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Lodriland - A Prayer to Lodril

And in those days we lived in beauty and perfect obedience while Great Yelm watched over us.   

Great Yelm Watched Over Us and Protected Us. 

We lived in perfect order and unity until the outsiders came, the rebels, led by their leader Rebellios Terminus.  And Rebellios Terminus in his blindness and ignorance challenged Yelm=s rightful and perfect leadership of the Universe. 

Damn Him to Eternal Icy Hell. 

Rebellios Terminus challenged Father Yelm to three contests all which Yelm rightfully won. 

Bless Great Yelm=s Memory. 

But then Rebellios Terminus in his woeful ignorance stole Death and with it he slew Great Yelm. 

Damn Him to Eternal Hell But Bless Great Yelm=s Memory 

With the Sun fallen from the Sky the forces of Darkness and Cold were unleashed to wreak havoc on the world. 

Damn Rebellios Terminus to the Icy Hell He Unleashed. 

The ice began to spread and the cities of Dara Happa were being covered by ice. 

May The Sun Return and Melt it All. 

Great Yelm was gone and the ice began to swallow the cities.  The priests and nobles called upon Yelm=s power to save us and nothing happened. 

Forgive Their Foolishness. 

And they were cast down and destroyed by the people.  Then the seers looked to the Heavens for aid and called upon Bright Buserian, Knower of Much.  But nothing happened and the ice spread further swallowing yet more cities. 

Forgive Their Foolishness 

And they in turn were cast down and destroyed by the people. Then the warriors called upon Shining Polaris and yea even Furious Shargash for aid.  But their prayers were not answered and the ice spread even further and swallowed yet more cities. 

Forgive Their Foolishness

And they too were in turn cast down and destroyed by the people.  Then only our city, noble Akrazar was left uncovered by the ice and it seemed that all was lost. 

Someone Save Us. 

But then when the wall of ice was poised to swallow our city and crush us like the rest, how the ice demons laughed at our woe, the people called upon Father Lodril for help. 

Bless Father Lodril. 

The people, the farmers, herders and makers called upon Father Lodril for aid. 

Bless Father Lodril. 

And He heard their prayers and sent His Mighty Spear of Lava to force the ice back.   Yea, though it destroyed the ziggurat, the Mighty Spear thrust outward and repelled the ice. 

Father Lodril Saved Us. 

And still His Mighty Spear flows strong. 

Bless Father Lodril=s Mighty Spear! 

His Might Spear keeps the ice back and allows us to live here under the ice.   

Bless Father Lodril=s Mighty Spear! 

And we pray that Father Lodril=s Mighty Spear never falters and that one day Bright Yelm returns and melts the ice. 

Bless Father Lodril and Great Yelm.

Lodril Saves.

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