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Collected Tales from Grandpa

Here are collected all the known stories by Grandpa.

Despite my disbelief these stories have actually managed to collect fans. One of them AntoineDG has started translating them into French. Immensely flattered I asked him if I could include them on this site and he graciously agreed.

Rumour has it that Grandpa is actually Tamerlan, an NPC in my campaign.


Cora and the Mooncats

How the Tomato Came to Glamour

Waha and the Wasis, a Tale from Grandpa

Campaign Chronicles

Tales from Grandpa Chapter 1

Une autre histoire a translation into French by AntoineDG of Chapter 1

Tales from Grandpa Chapter 2

Tales from Grandpa Chapter 3

Tales from Grandpa Chapter 4

Marrying the Goddess - a Tale from Grandpa

March 22, 2000 

Last updated October 07, 2016

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