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Oliver D. Bernuetz's page - Regions of Glorantha - Lodriland

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Welcome to the Lodriland.  Here's where I have collected the following information on  this odd land trapped beneath the ice of Valind's glacier.   (The idea for for a city under Valind's Glacier came about due to a discussion on the HeroQuest RPG digest.  If you're a member of the group you can see the genesis in messages from Joerg Baumgartner and Philippe Sigaud:

They get all the credit for having the good idea in the first place.   Lodriland is my version of the idea. What's on these pages is none of their fault:-))


  1. Background
  2. History - an unofficial account of the earliest days
  3. Our Glorious Past - an official account of the earliest days


  1. Homeland write-up Lodri
  2. Homeland write-up Rangini
  3. Important People in Lodriland
  4. Lodriland Army
  5. Naminator
  6. Politics
  7. Population
  8. Special Lodriland Professions


  1. Damuzi - Guardian of Lodriland
  2. Lodril and Oria's Children
  3. The Spirit Twins Tradition


  1. Blood on the Ice
  2. The Drunken Twins
  3. Lodril's Lost Son
  4. Pipskos and Aggad's Excellent Adventure
  5. A Prayer to Lodril

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