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A Visit to Sun County

This letter dates from after his exile but was discovered in the same archive as the others.

Dearest Felicitus,

I hope you have tried speaking to the Emperor on my behalf again. If I have to endure another such place as the Sun Dome temple I shall surely go mad! I never imagined to meet such a dour, joyless, anally retentive, bunch of stick-in-the muds as I found in Sun County outside of a Jalakeel asylum. From the youngest to the eldest they are as boring a lot of prudes as I hope never to meet again. They make the denizens of Dara Happa seem like wild sybarites by comparison! They eat barley for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Goddess’ sake! (That is when they allow themselves to eat lunch). And meat is a rarity. They keep their women sequestered away from outsiders and themselves. When the men get drunk (which is very rarely) they drink with other men. Sex is for procreation only! (Though I did hear unsubstantiated rumors that bachelors are allowed to visit Ulerian cultists to relieve their unwholesome urges! As thought there was such a thing!) It did not take me long to realize that I was not about to relieve any of my urges in this place! The temple controls virtually all aspects of life and is like some overly protective parent, strangling the life out of its children. Their leader, the Count of Sun County, one Solanthos Ironpike is rumored to be a closet homosexual, a crime that would see him deposed and slain if proven true. He dyes his bread to hide the grey but is not allowed to dye his hair as this would count as him dressing as a woman, another capital crime. He is a dour, grumpy sort and who can blame him? The only individual I met in the whole place that I liked at first was one Belvani, one of their rune lords. I say I liked him when first I met him because he seemed friendly enough but the more I spoke to him the more I felt he secretly felt himself superior to all around him. (As if such a provincial rube could be superior to me!?!) The Sun Dome temple is nice enough, (though I have seen better in Dara Happa) but all in all the place is well worth missing.

From here I had hoped to travel down the river to the port of Corflu and from there catch a ship heading eastward. Unfortunately that is not to be as the nomads are raiding south of here. I shall instead head back towards the Empire (or at least as close as the Emperor’s exile allows me) and head across Pent eastward. Pray for me and my aching rump.



Late of Glamour

August 31, 1998 

Last updated October 07, 2016

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