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Oliver D. Bernuetz's Gloranthan Gaming - Characters

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This page describes the various characters that have appeared in my RQ3 Gloranthan campaign. I have a pretty liberal policy regarding resurrection so if the party has the money and the spell is available characters who get killed do come back. This has happened a number of times for some characters (and the steady NPC). The list is alphabetical so as not to show undue favour to anyone. The skull and crossbones icon indicates the number of times a character has died in the course of the campaign.

Here's a list of the chracters :

  1. Alcibades
  2. Barak Swift
  3. Bjorn Windchaser
  4. Broadbrow
  5. Burning Willow
  6. Dorian Tavish
  7. Durnfal Slipspear
  8. Gerhardt Frei
  9. Greystone
  10. Hallelujah Harnsdottir
11. Hooman
12. Jurgen Trollbrother
13. Naul Aur
14. Peracles
15. Silverstone
16. Simon
17. Svart Ulfsson
18. Tamerlan
19. Targan Bash
20. Zeena Duran

Hero Wars Characters

Here's a list of the characters and major NPCs that will be in the Hero Wars campaign I am co-narrating.  The CS link goes straight to their character sheet.   (Campaign long defunct).  This PDF has all the character writeups and character sheets incorporated into it.

  1. Ashart Bolison CS
  2. Bjarni Bare-Skin CS
  3. Cat Boy CS
  4. Cedric the Fox CS
  5. Dagbjartr Haukson CS
6. Per Rasmusson CS
7.Salinar Mannison CS

8.Skerri Brightspear CS
9.Snorri Horse-thief CS

Alcibades (Doug St.) Return to Character List

An Orlanthi from Lunar Tarsh he joined the party in 1615 after Hallelujah Harnsdottir left to do her penance for killing someone slept by Zeena, the Chalana Arroy. Krogar Wolfhelm approached Gerhardt about finding him a job and he ended up joing the party. A lisping, rapier wielding Orlanthi he ended up staying with the party for around a season before returning home owing certain party members quite a bit of money.

Recently Alcibades made a reappearance in the company of some old RQ2 player characters (Arkan the Fey, Baron Jheary Han, Lawrence the Baboon, a dark troll initiate of Xiola Umbar, and a trollkin). He seems to be in Balazar looking for a mountain inhabited by large flying monsters. Could he be looking for the legendary Windsword?

Barak Swift (deceased)(Doug St.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesThe son of a Humakt Sword from Sartar and a follower of Humakt himself he was one of the original characters in the campaign. He lasted until the second session when he was killed in a fight against a broo shaman (he was possessed by a spirit which forced him to run off a cliff).

Bjorn Windchaser (Darryl A.) Return to Character List

Interested in Bjorn's background?

The most recent party member Bjorn is an Orlanthi from Sartar.   He first met the party when they were fleeing from Elkoi.   He was let go as an initiate by Torath Windover when he couldn't name the seven Lightbringers.

Broadbrow (deceased)(Darryl A.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesPrimitive hunter follower of Foundchild who had the bad luck of getting killed by a broo in the very first fight of the very first scenario of the whole campaign. Nothing but a distant memory.

Burning Willow (Neil W.) Return to Character List

Her background

Skull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesA striking, tall, red headed Votanki hunter, she tired of her life as an outsider among the Crow Eaters and decided to join the party so she could see what was out there in the world. She has proven to be quite the shot with a javelin, having thrown javelins to great effect a number of times.

Burning Willow has recently decided to start fighting with a long spear instead of her javelin, perhaps indicating a move away from her Votanki heritage.  Perhaps being killed and d.i'd for by Tamerlan had something to do with that?  Or maybe it's the death rune she now has in her clevage?

Buring Willow was killed yet again in a fight and d.i.'d for. 

