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A Visit to the Humakt Temple in Boldhome

The Colymar Humakti were on a field trip to the Humakt temple in Boldhome. The whole city had impressed them to no end, the stone walls, stone buildings and statues and all the people!  The different tribes, the Grazelanders, the Beast Riders and Beast Men.  Even ducks!  Sure they had seen all of these peoples over the years but never in such numbers or all in one place.  Dark men, and was that a Mostali?  But the temple awed them in a different way.  The hall's solemnity impressed them to no end. 

A young initiate asked Nameless, "I see that the back of the hall is lined with statues.  Who are they the likenesses of?"

"At the back of the hall are the living, those who have not yet joined Humakt's elect.  They are the heroes who live today."

One of the younger initiates excitedly pointed at a tall statute of a woman.  "This one looks like you Nameless!"  She squinted closely, "But there's a name written on the base.  It doesn't say Nameless, it says.."  Two of her classmates quickly stopped her from uttering words that would have lead to blood and Nameless issued a sigh of relief that went unnoticed in the commotion.

Once matters had been explained to the young initiate who went pale when she realized how close to death she'd come the initiates asked more questions.

"And whose statues are at the front of the hall?"

"Those are the honoured dead who have left this world to fight alongside Humakt.  Among them are the members of the Household of Death who died trying to protect the last Prince from the Lunar invaders."

This quieted the initiates again as they contemplated the future.  But soon one more piped up.  "But whose statue is that at the side of the hall?  The one near the windows? "  The initiate peered closer, "And why does it bear a tally stick, and a sword?"

Nameless sighed, "That is Kannr the Mystic.  He has a temple in the Rubble near Pavis where he tries to recapture a past long, long gone.  He gave a great gift to the temple that they cannot hope to repay and he waits for his due."

The initiates thought about this for awhile and one lad asked quizzically, "But why is he half way between the living heroes and the departed then?"

Nameless shook her head, "It is a singular honour.  He has done some great deeds and is sure to do many more but we cannot hope to repay his gift."

"Will he ever get what's coming to him?"

Nameless nodded, "He will."  She turned her head to look at the statues at the front of the hall.  "We all do."

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