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A fun, light-hearted game of Call of Cthulhu (no really!) 

This is my page for my Agents of BONC campaign.  I decided to run a campaign where the players would basically be thrown into a totally different situation/setting every two weeks or so.  Basically like I was running convention scenarios every week and the system and setting changed all the time.  Why did I do this?

  • I like putting the players in unexpected situations;
  • I like multi-genre games but Lords of Creation has a shitty skills system and is completely unfamiliar to people.  Torg won't work with VTT as it relies too much on decks of cards and again is unfamiliar (I do have the new edition so once Covid isolation has passed I might break it out for a run);
  • I like the Call of Cthulhu/BRP rules/  They have a lot of flexibility, are fairly easy to grasp and lend themselves to a variety of settings;
  • I'm whimsical and easily bored.

Here's some information and handouts from the Campaign:



All the maps used in the scenarios were created using Wonderdraft.

Saving Christmas

"You find yourself on a snow covered street."  The players have to save Christmas.

This was great fun and the players and I had a blast! 

The Heart of the World

"You find yourself on the Creator's Road in a sun dappled woods."  The players take on personas in a magical world.


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