Dorian Tavish (deceased?)(Darryl A.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesAn older, experienced fisherman on the Zola Fel Dorian joined the party in the second scenario. He quickly became friends with Durnfal Slipspear though he had a somewhat adversarial relationship with most of the rest of the party, especially Gerhardt Frei. He and Durnfal made a good time as they doubled up on foes with their two handed spears to good effect. The pair slew the priest of Pocharngo that killed Tamerlan and Gerhardt (though Dorian was cursed with an extra limb in the process). Fortunately the Chalana Arroy healers in Pavis managed to help him with his taint. Dorian's ability to swim helped the party out quite a few times. (Most notably). An ogre priest named Harnval Threefingers kept popping up during Dorian's career claiming to be his father. The priest first got him into trouble when he hired him to do some diving (i.e. smuggling) for him. When Dorian questioned what he was doing the ogre drugged him and had his entire body covered with Gbaji riddle tattoos. Dorian visited the Lankhor Mhy temple in order to determine what the tattoos where and they were most displeased when they realized just what they were. The Chalana Arroy temple told him they would heal him up after a troll using darksight skinned him to remove the riddles. He rejected this option at first trying to cover the tattoos with dye but the dye wore off. (This act cost him a job at the dye shop). Eventually he had to agree to the Chalana Arroy's offer and he submitted to a skinning by a Xiola Umbar priestess. This incident got him the nickname of "Pinky". Pinky, err Dorian managed to get back at Harnval in the next scenario. During a fight with the ogre and his three sons Dorian managed to slay one of his supposed half-brothers and takes the name "Ogre-bane" for himself. He joined the Solar Provincial Survey when the rest of the party did. Helping out in the attack on a broo hideout near Weis Gap allowed him both to shine and proved to be his outdoing. After the group had returned to the Sun Dome Dorian tried to attune a powered crystal (despite having a bad feeling about it) and ended up growing sea metal scales. He was quickly "subdued" and sentenced to death by Solanthos Ironpike. Several party members tried to D.I. the contagion away but no one succeeded. His self proclaimed father Harnval showed up to offer to take him along with him out of Sun County but he refused. At high noon he was immolated. Thus died the man they (he) called "Ogrebane."

Dorian made a surprising reappearance a year later. The Terrier Tavish disappeared in the sinking of the Churner. Some believe that his soul might be thave gone through another weird rebirth as that of the Dog Boy prophesized in Votanki and Balazaring legend.

Durnfal Slipspear (Later Durnfal Strongspear, Baron of Golden Ears)(Gary H.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesOne of the original characters he is the son of a farmer. He was the youngest original character starting at the age of 17. A worshiper of Yemalio he has had a very distinguished career. He took part in the contest for Melisande's hand where he only placed among the winners in the Ladies' Choice contest (which he won by telling a story). He joined the Solar Provincial Survey along with the rest of the party. He was a close friend of the ill-starred Dorian Tavish and was the one who called the guards when Dorian was tainted by chaos for the second (and last) time. He did try and D.I.'d for Dorian after he was immolated though. Durnfal was first killed (by Svart Ulfsson) while fighting for the lamias in the village of Black Rock. He was successfully resurrected by Zeena. Durnfal took the spear known as Strongspear from Black Rock and has used it to good purpose throughout his career. He used the spear to critically impale the Avatar of Chaos in the chest actually killing it in the process. Unfortunately the Avatar D.I.'d himself back to life and proceeded to kick Durnfal's head off. Death number two. Fortunately Hallelujah Harnsdottir managed to D.I. him back to life before the Eternal Battle departed with his soul. After this battle (was there a connection? Who knows?) Durnfal was made Baron of Golden Ears (Rabbit Hat farm) and gifted with Strongspear. After this point he was known no more as Slipspear, (except to his friends that is) but rather as Strongspear. Durnfal took some time off from adventuring at this point to look after his new fief. He doesn't return until session number 25. He was the party member who managed to kill Muriah. He was briefly estranged from the party during a delivery mission to Corflu but was reconciled to the party in the end. He is currently in possession of two everburning torches that are drops of Yemalio's blood shed at the Hill of Gold. Durnfal is very interested in getting these back to Sun County.

During the fight with the giant in which Svart Ulfsson was slain Durnfal had healed him back to full health after he was knocked down by the giant (using 10 POW!) only to see Svart slain for good the following round.  After this encounter Durnfal's spirits seem to have sunk somewhat.

