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Skerri's Needle

This is the song that the Amber clan bard Aski Askison composed after the clan learned that Blunt Ashbjorn had set Skerri aside in favour of a new Ernaldan wife.   See the Amber clan account of Fire Season for more background.

There was a chief his name was Blunt
Blunt by name, Blunt by deed
He was a man with a plan 
He was a man with a passion
Loved a girl named Skerri
But loved being chief much more
The women they did come to him
To nag, demand and scold
You must discard this Vingan girl
And get a wife more proper
Well mighty Blunt he hemmed and hawed
And spluttered mightily
But said he finally
It’s right you are
To be a chief most proper
An Ernaldi wife I have to take
And Skerri, brave Skerri
To her I say goodbye.
Well the women took him by the nose
And led him to the people
And made him give up Skerri
Well Skerri she raged 
And Skerri she shouted
And spat her love right out
Took she a mighty sword
And drove it through
The standing stone
And made Skerri’s Needle
So any man who faithless is
Remember this 
If you have faithless thoughts
Remember Skerri and her needle
And be thankful you’re a man
And not a stone.

June 15, 2000 

Last updated October 07, 2016

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