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Oliver D. Bernuetz's What Was New

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What Was New?

Updated Demonspawn campaign chronicles.  Minor edits/additions to the house rules including early black powder weapon rules and 1st edition Stormbringer demon weapons and armour rules December 14 2016

Updated Demonspawn campaign chronicles October 24, 2016

Stories page updated with a few stories of mine from the old Whitewall wiki and the stories I had up on the old Mything Links blog.

Demonspawn campaign chronicles updated October 03, 2016

DragonQuest campaign info added September 18, 2016

Moved website to Neocities September 03, 2016

New entry for Fresser's Gourmet Guide to Glorantha August 15, 2016

Updated lists of RPGs and Supplements April 22, 2015

Role-playing Stuff (includes RPG a Day, stashes and RPG remembrances). October 8, 2014

Campaign update.  March 30, 2014

Finally more gaming.  February 24, 2014

Marrying the Goddess RQ3 version HW version April 16, 2013

Some horror fiction inspired by my recent eye surgeries.  I'm pretty sure that I'm not crazy.  September 20, 2012

Some Warhammer 40K related silliness.  The origin story of Mad Dog Wazzat. September 14, 2012

Inspired by the new edition of RuneQuest I've decided to try and create a new RPG campaign using the rules.  Welcome to the Four-fold World!  July 16, 2012.

I ran a fun-filled Drelbs game at our local con Prairiecon.  Here's an overview.  June 06, 2012

Inspired by my reading of Shannon Appelcline's Designers & Dragons* I created a RPG Quiz.  Here's the quiz and the answers.  If you try it I'd like to hear how you did.  (*For more RPG historical goodness see Shannon's column at January 09, 2012

Fixed the awful typos for the Campaign write-up for the Wind Pirates of Orlanth - September 28, 2011

Resurrected a page from my old web site, Role-playing Remembrances, that highlights poorly remembered yet funny to those involved events from past RPG campaigns.  Now featuring Tentacular!

The campaign has begun!  The first session has taken place.

A New Campaign

Added Foundchild Catches the Huntress

Added the instructions the party received for their mission May 19, 2010

New look for the website May 18, 2010

Campaign chronicles for the new Ralios campaign. May 17, 2010

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