Gerhardt Frei (Deceased)(Arne G.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesA member of the Colymar tribe of Sartar and a worthy follower of Orlanth he was also one of the original party. He almost seems to have been in a contest with Tamerlan to see who can die and be resurrected the most often. Always willing to break out into a chorus of Cold Wind Over Sartar. No slouch with a bow either. Good friend of Carylon Squally, winner of the contest for Melisande's hand.He first died in the battle with monstrous priest of Pocharngo that the party slew. He was hired to compete in the contest for Melisande's hand where he won the wrestling contest. He was next killed in a battle with Harnval Threefinger's sons. His third death was when he was cut down by corssbow fire in a Thanatari attack. He D.I.'d himself back to life at the cost of all but one point of POW! After this scenario he retires to buy a farm in Garhound County. His retirement didn't last long though. He was the only party member able to communicate with the strangely re-embodied Dorian Tavish. He's had somewhat stormy relations with the Storm Bulls in Pavis but they've worked out most of their differences. He has made good use of his abilities as a River Voice. He's currently with the rest of the party in Balazar. Gerhardt met his end in a fight with some Yemalio citadel guardsmen in Balazar. One of them critically impaled him in the chest with a spear and no one in the party who saw his death managed to d.i. for him.

Here's an episode from Gerhardt's life.  It happened around the time of Chronicles of the North - Part 1 Episode 4

Greystone (Doug Sh.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesGreystone is a Praxian worshiper of Waha who used to be a herder. A member of the Bison tribe he seems to have a not so secret desire to be a scholar. He's also known for his eagerness to do butchering at the drop of a hat and the wild parties he and Tamerlan throw in Badside whenever they are in Pavis. Another of the original party members he is known as the human battery for his large collection of MP storage devices. He also provides magical support for the party in battles and his aid has proven decisive on a number of occasions. One instance was the fight with a Jack O'Bear that occured during the liberation of Rabbit Hat Farm.  Another was when the party was ambushed by morcanth slavers. He's not a slouch in a fight either as he has proven on a number of occasions. (His skills as a tracker are not to be sneered at either). He has only been killed once, in the same battle that got Barak Swift and Tamerlan killed and in the same way. (Possessed by a spirit which then ran his body off of a cliff). Rumoured to have ridden with Argrath's White Bulls. Long term goals are unexpressed. He's currently with the rest of the party in Balazar.

Greystone has recently taken to sharing his body with Svart Ulfsson.

Hallelujah Harnsdottir (Doug St.) Return to Character List

Interested in Hallelujah's background?

Hallelujah is a worshipper of Babeester Gor from Caladraland. She stands out in a party of mostly males as the tallest and strongest member. She is both beautiful and deadly with her chosen weapon, the pole axe. (She quite often chops enemies in half). She joined the party when the party travelled to Ronegarth after three party members were killed in a fight with broos. She had been working for Duke Raus but he was forced to let her go when it became apparent that his men wouldn't accept her as an equal. She became friends with Morgeneth Rune Star, Rune Lady of Yelorna, after she is saved by Morgeneth and agreed to guard the Yelornan temple while Morgeneth and her followers were off on a mission. She is one of the first characters to suffer from an alliance with the Pol Joni Stormbuller Stikklebrix when he accidently breaks her arm while they are on the same side of a battle! (The party first met Stikklebrix during the contest for Melisande's hand). One of Hallelujah's brothers, Sax Bolderson a Storm Kahn of Storm Bull came to Pavis to start a new temple to Storm Bull in the Rubble. Suprisingly Lunar authorities granted him permission to do so! Her brother asks her to look after a sorceror's apprentice named Peracles whose master has vanished on a hero quest. Hallelujah joined the Solar Provincial Survey along with the rest of the group though she was disgusted by being forced to ride a alticamelus! During the party's fight with the little lamia at Black Rock she managed to hold off both Gerhardt and Durnfal plus a swarm of baby lamias. It was at Black Rock as well that she purposely slew one Thosah, an individual who had been slept by Zeena, the Chalana Arroy, High Healer. After the fight with the Eternal Battle she managed to successfully D.I. for Durnfal's life. After this she leaves the party to perform a year's service to Chalana Arroy as penance for killing the slept Thosah. She travels to Horn Gate with the sorceror Peracles in tow. After her year is up she returns to Pavis to stay at her brother's temple.

