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Saint Gerlant on the Tor

(This is another background piece from the Whitewall wiki.  It explains the origin of the western style sorcerous order on the tor at Whitewall).

And it did eventuate that Saint Gerlant and His loyal followers did drive the Evil known as Gbaji out of the West and into the East. And the Apostate wished to follow and bring war to them there. But Saint Gerlant refused to wage shadow war against the Darkness and severed all ties with the Apostate. So the Apostate went East and continued his war against Evil. And many of the benighted folk there did fall under the sway of the Apostate. But others of the heathens resisted the lure of the Apostate and did call out for separate aid and Saint Gerlant never loath to aid the heathen versus the Apostate and Evil did send a Chapter House to bring succor and knowledge of the Proper Way. And to this Chapter House He did gift Saint Caspodi's Exacting Censor as a Holy Tool for their struggle against Evil and the Incorrect Way alike. And the Chapter House did many great deeds and made many friends and converts among the locals who longed to ape the Proper Life. And after a long struggle Evil was struck down by the Apostate who had taken on the form of a Kralki and set up for Himself a Dark Empire to oppress the heathens. And Saint Gerlant did decree that there should be a Watchful House in the East to keep a watch out for Shadow, Darkness and Evil alike. Thus did the Marshall General of the Watchful House make an agreement with the King of the Volsaxi to set up a Chapter House at the recently abandonded City of Whitewall in return for aid given during the Wars. And a Vaulted Hall in the Western style was built at Whitewall so the Watchful House could keep watch over the East. And there it has remained.

Last updated April 03, 2017

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