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Question Answer
Most popular regions : complete list of region stats. Heortlings/Vingkotlings [256], Prax/Sun County/Pavis County [83], Uz [81], Lunar Empire [77], Telmori [53], Miscellaneous [30], Balazar/Elder Wilds [29], The East/Kralorela [29]
Most popular topics : complete list of topic stats. Tales of the Gods - Orlanthi (Heortling) [131], Campaign Chronicles/LARP write-ups [85], Miscellaneous [80], Tales of Heroes [70], History [49], Tales of the Gods - Uz [48], Telmori Tales [53], Travelogues/ Descriptions of Places and/or Peoples [37],  How We Are Supposed to Behave/Parables [36]
Most prolific author : Oliver D. Bernuetz [81]
Most common author's first name : Peter or Pete, David [7], Stephen, Michael or Mike [5], Simon, James, Jim or Jamie, Robert, Rob or Bob [4], Andrew,  Brian or Bryan, Chris, Jeff, Oliver or Olli, Thomas [3], Richard, Neil, Nick, Bruce, Greg, Scott, Paul [2]
Name that was most surprising as a "common" first name : Oliver
Most common first word in a title (excluding articles of course) : How [77], Why [19]
Most popular deity for stories : Orlanth [21], Humakt [17], Eurmal [14], Vinga [14], Zorak Zoran [5]
Stories hosted on this site : 179
Most stories on the same theme : Four explanations on Why the Seas are salty.

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