Hallelujah rejoins the party when the party regroups in 1617. She put her axe to good use against Muriah's broos. Her brother hired the party to deliver a package to Corflu and this opened a whole new kettle of fish. When she was forced to serve Barran Monster-slayer she was very unhappy due to her enforced proximity to water. She was the one who dealt the death blow to the sea serpent inside the eel. (And a mighty blow it was!) When the party ended up in the Elder Wilds she found herself both pregnant and being hailed by the Votanki as the promised mother of the prophesized Dog Boy! Neither status thrilled her much. She got a chance to serve her goddess' role as avenger when a woman and baby were abducted from the Votanki. She led the pursuit and played an important role in avenging the pair. Her primary concern right now is to find some place civilized to have her baby and/or get the hell out of Balazar. Hallelujah volunteered to embody the Wild Mother (the Balazaring nature goddess) and in doing so her eyes were changed into those of a cat. She now sees in black and white and grey and has superior night vision. As she said at the time, "this will make it even harder to find a boyfriend."

Hooman (Deceased)(Darryl A.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesHooman is a Pentan warrior of the Last Horse Standing tribe which worships storm gods. He was skinning an antelope at a water hole when he heard the thwick of an arrow and a loud thud. He turned to see a dead prairie cat which had been poised to leap upon him. He turned to thank the Pentan who had saved him and found instead a shrimpy outlander. (Even worse the outlander was a godless sorceror). To add insult to injury the outlander knew enough about Pentan customs to greet him with the words that obligated him to serve the outlander as a servant for an entire year! the outlander demanded that he escort him to his home in some far off place called Heortland. Hooman had no other choice so he was forced to do so. While travelling through a land called Balazar southeast of Pent the pair encountered a group of outlanders who knew the sorceror. Hooman helped battle a monstrous boar but his horse was killed by the boar (and the javelins of the outlanders!!!!) They owe him a horse and he's determined to get one from them.

Hooman was slain in a battle against some Lunar soldiers.

Jurgen Trollbrother (Gary H.) Return to Character List

Human Argan Argar trader from Esrolia. Rescued by Svart and Gerhardt from Whitehoods (Pavic xenophobes) he ended up helping the party hire some troll muscle to help them do some spelunking. Fairly young and inexperienced he left the party at the same time Alcibades did. (Though he owed them less money).

Naul Aur (Henry S.)(deceased) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesNaul Aur was a Carmanian hazar Sword of Humakt who lived during the time of Balazar. When he died on the Hero Plane his soul was imprisoned in his sword. While on the hero quest, Guise of the Crow Svart Ulfsson picked up the sword and brought it back to the mortal plane with him. Svart discovered he could communicate with Naul. During the battle at the cannibals camp Naul and Svart switched bodies so Naul could wield his sword (something he did better than Svart did). After the battle he refused to go back into the sword and Svart was stuck in the sword and the party was stuck with Naul. Naul Aur was a dour, humourless follower of Humakt who was completely out of touch with the modern world. An accident waiting to happen. Naul died in an assault on the inner temple of Yemalio of Dykene after being hit by two magical javelins and then a Sunspear. Gerhardt tried to heal him but when the body regained conciousness Svart was in control again.

See The Compassionless Heart for a story about Naul in the old days.

Peracles (Jeff N.) Return to Character List

Visit the Peracles page

Peracles is a sorceror's apprentice from Heortland. A diminutive follower of the Invisible God he was thrust upon the party when the Storm Kahn Sax Bolderson, Hallelujah Harnsdottir's brother asked her to look after him until his master returned from a hero quest. The Storm Bull Targan Bash was also sent along with the party to look after Peracles. He put his spell casting abilities to good use at Black Rock. He was around for the fight with the Eternal Battle but didn't distinguish himself there in any way. When Hallelujah left to go to Horn Gate to serve out her penance he went with her because the Sun County authorities didn't want any "soulless monsters" in their midst. Peracles was last seen around the time Dorian Tavish made his unexpected return.

Peracles made an unexpected return when the party was in Dykene. He claimed to have spent some time in Pent where he had saved the life of a nomad named Hooman by shooting a prairie cat which had been poised to leap on the Pentan. Since he greeted the Pentan using the proper words the Pentan became indebted to him and had to serve him virtually as a slave for the next year.

