at the other end of this guide rope?  I wish I was a bloody troll, no, I wish that I had never agreed to come here, no, I wish that I had agreed to marry Jorge.  But no I had to become a stupid priestess.  And not even a bloody priestess, just a novice.  And then they announce this stupid expedition and I agree to go along.  Me, the newest, rawest, stupidest priestess wannabe.  Idiot.  I'll just bet there are snakes down here.   I hate snakes...

Did you know that when the Devil fell beneath the weight of the Great Block after the mighty blows of mighty Storm Bull had failed to fell it his weight distorted the very purity of our Mother?  His vile bulk was a stain on our very reality.  Thus is was that great Waha sought for a way to cleanse his Mother's body.  Proud Waha came on bended knee to Sweet Eiritha and beseeched Her for the knowledge of how to deal with the stain.  She gave to Him of Her power and He used it to dig a great canal forcing one of the invader waters to wash the Devil away.  He used Her Power to dig deeper than any of the tunnels had ever gone and made a Well that crossed over into an underworld befouled by the creatures known as trolls...and worse.  Slowly the essence of the Devil is being washed down there where the darkness worshipping monsters are welcome to it.

Just a little tour of our tunnels where you'll see wonders such as your Goddess knows naught of.  As if.  The chief priestess protested saying the Goddess knows all and sees all from Her Throne in the Middle Air.  The shamaness who had said this just smiled mockingly and said that the Earth shelters many secrets the Moon cannot see and that have not seen the light in a very long time.  So she agreed to this tour and off we went.  I think the rest of them are still near me...I mean I can still hear breathing...

These tunnels go on forever and you must be careful not to get lost...

Lost!  What am I if not lost, Blessed Deezola protect me.  Is there anyone at the other end of this rope?

If you wander too close to the Block you might find yourself in the Well falling into the Underworld where you will get an all too friendly greeting from the inhabitants.   Our Mother protects us and shelters us.  We never fear invasion from those monsters.

Was that a snake I just heard???  No, it couldn't have been, too big, right?

There are herds down here that the surface hasn't seen since before Great Genert was slain sleeping and waiting until conditions are right.

What conditions?  What was that!?!  What brushed by me?  A priestess???  It felt like a wall moving.  Oh Great Rufelza hear my prayers, if You get me out of here I will never ever say anything bad about being a priestess ever, ever again.  Hmm, dripping water...why is it so quiet.  Is anyone there?   It's so echoing in here, this must be the largest chamber yet.  Oh, that shamaness has such a dry, raspy, creepy voice but I'd give up my love to hear it about now.

It's amusing that you Lunars think the Earth is so willing to share Her secrets with the Moon.  We Praxians know the difference between a friend and an enemy whether it has male or female parts.  In this chamber though there is a great secret for you to explore. Enjoy.

Hello?  Why is the rope so slack? Hello, is anyone there?  Hello!

July 26, 2002 

Last updated October 07, 2016

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