Silverstone (Cam E.) Return to Character List

A Bison brave of Prax who joined the party for one brief scenario in which he offered the use of his bison as a pack animal to the party. He disappeared after that.

Simon (Deceased)(Henry S.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesMysterious stranger from the south of Genertela who helped the party out when the boar pens where attacked by Gretta Killmany and her band of Tusk Riders.  A definite loner, all that's known about him is that he uses sorcery and has a disturbing ring. 

Recently Simon has revealed that he's a henotheist sorceror who formerly led a Shadow Ring in Sartar. 

Simon proved himself to be both ruthless and vengeful (not that any of the rest of them are any better!).  See An Investigation into the Recent Death of Halcyon var Enkorth.

Simon was killed by an exceptional specimen of a Lunar soldier.

Svart Ulfsson (Henry S.)(deceased?) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesSvart Ulfsson is Gerhardt Frei's cousin (once removed on his mother's side). Also a member of the Colymar tribe he is a follower of Humakt. He and his former wife, Zeena a Chalana Arroy High Healer, joined the party while they were investigating Rabbit Hat Farm. Svart is a deadly opponent with a greatsword and has proved his mettle many a time. He joined the Solar Provincial Survey when the rest of the party did. Svart caught a bad case of the Shakes soon after he joined the party but he was cured before the disease progressed too far. He was at Black Rock with the rest of the party and was badly wounded during one of the battles there. (Fortunately he was healed quickly). Svart was responsible for killing Durnfal at Black Rock. He lost a leg to acid during the battle with the Avatar of Chaos but got it grown back. Svart and Gerhardt were the pair who rescued Jurgen Trollbrother from the White Hoods which introduces him to the party. Svart survived an assasination attempt by the White Hoods that involved them putting a live rubble runner in his trunk. He managed to cast bladesharp on his dagger and killed the rubble runner with the aid of the clothes chest. He took the corpse to the management to complain and was told by one of the maids that Geo's doesn't allow pets. (He eventually got a free dinner out of it). Svart went into Dyksund cavern with the rest of the party and as usual put his swords to good use. After they escaped from the cavern through the trap door under the ogres' home Svart attempted to save the slaves the ogres had left chained up in one of the burning outbuildings. (The buildings were burning because of a booby trap the ogres had left on the trapdoor). After the successful completion of this mission the party split up and Svart tried and failed to be reconciled with Zeena. (Their marriage had been in trouble as she had realised that there was no way a Chalana Arroy could remain married to a Humakti).

Svart worked as a bouncer in a dive in the Real Town during the period the party was broken up. He rejoined the party to help to destroy Muriah and rescue Zeena. (Who is grateful but refuses to start up with him again). After the party returns to Pavis Svart has a dream about a lost temple to Humakt in the Rubble. The party figures out where this temple should be and travles through Balastor's Barracks. They manage to retrieve the cult sword from the Temple and Svart brings it to the temple in Pavis. He was rewarded with an iron broadsword. Svart ended up going on the Churner with the rest of the party and end up in the Elder Wilds. "After being effectively neutralized by the loss of his weapons, Svart began a visionquest to discover Humakt's "other combat skills". The other party members interpreted this as moping (or perhaps temporary insanity), and if Svart discovered something, he wasn't talking. He recovered enough to go on the Guise of the Crow heroquest with the rest. At some point during the quest he found an iron bastard sword which he brought back with him to the mortal plane. Svart used the sword to good effect in the fight against the Cannibals. During a fight with a giant cannibal warrior Svart switched places with a soul trapped inside the sword and Svart became Naul Aur. It is known that Svart's soul is trapped within the sword in turn and he can communicate with the sword's wielder. The party, especially Gerhardt is very interested in getting him back. Naul Aur says this is his goal as well.

During an assault on the inner temple to Yemalio in Dykene Naul Aur was struck down by two javelins and a Sunspear and slain. After Gerhardt healed the body Svart was back in residence.

Svart took part in an assault on a large giant and learned all too well the lesson that melee combat and giants don't mix.   The party suspects that his soul is trapped in the bastard sword he found on the hero plane and they plan on doing something about freeing it.

Svart is now in communication with the party and has started sharing Greystone's body with him.

Tamerlan (Stephanie G. Later slightly schizoid NPC) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesSkull and CrossbonesTamerlan was originally supposed to be my wife's character but she decided that life was too short for roleplaying so I've kept Tamerlan (or Tam as his friends call him) around as an NPC. I've played him mostly but two guests to my campaign have played him hence the description of being slightly schizoid ). Tamerlan is a member of the Alticamelus tribe of Prax who is of noble blood. He's blowing this advantage by hanging around with foreigners and Bison (spit) Riders. He's probably spent as much time butchering as Greystone and has the same reputation as a partyer around Badside. Rumoured to be the Grandpa of the Tales of Grandpa "fame". A poor excuse for a Praxian he has never killed a horse and he has spent quite a bit of time slogging round on foot. He's one of the original party members and has been in virtually every scenario since the start. He first died when he was possessed by a spirit that forced him to run off of a cliff. He next died when he fell into a pool of water with Gerhardt Frei. Unfortunately the pool also contained a monstrous priest of Pocharngo. His most recent death occured when he was run through by a broo. He has spent a fair bit of time during the campaign being unconcious. He has had a fair bit of success as a scout and tracker and has special advantages versus spirits due to his spirt reinforcing crystal. His luck is fairly bad but occasionally he proves useful in a fight. During his sojourn inside the giant eel he seems to have gained natural armour. He's also with the party in Balazar and seems to have no real ambitions or goals.

Tamerlan was knocked down and as good as dead when Starnia Stormrender saved him while for Sylvanthi Brighteyes.  Later in that same fight he accidently killed Burning Willow with a fumbled sword thrust.  Fortunately, he managed to d.i. for her.

Tamerlan had to d.i. again recently and has sunk even lower than Durnfal in the POW department!  Good thing he did or the party would have been wiped out!

Targan Bash (deceased) (Darryl A.) Return to Character List

Skull and CrossbonesTargan Bash joined the party at the same time as Peracles the sorceror's apprentice. A follower of Storm Bull from Sartar he wielded the unusual weapon of the morningstar. He was an initiate follower of Sax Bolderson who was sent to join the party to help guard Peracles. He went to Black Rock with the party. He was there for the fight with the Eternal Battle and was quite incensed when the Avatar of Chaos paid no attention to him. He did manage to get the enough of the Avatar's attention to get kicked across the battlefield by it. He spent his spare time hanging around with the two Praxians throwing parties in Badside. He was angered when the party was attacked by morocanth slavers and wanted to kill them to the point of his having to be prevented from doing so threat of violence Alcibades. On the way back from Dyksund Caverns the party encountered the tracks of a Chaos Gaggle. Targan picked up a dropping and brought it back to Pavis where he used it to unintentionally help the party get quick access to a priest at the Lankhor Mhy temple. He helped the Lunar Coders kill the Gaggle as well. At this point the party broke up and Targan went back to the temple to do his cult duty (shoveling shit).

When the party reformed Targan was there and he quickly joined the expedition against Muriah the broo queen. When the party were exiting the underground Thanatari shrine they discovered that another party of broos had arrived and were waiting outside. They put up their spells and charged out but Thed was with the broos that day and several critical sling shots later Targan was dead (a critical impale to the chest) and several others had been badly wounded. The survivors fled back underground. They were unable to recover his body and the broos dragged it off to loot and eat (Storm Bulls? Them's good eatin'). In a night assault the party recovered his remains and gave them a proper burial.

Zeena Duran (NPC) Return to Character List

Chalana Arroy High Healer from Esrolia who was once married to Svart Ulfsson. His dedication to Humakt destroyed any chance they had of a relationship. She joined the party at the same time he did. She was present during the Solar Provincial Survey period. She was at Black Rock where Hallelujah Harnsdottir slew someone she had slept. This caused her to go into mourning and caused her to leave the party. Hallelujah went with her to make amends by performing a year's service to the healers there. The next time the party heard anything of her she had been taken prisoner by Muriah's broos. The party managed to rescue her and she helped to cure their diseases. After the party went to Horn Gate she remained there and the party hasn't seen or heard of her since. 

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